Rafting in Bhotekoshi

Nepal is a Landlock country but rich with plenty of fresh water from world highest peaks which gives numerous year-round flowing river which provides people fun and exciting river rafting adventure. There are many rivers to explore in Nepal. You can enjoy rafting for a single day or you can extend for couple of days camping in river side and enjoying the culture and beauty of culture and surrounding. It is the most popular adventure and consider as for river runners in paradise land. Depending upon the choice the rafting trips vary as there are various grade of white-water rafting. Those who are interested in long distance rafting and are looking for long days expedition type run can join Rafting trip of Sun Koshi and Karnali that combines with wildlife safari tour in nearby protected areas. While for short rafting and family run rafting in Trishuli and Seti for smooth class run and experience. There are various options and packages of rafting depending upon the interest and choice you made.
Rafting in Nepal Rivers

Rafting in Different Rivers of Nepal
Nepal has some of the wildest and spectacular rivers that combined with the beautifula mountain scenery, exhilarating white water rapids, fascinating cultural opportunities helps make Nepal of the best best destination to go white water rafting. In Nepal, Eco-trek provides fun and rafting provides exciting trips on the best rivers. Usually when there is best weather and the water is the warmest that is best and best seasonal duration are September to December and March to June for the rafting in Nepal. People can enjoy two different types of river trips depending on trip duration you spent on raft. Overnight stay rafting and full day of rafting are two options. Generally, day trips are done in Trishuli and Bhote Koshi rivers. Camping overnight next to river rafting trip consist several days and provide lots of time to swim and relax on river beaches. Camping trip should at least consist of 6-8 person those who interested in rafting following camping trip. According to visitors interest the rafting can be combined with the trekking in the jungle adventures.

Rivers are scaled from class one to six. Slow moving river and with no obstacles rivers are rated as river of level 1. River of Class 2 and 3 includes fast moving rivers with some obstacles and smaller to medium size rapids. River of Class 4 have long, continuous sections of white water and large waves which requires strong padding and good teamwork in the boat is required. River of Class 5 have long prolonged and powerful section of rapids and big holes that required very strong paddling and preferably some previous rafting experience. River of Class 6 is considered is the most impossible river to run.

Rafting River of Nepal extendable days.
Kali Gandaki Rafting (3 Days)
Karnali Rafting (10 Days)
Sun Koshi Rafting (8-10 Days)
Bhote Koshi Rafting (1-2 Days)
Trishuli River Rafting (1-3 Days)
Seti River Rafting (2 Days)
Tamur River (10-11 Days)