Best Time to Visit Nepal

Nepal is celebrating visit year 2020, which aims to welcome 2 millions (2,000,000) foreign tourist on that year. 2018 is the year with maximum tourist visit in Nepal till date which is of about 1.173 millions foreign tourist. "Would Nepal beat this target?" possibly this question would be a question to be followed to get answered sooner or later just need to wait and see.
Best Time to Visit Nepal -- Visit Nepal 2020
Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal is always a welcoming nation for tourist all around the world. Natural beauty and cultural diversity is unique and famous for all around the world. Despite of its natural and cultural richness Nepal is not receiving desired number of tourist. "Why Nepal receives low tourist despite of its huge potential?" is another contrasting question. There might be various regions behinds that but the main region is that the rest of world remain unknown about Nepal for most of the time. Now, the time have changed. People interests in travelling from all around the world are well known about Nepal and are willing to visit Nepal. Then after arises a questions to visitors "When is the best time to Visit Nepal?" this is the question here this article try its best to clear queries.

Certainly, one of the most asked question from the travelers is "When is the best time to visit Nepal?" Because everyone wants to visit when the country is at its beautiful atmosphere. Nepal is a country with drastic altitude change, thus there are totally different climates with in some hours of travel. Nepal is a small country ( not in fact as it lies between giants China and India it seems, it rank 93rd largest country by Area and 48th by population) with a lot to see, thus it really depends upon visitors interest when the best time to visit Nepal really is.

Before get into best time to visit Nepal based on where you want to visit, lets know more (you may have already be familiar with) something you need to know while visiting Nepal.

About Nepal

It's not the introduction to Nepal so, let's get into the point you come across its importance during travel during any time in Nepal.
When you just land in Nepal your first need is to know what's time from Nepal's perspective. Nepal standard time is 5 hours 45 minute ahead of GMT (i.e. +5:45 GMT). Based on time zone of your country you can get GMT by simply -/+ then add 5:45 to GMT time to get Nepal's time.

Currency used in Nepal is Nepalese Rupee (NRs.). Indian rupees are also accepted (Indian rupees notes above 100 are not validate in Nepal) in some parts of Nepal especially in area boundary with India. Exchange rate of 1 IC (Indian Currency/rupees) = 1.6 NRs. (i.e. 100 IC = 160 NRs. which is constant) while 1 USD =  110 NRs. approximately (it's remain changing, check exchange rate during visit).

Nepal is a landlocked country located in between China in the south and India in East, North and West. That simply means, ships transportation won't connect Nepal with the ocean till today (proposed through big rivers channels), either have to cross from two neighboring countries or through the flight.

Tribhuwan International Airport in the only International airport operational in Nepal, other are under construction (Nijgadh, Lumbini, Pokhara). On arrival visa is available for people from most of the countries from Tribhuwan International Airport for those who arrive through flight, On arrival visa are also available for tourist entering country via land at border entry point in Kakardvitta, Birgunj, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj, Gaddachowki on Nepal-India border and at Kodari on the Nepal-China border. There are several small domestic airports all around Nepal. You can reach nearest city via domestic planes and catch any Bus network or you can travel through Bus from Kathmandu. Two tier pricing does exist for non-Nepali travelers for transportation.

Nepal is divided in three main physiological regions based on altitudinal variation. Himalayans, Hilly and Terai from higher altitudinal to lower.
Best Time to Visit Nepal-- Mt.Everest
Tallest Mountain in the world, Mt. Everest

  • Himalayans is Northern belt of Nepal which is famous for glorious (mountains tallest in the world - there are 8 mountains above 8000 m in Nepal out of 14 in the world) and trekking routes. 
  • Hilly is Center belt of Nepal with hills, mountains views, trekking routes and different cultural heritage. 
  • Terai region is the southern plane areas which is famous for tropical forests, rich in biodiversity, one-horned Rhino, Bengal tiger, Elephants and other various mammals, birds attracts nature loving tourist every year, Lumbini, Janakpur, Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, are attracting tourist. Jungle Safari and Elephant polls are also famous in Terai region of Nepal.

Season in Nepal

Nepal lies in the temperate region that means its more or less favorable to visit throughout the year. While considering the tourists’ preferences, majority of them wants to visit during clear mountain visibility season that is during mid-autumn (October – November). During this season the weather is clear and dry which is excellent time for trekking and sightseeing.  The tourist need to conscious about heavy tourists’ flow during this season in trekking trails and the accommodation charge gets higher or even difficult to find one in heavily preferred destination (major trekking sites).

Tourism activities trends and status in different Season of Nepal

Here we will list the best time (season) to visit Nepal based on where you want to visit and purpose of visit in Nepal. The seasons and major tourism activities;

Autumn (Oct. – Nov):
The monsoon dissipates in late September in Nepal then arrives best season for trekkers due to dry, clear weather. Autumn in Nepal is trekkers’ paradise. The dry days begin from October up to next April. During October and November these are best months to visit as the days are dry which make the trekking easier and offer good visibility. Sky almost all time remain clear and the views spectacular.
Alone with the trekking various other tourism activities can be done during this season. The purpose of the visit may vary however this is the best time for most of the tourism activities. Along with trekking & hiking, one can enjoy great festivals of Nepal Dashain and Tihar during this time, cannoning, rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, visiting cultural sites & natural sites, etc. can be done throughout the year but this is the best for each activities.
Wildlife of Nepal can be explored during drier months i.e. from October to April visiting National parks like Chitwan and Bardia, etc. The main fauna species most of the tourist likely to visit to are the Rhinos, Bengal tiger, elephants, red panda, gharial crocodile, vulture, varieties of bird’s species, etc. Other than Autumn similar, appropriate time would be after Winter and before monsoon.
Best Time to Visit Nepal -- Mt Annapurna
Clear Mountain Scene, Mt. Annapurna

Winter (Dec. – Jan.):  
In this season, it is very cold especially during at night in late December to early February in mid-hills while in higher altitude the winter seasons extends longer. Snow cover in not a problem in major cities and most of area. Trekking tourism activities heavily reduced in higher altitudes. Someone may still can do trek those who prefer less tourist flow in trekking trail and tolerant some range of coldness just not to forget to wrap up warm clothes to keep themselves out of cold.
The mountain views are clear and snowy, the best time for great photo opportunities. Panoramas and quieter trekking trails are the main features of this season. But the famous Annapurna trekking circuit most likely to be affected by snowfall and remain close during peak winter month so, one should be more clear while you planning and booking for your visit.
Lower altitudinal region below 2000 m. can be easily visited during this season. This season is best to visit lower plain belt of Nepal otherwise it’s too hot during summer and other seasons as well. All you need to do is plan in advance to avoid high price for accommodation and flight during visits in winter season. Nepal’s weather is cold but not unbearable, although temperature drops significantly at night especially in mountains.

Spring (Feb. – April):
In spring days, the temperature starts to rise and become warmer and longer. It is the another favorable time for trekkers up to pre-monsoon season. This is the most charming seasons for natural beauty all around hills as it gives young branches, leaves and new flowers covers all the forest. During late spring most of forest in higher altitude would be covered by Rhododendrons flower (a national flower of Nepal) particularly starts with the beginning of April is a beautiful time to travel. The temperature during night are still chilly at night in mountain regions so pack your layers during trekking in mountainous region of Nepal. After Autumn season it’s the prefer season for trekking however, mountains might not be seen clearly from lower elevation.

Pre-monsoon (May - June):
With the beginning of May, the temperature and humidity level rises rapidly brings warmers air but still calm until storm clouds brings monsoon rains arrive in June. During this time, light rains may occur with the end of spring where the trekking in high altitude still favorable which have still cool and pleasant temperature. During this period, the sky may frequently have covered by clouds and the clouds obscure the glorious mountain views

Monsoon Season (July –  September):
During this time, it doesn’t mean rain all day but rain every day or more often so that all the surrounding is full of running water and wet, new green shoots cover whole surroundings, fresh fruits are abundant pure clean air, colorful flowers all around adding natural beauty. Beautiful streams all around falling from the hills gives good sight view. The main cons of this season is that the mountain views are rare to observe, leeches in the route during rainy and moist seasons in forest of mid-hills causes difficulties to walk through, roads and trekking trails might be blocked by landslides. And many flight might be cancelled when where is no good weather very often.
The best site to visit during monsoon in Nepal are Manag, Mustang, Dolpa and Himalayan area that sit in rain shadow leaving behind the popular trekking route Annapurna, Langtang, of Nepal. Visiting around major cities can be done but can’t enjoy whole day out due to rain.

Best time to visit Nepal for Religious and Cultural Tours

Some of Nepal's best sights and activities lie away from the mountains in ancient cities.
Nepal has many religious places all around the country. Also there are many festivals and religious ceremonies being celebrated all year round. There are many religious spouts with in Kathmandu valley (Capital City) and outside the valley.

If you are planning to visit places of Kathmandu, any time of the year is best for you as the climate of Kathmandu valley is quite stable and clean all year. But during transition of season weather is unpredictable. If your visit is short check the weather forecast. Bhaktapur Durbar Square.
Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha
There are many religious sites in Nepal for the pilgrimage visitors like Pashupatinath Temple, Muktinath Temple, Swayambhunath Temple, Lumbini, Janakpur Temple, Shanti Stup, and many more. The major religious sites are Hindu temples and Buddhist Stupas.
Nepal celebrates lots of festivals throughout the year and those tourists who are particularly interested in the culture of Nepal and interested to participate during festival time they need to be updated every year which festival is celebrated in which days.  The main festivals celebrated in Nepal are listed below:
Dashain is the largest and longest annual festival in Nepal. It is celebrated all across Nepal during October. Although it’s Hindu origin religious festival it is now celebrated as a national festival by every Nepalese of every background. Dashain is a celebration of victory over evil. People worship goddess Durga during dashain festival, it last for 15 days.

Tihar is the second largest festival of Nepal which is also celebrated during October. It is festival of light where every city, village and houses decorated with lights, worshiping the goddess of wealth, Laxmi. During Tihar lighting candles, oil lamps illuminate the houses. Daushi Vailo program are conducted for 3 days. During the celebration animals like dogs, cows are worshiped. Sisters put seven colored Tika on their brother's foreheads. It is celebrated for 5 days.

Best time of the year to visit Nepal for Trekking

Whether it's a day trip or 20 day treks Nepal has trek for everyone. The Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp are the most popular trek routes of the Nepal.
Autumn is the best season for trekking in high mountains. Another best season for trekking in Nepal is Spring.

During Summer due to high rainfall, it would be much harder to treak. During this time you can visit Manang and Mustang, which is popularly known as "Himal Pari Ko Jilla" which means "Districts Beyond the Himalayas". Manang and Mustang are desert part of Nepal. If you wanna trek during summer(June - August) still cold, Mustang is a best choice as there is no rainfall. But the roads to reach there are in its worst condition due to the rain. You can take flight.

Also in Winter you can trek some trek routes in the lower region. It would be cold but the clean views make the travel interesting.

Best time to visit Nepal for Jungle Safari

Nepal is not only famous for Mountains and hills but also lower flat land of Terai. Terai region of Nepal is full of dense forest. There are different species of Flora and Fauna. They differ based on the choice of the forest or national park you select. Spring and Autumn are the best time for this tour.

Some protected areas you can visit are:-
Chitwan National Park: It is the oldest and first national park of Nepal established in 1973. It is under World Heritage Site. It is famous for One-horned rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, and biodiversity it hosting their shelter, elephant riding and jungle safari to spot wildlife inside forest.
Best Time to Visit Nepal -- one-horned rhinoceros
One-horned Rhinoceros in Chitwan National Park

Bardia National Park: It is another famous national park of Nepal after Chitwan that attracts more tourists. It is also famous for One-horned rhinoceros (that trans located from Chitwan national park), Bengal tiger and elephant similar as of Chitwan National Park.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is the only hunting reserve in Nepal. Most of visitor who prefer to do hunt travel to this hunting reserve. This hunting reserve is established to support conservation indeed from the fees paid by the hunters. Only species with abundant population are allowed to hunt and hunter should follow many terms and condition and even the hunting charge for license is higher. Blue sheep and Thar are the species are are allowed to hunt in this hunting reserve.

Best time to visit Nepal for Rafting/ Canyoning/ Cannoning

There are many flat-flowing rivers in Nepal with high possibility of rafting. Bhotekoshi, Sunkoshi, Trishuli, Kali Gandaki and Seti are the major rivers of Nepal for rafting. Autumn is best time for rafting in Nepal. Spring is best time for beginners as water levels are lower during this period.
There are all together 22 canyoning places in Nepal. The major rivers have provided the canyoning services. Cannoning are done in the streams which are growing water sport that fully experiences body and mind exploring lost forbidden places.

Best time to visit Nepal for Paragliding

For Paragliding, Pokhara earn high reputation in short period of time as a top destination around the globe. In Nepal, one can enjoy  views of green hills and mountains while paragliding. In famous Pokhara para-glide one can fly with birds over the hills, lakes and jungle viewing three major over 8000 m. above sea level mountains. There are different companies for Paragliding services. For Paragliding can be done all around the year except the monsoon days.
Best Time to Visit Nepal-- Paragliding in Pokhara
Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal