IOF B.Sc Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form

Institute of Forestry (IOF) which is conducting Forestry Program under the umbrella of Tribhuwan University has recently publishes notice related to Entrance Exam for admission in new academic year 2075/079.
IOF B.Sc Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form--- IOF logo

IOF Notice is applicable for all campuses under IOF: Pokhara Campus and Hetauda Campus including afiliated Kathmandu Forestry College. The IOF B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam notice was published by the institution on 4th of Bhadra, 2075.

The IOF B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form can be filled from 5th of Bhadra 2075 to 4th of Ashwin, 2075 in amount equal to IOF B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam Fee while an applicant can apply upto 7th of Ashwin, 2075 paying double amount there after 4th of Ashwin, 2075.

Anyone interested to join Forestry and built up career on it can fill up the form.The entrance form can be filled online.

IOF Entrance Exam online Application Form

Before filling up the IOF B.Sc Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form anyone should have meet the following criteria. They are:

  • Applicant should passed +2 Science stream or equivalent (I. Sc. Science).
  • Interested in Forestry Field.

Requsities before you begin filling up IOF B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form are:

  • Bank voucher applicant receipt from bank after paying for appearing on IOF B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam. IOF B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam fee cost Rs. 2500/-, for those applicant who are applying in  inclusion sits catefory should pays other Rs. 100/- per each category of inclusion sits.
  • The amont should be deposited on:
  • Nepal Bank Limited, Prithvi Chowk Pokhara Branch
  • Account No.: 19200100579674000001
  • Note: The bank voucher receipt should be in the name of applicant including his/her mobile no.

  • Applicant mobile no. and email is mandatory for application.
  • Recent digital photograph, document, voucher and signature photographs as well should be attached make it ready.
  • Filling up IOF B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form multiple time may result in rejection of form.

Now, you can go to the official IOF site:
Click on  'APPLY ONLINE' blinking on menu bar.
Then, click on Start Registration to begin fill up entrance form. As mention you should have bank voucher in close distance before getting started.
IOF B.Sc Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form--- start fillup
Start filling up Application form for Entrance Exam
There appear a online form where an applicant should go throughly. The application form is as shown.
IOF B.Sc Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form-- 1st half
IOF B.Sc Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form-- 2nd half
IOF B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form
I don't think it's confusing to applicant at all but I would like to point out some possible misunderstanding anyone may have.

  • If any applicant is applying for any particular inclusion sits s/he can chose among them.
  • Applicant should upload his/her recent digital photo less than 1 MB size and other documents (Transcript and deposit voucher) pic including your signature.
  • Permant Address should be as mention in your citizenship card.
  • Applicant should type Captcha code before submitting.
For more details about the IOF B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form you can visit to this link: Click Here!

Way to Mustang

Mustang is now easily accessible tourism destination for both foreigner and internal tourism. Geographycally it is the district beyond Mountain, it is beyond Annapurna Range. It is the most famous destination in Nepal which host Nature Beauty seekers as well as Hindu pligrimage to the Muktinath (main Shiva Temple of Hindu Religion).
Way to Mustang -- stuppa
In the way to Mustang

Mustang consist world renowned trekking route of Annapurna circuit. In these days, people mostly youth are found more interested in visiting Mustang. You  can easily visit Mustang in short peoriod of time. It has been connected with road network. So, here I will describe route to Mustang. The way to Mustang would be started from Kathmandu. Or you can directly reached to Pokhara if you are heading from the western Nepal.

It takes 1 day from Kathmandu to Pokhara or form any major cities of the country.
If you like to get quickly through Airport you can take Airplane from Pokhara to Jomsom.
Otherwise, you can take road trip which is comparatively cheaper and with lots of fun on the way.
From Pokhara you can take public vehicle (Jeep) to Muktinath in two days trip. The journey get ahead through Beni and Jomsom.

Mustang trip would be completed connecting these major locations. These are:
Pokhara - Beni - Tatopani - Marpha - Kagbeni

Route to Mardi Himal

Mardi Himal is the closest Moutain from Pokhara where you can trek in short period of time. You can get relaxed in your weekend there. The minimum possible day to reach out close to Mardi Himal High camp is just not more than 3 days. You can obviously extend your trek if you found pleasant time and have longer holiday. You can go to Landruk, Gandruk, Chomrung  or anywhere catching Annapurna trekking route around Annapurna Circuit.

Mardi Himal Trek is an alternative trekking route to the visitors with less time and budget to observe Mountains closely and for collecting trekking experience. During the beginning of mountain trekking it probably be the best option to begin with. It will taught you more about what sorts of preparation and arrangement should be made while getting out for high altitude areas. If you have to move on trekking with your family then it would also be the best option. Just you shouldn't be hurry to gain altitude. You should make yourself habituate.

Route to Mardi Himal -- Directing board
Route to Mardi Himal

Mardi Himal Trek is secondary trekking route of Annapurna Circuit. It has been popular among people around Pokhara and who reached out Pokhara and like to reach mountain nearby it quickly, easily, cheaply. So, if you are interested on moving to Mardi Himal trek then you can easily reached out there.

Way to Mardi Himal 

(3 night stay trek guide)
Let's begin supposing you are some where in Pokhara. You need to manage to get to Hari Chowk (Bagar) from where you get Bus to Hemja (now within Pokhara Metropolitain). You can reached to either Hari Chowk or Simpani from where you have to take Bus to Hemja - Milan Chowk. If you have access to reach Himja - Milan Chowk you can be there directly from where travel to Mardi Himal begin.
You need to ask Jeep for Upper Sidding or Viujung little distance ahead towards lower direction in Jeep Station. In the first day, you can just made upto Upper Sidding (to be specific Viujung) and stay there.

In next day, there wouldn't be vehicle this is the day to trek in real. I think you can made upto high camp in a day. You would take lunch in low camp and continue upto High camp and enjoy the mountain close to you. If you are lucky the climate and the sky would be clear. You found yourself surrounded by moutains and hills from everyside. It's really amazing in this short distance you can get close to the moutain.

In the third day, probably you would like to reach view point in the top of the hill and have some fun before lunch. After lunch you can return to Sidding where you would again spent your third night. If you reach Sidding early and if you hire jeep/get jeep going to Pokhara then you can get back to Pokhara lately. Otherwise you have to wait next day to get back to Pokhara.

If you like to longer holidays during way to Mardi Himal then you can also,

  • stay in Luwang Homestay especilly Gurung Cultural Village nice to stay in. It is a beautiful village
  • participate in Pokhara Canonying. It is a advanterous water game. It is near to Lumre (in Ghalel). You can reached out either way by vehicle or by walking.

These both are best spot on the way to Mardi Himal.

Precaution for Mardi Himal Treak and on other High Hill trekking route.

  • You would shortly get an altitude so move on slowly taking lots of water. Your breath would might be rapid, take rest at certain distances. All trekking member may not have equal physical ability so don't make them walk quicly instead make slow pace with them let them walk on their way, encourage them, give them water and energy giving foods like chocolates and biscuits.
  • Don't throw your waste in trekking route.
  • Wear a warm clothes. Don't take off clothes when you felt sweat during climbing up hills. The cold air instantly make you suffered from cold. Trek would only be joyful if you and your team is healthy. High hills low climate is not a joke for people with low immunity power.

Route to Rara Lake

There are no words to describes the beautyness of Rara Lake. It would be more worthy if you reached there and observe with your own eyes. In words, it differs based on how much I pleasure and my ability to describe in words. I would like to move to the point.

Let's start Route to Rara Lake from either Nepalgunj or Birendranagar of Surkhet.

In first day your trip would be Surkhet to Khalikot (or anywhere in between) when you are heading to Synjha (Jumla). Sometimes you may not get bus to Synjha directly thus you have to take to Naagma (Kalikot) from where route seperated for Khalanga (Jumla) and Synjha (Jumla). You need to move to Synjha for heading towards Rara Lake. Vehicles are not allowed to operate during Night. So, it's almost impossible to pass the way in a day upto either Nagma or Synjha.

From Synjha you can have to trek to Rara Lake. But for us it was difficult to reached out there. So, take rest in Mugu Rara. Next morning the ways of 2 hrs need to pass to reached Rara Lake. The most difficult portion of the Journey is in between Synjha and above. Or, You can reached upto Gamgaki (headquater of Mugu district) in bus or jeep from where 3 hours walk or a bit more required to reached Rara Lake. Taking plane directly to Talcha Airport from Nepalgunj is another option from where 2 hours of walking distance required to reach Rara Lake.
Route to Rara Lake --- Rara Lake
Rara Lake beach

Here, I have described in a very short summary hoping that you would get the straight information you need to know before moving or planning to be there some day. For making a planning you have to know how long the travel would be. In minimum you would reached Rara Lake in 5 days if you do Trek from Synjha (say from Pokhara).

Hope this given summery would help you. This is our trip:

Day 1: Pokhara (1:30 pm)  ---Narayanghad---Butwal---(Night spent on Bus)---- Surkhet (8:30)
Day 2: Surkhet Visit Around get ticket for 4 pm to Synjha but have to Stay in Patali khola (Dhilekh) during night.
Day 3: Patali Khola (Dhilekh)----Naagma--->>> Synjha (stay there). In our case the bus which was said to reached Synjha don't go ahead to Synjha from Naagma reason less passenger. So, need to chage vehicle that is late to fill up all passenger and reached late in Synjha.
Day 4: In the morning after breakfast around 7:30 trek begin to reach Rara Lake but due to difficult terrain and injuries to friend who can't reach to Rara lake and Stay in Mugu Rara.
Day 5: Taking breakfast our team move towards Rara Lake. About an hour and half hour of walking we reached in one side of Rara Lake. We slowly moved forward with more pleasure in it's bank upto Green Hotel.
Day 6: We enjoyed in Rara Lake whole day.
Day 7: Return to Naagma and stay.
Day 8: Move to Jumla visit and stay.
Day 9: Return to Nepalgunj directly. Return to Pokhara in Night Bus.
Day 10: Reached Pokhara through Syanjga Palpa Route.

If I need to go detail then comment down below. I appreciate your suggestion and instruction.

IT Engineering in Nepal

IT stands for information technology, this terminology describes the combination of both the technologies communication and computer. Knowledge of both the computer and communication together built information technology. This technology has significant importance in day to day life of this modern era. The demand of manpower with the knowlege of information technology growing day after day in exponential day. This shows that scope of information technology is expanding. This technology has changed the way of living of humans. Information technologies related economic activities is rapidly growing.
IT Engineering in Nepal-- IT Eng.
IT Engineering in Nepal

Information technology ease students to learn in the way of their choice. The learning process has been so personalized that student/learner can have access to variety of informatin from different resources, variety of learning tools, network based learning. IT has been a major field of knowledge in 21st centuary dominating all other field of knowledge behind.
However, the career opportunities cann't be determine as technologies keeps on improvements. Understanding of computer hardware, software and telecommunication and advances within them to apply in working environment is essential. It has been essential to understand IT, its components and potential for personal and professional growth and success. Under IT the major component includes operating system, software, network database which are related to personal computer or workstation in front of them.

IT Colleges in Nepal

Tribhuwan University - Institute of Engineering (IOE) 
Khwopa Engineering College 
Kathmandu University - School of Engineering
Nepal Engineering College (NEC) - PU
Gandaki College of Engineering and Science
St Xavier's College
Deerwalk Institute of Technology
Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT) - PU
Everest Engineering and Management College (EEMC) - PU
Cosmost College of Management and Technology - PU
Kathmandu Engineering College
Advanced College of Engineering and Management
Nagarjun Academy
New Summit College 
Kantipur Engineering College
Amrit Science Campus
Islington College
Kathford Internattional College of Engineeing and Management
Kantipur City College
Patan Multiple Campus
Himalayan College of Engineering
Pokhara Engineering College
NCCS College of IT and Management
College of Information Technology and Engineering
Aryan School of Engineering

Eligibility for IT Engineering

I.Sc. or 10+2 (Science) or I.E. or equivalent education level. At least second division or above result is required from the university or boards recognized by the universities you apply for. However, your eligible mark varies with the college to apply for it. 

How to fill up IOE Entrance Application Form

IOE the leading organsation of Engineering under TU was established in 1930 is the first technical school established in Nepal. IOE stands for Institute of Engineering which was brought under TU in 1972. Previously, Nepal Engineering Institute at Pulchowk and Technical Training Institute at Thapathali was separate organization that combines to form Institute of Engineering (IOE) in later days. Now, IOE is an leading organization in production of skill manpower, technicians through it's various running programs like diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. To be a part of it anyone should get to it's entrance exam through filling up an entrance exam application form.
The notice has been published by IOE about the opening of admission (for more detail about entrance notice you can also visit IOE Entrance Exam 2075 (2018)), For that anyone interested with fulfilling certain criteria can fill up application form for entrance exam. So, here you would get to know about the way to fill up the entrance application form.
How to fill up IOE Entrance Application Form-- filling up IOE application form
Filling up IOE application form

Filling up lOE Entrance Application Form

First work first before starting to fill up the form the task you need to have done are as follows:

  • You should have bank voucher that you receipt from bank when you deposit Rs. 2000 from any branch of Siddhartha bank in account 00915056064 from anywhere in Nepal as an entrance fee. Voucher no. is required while filling up the application form. After 2-3 hours of receiving voucher you can proceed filling of application form.
  • Your recently taken digital photo (300 px * 350 px) with clearly seen forehead with both ears.
  • Scanned document that gives your Identity with photo (both side in separate image)

If you have at least these above mention file and document you can begin to fill up application form.

Now, to begin filling up the form go to this link:
You would be given necessary instruction reading these you can proceed on clicking next each step.
Some steps you may confused would be explained here.

In the step where instruction is given to applicant before clicking next you have to type the text shown in captcha and check mark in checkbox.
How to fill up IOE Entrance Application Form-- captcha and checkbox\
Write captcha in box and check on checkbox

Voucher No.: As printed in bank voucher,
Name           : Your name (middle name left empty if you don’t have),
Gender         : Mention your Gender
Contact        : Your mobile no. or landline no. with area code,
Date of birth: According to your citizenship card,
Email           : Your email id you frequently use,
Identification type: Select identification document (eg Citizenship card),
Identification document no.: Documents number (eg Citizenship card number),
Your Photo  : Your recent digital photo of 300px * 350 px size less than 200 Kb and in given file format (ie. .jpg, .png, .bmp or .gif)
Identification Document: Scanned document of both front and back is uploaded respectively on first and second uploading on blue boxes given one after another. (eg. front side of citizenship card is uploaded clicking uploading identification picture given in box nearby. Similarly back side of citizenship card is unloaded clicking uploading identification picture given in the box nearby. Second one is optional )
Address Information: This field should be field according to the address on your citizenship card.

How to fill up IOE Entrance Application Form-- Basic applicant info

How to fill up IOE Entrance Application Form-- basic applicant info
Basic applicant information
Academic Details: It includes school details like ; choose SLC/equivalent level study in school, Board you appear, school name, symbol no. (including Capital Letter if any), School District, Passed year either in B.S. or A.D., and Percentage.
Similarly for College details select +2 or equivalent level, Board you appear, Name of college, Symbol no. (lately appeared symbol no. if appeared in makeup exam), and select College district and Result type. 

Exam Registration Information: This all include about choosing of your preferences. The more quickly you fill up the form the more chances of getting your choosen entrance centre, date and shift for entrance examination.
Select exam centre, choose the date that is suitable to you. If that date is not fully choosen by applicant then green light glows. Otherwise you have to select another date. Then select shift for that day.

Parents Information includes: Name of your father and mother (mid name left empty if no mid name)

Spam verification: Fill up the box with right captcha, if ununderstood then refresh to get new captcha.
Then click on Save and proceed.
How to fill up IOE Entrance Application Form--specific applicant info
How to fill up IOE Entrance Application Form-- specific applicant info
Filling up details on application form
After clicking on save and Proceed then you would get confirmation page. This should be kept printing safely to get admit card without which you can't get it. You can download that page in PDF format and you can print in your convient place. It notify that admit card would be available three days before the examination date. You have to check for admit card and color print it inserting your information given on confirmation page. If you just forget to print or download confimation page you can look on review.

IOE Entrance application Form Review

Some time it would be happen that you forget to save confirmation page or unintentionally you may have entered wrong information in the form. So, you may want to correct it out. If so, you don't need to go througly as filling up new form. You can recheck your previously filled up application form Just you need to do is go to this link:

You need to type your Last Name, Date of Birth and Identification No. to get your already fill up form where you can make some correction and submit again. Also you can get time to save confirmation page once more.

How to fill up IOE Entrance Application Form-- review IOE entrance application form
Review IOE Entrance Application Form

Get IOE Entrance Exam Admit Card

You should have confirmation with you to get admit card. The information on confirmation is required while receiving admit card just three day ago of the examination date. Admit card should be color print and take an identification document with photo along with the admit card while appearing in entrance examination.

Route to Chitlang

Chitlang is famous for its greenery all around surrounded by green hills from three side and with peaceful environment, clean and free from crowd and noise, pollution, etc. Being close to city with attractive natural peaceful environment it has been the choice to many people. Beside its natural importance it also have cultural importance. It has traditional connection to our history.
Route to Chitlang -- Organci Village Resort
Chitlang Organic Village Resort

For a short trip away from crowd Chitlang will be the best option. It would not take long time. A short planning and in a short schedule you can made this trip. This is the place near to Kathmandu and easily assessable compare to other hilly attractive tourism destination of Nepal. This trip can be done in low budget and in short time.
Hearing all this about Chitlang you may feel to reach to Chitlang and have willing to spent your certain time there. So, you will get to know about it after few minutes clearly. From where should I start guide you to Chitlang. In my opinion, it would better make sense if I tracked from Kathmandu since it's connected to every people all around Nepal. So, from any main junction of Kathmandu you can reach to Kathmandu Old Buspark (Purano Buspark) or you may use offline maps in your smart phone to find it out.
From the Old Buspark (Purano Buspark) you can ride bus to Thankot specifically to Godam  from where you would directed toward your destination. Godam is the point 15 minute walking distance away from Thankot from where we get separated from Prithvi Highway. You can directly reached out Thankot and begin your jouney towards Godam if you easily reached out nearby there or are travelling from the west in the Prithvi Highway. Get no worry if you don't get vehicle to Godam from Thankot.
When you make to Godam then you need to have about one hour jeep ride to Chitlang village. It's almost you have to wait for about an hour if you are not lucky enough. From Godam you can also get cable car to Bhalewsor (Chandragiri) as well.

Peoples Queries while visiting Chitlang.

  •         You can take your vehicle (specially not during wet season).
  •         If you walk all the way from Thankot that would be real fun and adventures to hikers.
  •          You would enjoy staying in small cottage of Naspati garden in Chitlang organic village resort.  Trout fish and Naspati wine are special dice.
  •          Before meal there would be cultural dances and after meal there is facilities for camping.
  •          Shivalaya, Ashok Chitya and Satdhara are some visiting site of Chitlang.
  •          If you have one more day time you can travel to Khulekhani in 3 hours walking distance through the largest pasture (sheep farming) of Nepal. It would be better if you go hiking.
  •          First Goat cheese factory is there in Chitlang. You can get the taste of goat milk cheese there.
  •          Bike Hire is also available according to the board.
  •          Boating in Markhu can be done if you have time to get there.

IOE Entrance Exam 2075 (2018)

Institute of Engineering (IOE) has published notice for Entrance Examination for coming academic year 2075/076 in its affiliated colleges on different programs of B.E. and B. Architect. It is to notify to every eligible students who can apply for admission filling up Online Application Form, that remain open from 2075/03/31 onwards until 2075/04/13.
Detailed information related to Entrance Exam was published on 2075/03/20's Gorkhapatra Daily and 2075/03/21's Kantipur Daily.
Entrance Examination would held after 18th of Shrawan, 2075 onwards based on notice published by IOE Communication and Technical Center (ICTC) on respective day, time and shift.
IOE Entrance Exam 2075 (2018)-- IOE logo
IOE logo

You can apply to following colleges.
IOE branch Colleges are:
Pulchowk Campus, Lalitpur
Thapathali Campus, Kathmandu
Purwanchal Campus, Dharan
Pashchimanchal Campus, Pokhara

Affiliated College under IOE are:

Kantipur Engineering College, Lalitpur
Kathmandu Engineering College, Kathmandu
Himalaya College of Engineering, Lalitpur
Advanced College of Engineering and Management, Lalitpur
National College of Engineering, Lalitpur
Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, Lalitpur
Janakpur Engineering College, Bhaktapur
Khwopa College of Engineering, Bhaktapur
Sagarmatha Engineering College, Lalitpur
Lalitpur Engineering College, Lalitpur

Apply for admission on following IOE programs.

Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronics and Information Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Agriculture Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Geomatics Engineering
Automobile Engineering
Aerospace Engineering (purposed)
IOE Entrance Exam 2075 (2018)-- Notice
IOE Entrance Notice

Minimum Criteria for applying in IOE programs are:

1. One should have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in grade 11 and 12 from a TU recognized institution, Higher Secondary or A Level, or Diploma Engineering or equivalent level with at least 45% above of its full marks or at least C grade in every subject in grading system or students who appears in final examination (not result yet) also can apply for entrance examination on respective programs.
2. Foreign student can only applied for full payment programs only.

Procedure and Requisities for filling up entrance exam form

  1. You need to fill up entrance exam form available in IOE website: and submit on the same website.
  2. Online form would be available from 10 o'clock onwards on  31st Asard, 2075 and remain open until 17 o'clock on 13th Shrawan, 2075. Form should be filled within the time frame beyond which form would be automatically closed.
  3. You can fill up online form from any place where internet facilities availble in a given days and time.
  4. Entrance Exam fee Rs. 2,000/- (two thousands only) should be paid from any branch of Siddhartha Bank Limited inside Nepal in account no.  00915056064 and receive bank voucher after payment which is required during online form filling. 
  5. Exam fee can be paid from 29th of Asard, 2075. After receiving paid bank voucher from bank exam fee paid wouldn't be returned back.
  6. While filling up the entrance exam form given information should fill up compulsory. *Applicant Identity: Name, Father name, Mother name; *Date of birth, *Permanent Address, *SEE/SLC and I.Sc./10+2/A level/Engg. Diploma or equivalent level result report; *Recently taken photo of 3 cm * 3.5 cm (300 * 350 pixel) with plain bacground color digital photo. (other size photo wouldn't be accepted.) *Each shift include limited no. of applicant so, applicant should fill up the form and fixed your favourable time for exam.
  7. While filling up the online form, any document that gives your identity like photo, citizenship card should be submitted in its digital copy (scanned copy) of the document.
  8. Acknowledgement page should be print after submitting the online form.
  9. Admit card would be provided simultaneously after 16th of Shrawan, 2075. The admit card should be color print. Admit card is compulsory during entrance examination.
  10. While applicant appears in entrance exam he/she should bring admit card as well as any original document that gives your identity with clear photo.
  11. For those applicant who have submitted online form should make sure whether their name is on the list in a given particular date and shift otherwise contact to entrace exam board within 3 pm on 14th of Shrawan, 2075.
IOE Entrance Exam 2075 (2018)-- Notice
IOE Entrance Notice

How to fill up IOE Entrance Application Form

Following up the instruction while filing up IOE entrance application form. You need to have 
Information related to Entranc Examination which will be obtained on notice about the requsities required to fill up the entrance application form.
For more detail you can see on: How to fill up IOE Entrance Application Form

Entrance Exam would be operated based on Computer Examination System on which questions are objectives. 10% would be negative marking for wrong answer.
Based on the curriculum of I.Sc./10+2/A Level/Engg. Diploma or equivalent level  IOE Entrance Examination Board has published syllabus of English, Mathmatics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Aptitude subjects. Board would take examination for two hours based on computer examination system.

For further information you can also look on IOE website: OR The information regarding result and admission would be published online. Appropriate candidate for scholarship would be those students who passes the entrance examination and fulfilled the criteria presented by GoN, Ministry of Education

Route to Shey Phoksundo

From any cities of country Nepal you can reach in Nepalgunj from where you can head towards Shey Phoksundo locally Dolpo Shey Phoksumdo in the largest district Dolpa of Nepal. This lake located within Shey Phoksundo National Park. It is the deepest lake of Nepal. The environment around pretty nice that catches by its beauty. The surrounding is so natural that there is no sign of human influence.
Here I like to explain about the route to Shey Phoksundo Lake. Probably it would be better starting route from Nepalgunj. Anyone can get to Nepalgunj easily from major cities of Nepal. Your first day would be reaching Nepalgunj and staying.
For the travelers who prefer hiking, and use jeep as transportation means they would reached out following given route. The timing and condition would not be same however it would helpful to make some sorts of outline that depends on traveling members and their preferences, experience & capabilities for travelling.
Route to Shey Phoksundo-- Phoksundo lake
Shey Phoksundo Lake

Nepalgunj to Rinma

(In Jeep- Nepalgunj to Khalanga, In bus- Khalanga to Rinma) When you take jeep for Khalanga of Jajarkot district from Nepalgunj in the morning you can take breakfast in Chinchu Bajar. Chinchu Bajar is point where route separated for Surkhet, Jumla and Khalanga (Jagarkot). Jeep headed toward Khalanga, in pitch road along the bank of Bheri river, having meal in the way with the taste of local fish of Bheri river, from where after about 5 hours of Jeep travel you need to take (next) bus (that wouldn't move unless fill up with passengers) to Rinma Village in muddy/earthy road. Rinma is small market from where you can take your essentials for trekking ahead, incase it's expensive in route ahead.

Rinma to Tribeni

In Jeep in three different phases.
Rinma – Rari
Rari – Tallu Bagar
Tallu Bagar – Tribeni
In every point of stops you have to wait hours to make sure jeep is fully packed. It takes whole days almost to reach Tribeni in this way. The roads are newly constructed, rocky that may cause flat tyres any time, scary cliffs with roofed full passengers with hanging sidewise as well. There is a beautiful waterfall in between the way that makes you forget your fear for a while at least. At the end of adventurous jeep riding you would reached tribeni which is close to Bheri river. Sounds of Bheri river flowing amuse much during night.

Tribeni to Tripurakot

(Tribeni - Khadang - Siureni - Tripurakot) You have to walk from this day ahead. Actural fond of travelling from this point. Tribeni lies in Rukum District while Tripurakot in Dolpa district. Road track has been opened upto Khadang of Dolpa so, Dolpa is no more remain untouched by road network. But for recent time we just need to walk along the ways with mules back and forth. You can have your meal in Khadang. Then you need to move ahead. There is a traditional water mill in the way. The way is not good as it is the rocky in recently made track. One should think twice while moving ahead. The movement of air along Bheri river is strong that would made plesant while making ahead. There is a village called Siureni 1 and half hour closer than Tripurakot. You can stay Siureni if you couldn't made to Tripurakot.

Tripurakot to Kageni

(Tripurakot - Suligad - Kageni) You can take Jeep to Dunai from across Tripurakot river. Dunai is the headquater of Dolpa district. After 1 hours of Jeep travel you can reached to Suligad. Then you begin to trek to Kageni from there. The climate on the way may be pretty cold depends on season of your travel be sure of it.

Kageni to Reichi Village

(Kageni - Chhepka - Phaparbari - Reichi) The way you begin from kageni is like you are travelling somewhere in heaven found different pleasure environment. Landscapes would turns dry to greenary. Colourful trees of the forest decorate the landscape. Snow is above hills may occur if it is raining. It would take a bit more to reache Chhepka to have a lunch there if you are moving in slow pace. October would be the nice season to visit the place. If you think you can't head ahead and you are getting late you can stay in Pharparbari which is about 1 hour close than Reichi village.

Reichi village to Ringmo

In almost every place you stay you have chance to have tibetain tea. With the taste of tasty tibetean tea you can move ahead. It would be more amazing to get close to Shey Phoksundo, every moment get pleasure. Having lunch in hotel somewhere in downhill, it would take 3 more hours to reach the peak where Jharna View Point is located. This way is steep to reach in the peak. Jharna, the waterfall is made by the water flowing from Shey Phoksundo. It is the most attractive waterfall in Nepal. It help to forget all tiredness climbing all way up. You can spent sometime there enjoying taking  photograph and lost in natural beauty. Reaching Phoksundo there is a hotel Kanchanjunga near Phoksundo lake.

Ringmo Village to View point

In the morining next day you can enjoy the scenario of Phoksundo lake. The blue clear water, beautiful scenario around and open sky that gives you unlimited feeling of joy. Then to view the lake from the hill top above it you can headed towards the view point. It's again a steep hill but this time you wouldn't know how easily you reached to the top of an altitude about 3890m from the sea level in the view point. The three faces of Shey Phoksundo would clearly seen from the view point. You would not want to leave the place the deep blue clear water, open sky, surrounded by mountains would makes you feel like to stay for long. But, it would be time to leave without any minute felt unattracted by the lake.

While returning it would not be a problem compare to uphill following the same trail if you like to return quickly by plane upto Nepalgunj you need to reach Juphal Airport. You need to move to Kageni, then to Suligad and finally to Juphal. It would approximately takes a day. You may/mayn't get the ticket for same day. If you don't get ticket for the same date you have to wait a day or days as sometimes locals have to wait for days to get a ticket.

Shey Phoksundo is the hidden treasure of Nepal. Once we need to visit the lake in one time human life. It is better to know different place and people. You would have new kind of experience visiting to Phoksundo. The Phoksundo is awating to you, make your limb directed towards it. This is a small effort I made to you to be there some time in your life time.

Gandaki License

This article includes all the information related to Gandaki license. That includes: Result of Written Exam, Trial date and retrial date and more as per requirement.

For specific and technical problem you can directly call following numbers.
Transport Management Office, Gandaki ---------------- 061533394
Gandaki Yatayat Karyalaya Driving License Office --- 061464111
Note: Office phones works only during office time.

In my previous article I have given a full steps how to fill up online license form you can see on "Online Driving License Form in Nepal" if you are going to fill up or going to help someone filling it up.
Gandaki License -- Motorbike trial
Trail of Motorbike

Gandaki License Written Exam Result

Applicant who appears in written exam on 31st Jestha, 2075 of category A, K and B their result has been published and call for trial (practical) exam.

Applicant are requested to attend trail from 6: 30 am to 1 pm on following date accordingly.

  • For K (Scooter) category on 11th of Asard, 2075.
  • For A(Bike) category on 12th, 13th and 14th of Asard, 2075
  • For B (Car/Jeep/D-van) category on 15th of Asard, 2075

(* Carry your Citizenship card and Bill of Rajashwo paid with you. There would be no any excuse if you absence trial exam. It would be equivalent to trial fail.)

Name List for trial on given date.

  • For Category K on 11th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List".
  • For Category A on 12th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category A on 13th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category A on 14th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category B on 15th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"

(If trail fail for first time then you have to registered for retrial and pay rajashwo in Transportation office  on Thusday or Friday after 15 days of first trial.)

Retrial Notice

New Notice

For those applicant which have appeared trial before and are unable to pass trial exam and also had 
  • registed for retrial and 
  • paid Revenue (Rajashwo) 
  • in between 3rd of Asard and 8th of Asard 2075 
are requested to attend retrial from 7 am to 2 pm on following date for different category.

(*Registration for retrial and paying Rajashwo is mandatory to attend re-trial exam.)

  • For K (Scooter) category on 15th of Asard, 2075.
  • For A(Bike) category on 17th and 18th of Asard, 2075
  • For B (Car/Jeep/D-van) category on 17th,18th and 19th of Asard, 2075

(** Carry your Citizenship card and Bill of Rajashwo paid with you. There would be no any excuse if you absence trial exam. It would be equivalent to trial fail.)

Name List for Retrial on given date.

  • For Category K on 15th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category A on 17th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category A on 18th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category B on 17th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category B on 18th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category B on 19th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"

Previous Notice

For those applicant which have appeared trial before and are unable to pass trial exam and also had 
  • registed for retrial and 
  • paid Revenue (Rajashwo) 
  • on 31st of Jestha and 1st of Asard 2075 
are requested to attend retrial from 7 am to 2 pm on following date for different category.

(*Registration for retrial and paying Rajashwo is mandatory to attend re-trial exam.)

  • For K (Scooter) category on 7th of Asard, 2075.
  • For A(Bike) category on 8th and 10th of Asard, 2075
  • For B (Car/Jeep/D-van) category on 8th,10th,11th,12th and 13th of Asard, 2075

(** Carry your Citizenship card and Bill of Rajashwo paid with you. There would be no any excuse if you absence trial exam. It would be equivalent to trial fail.)

# For F (Mini Bus/Truck), G (Bus/Truck/Lorry) and E (Tractor) category retrail registration would be done in 8th Asard 2075 and Retrail would be in 9th of Asard, 2075.

Name List for Retrial on given date.

  • For Category A on 10th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List".
  • For Category B on 10th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category B on 11th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category B on 12th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category B on 13th of Asard, 2075 check "Name List"

How long to wait for license after passing Trial Exam

Pass is written with the signature of the officers in the bill you have taken to take trial. This bill may not be accepted as license. So, you may not able to drive in traffic police zone. It is not regarded as a legal document for license. When you pass the trail then after 20 days you have to pay rajaswo  for your license. You would get bill with license number then. It would work as your license unless and until your smart license get ready.

Smart License Card would not available soon because upto now (2075/03/10) just License of 27 lots are available from Kathmandu to Gandaki Transportation Office which is of those applicant who have their Biometric 10 month ago.

How to find your lot number ?

If your license no. is (for example) 01-07-00264762 then your license no. would be 26. Transportation office is said to be patient, this delay is not due to them. They would inform in  near future check according to your lot number.

IOF, Pokhara Campus

Pokhara Forestry college officially known as 'IOF, Pokhara Campus' while in Nepali it is called as "Ban bigyan aadhyan sasthan, Pokhara ban Campus". 

[Want to be part of Pokhara Campus see: IOF B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form]

This article include some fundamental aspects to get familiar to the college and it's condition explaining in non-technical and non-formal way. Thus, to get authentic information and about technical and formal information of the IOF Pokhara Campus you can visit college's official website.
IOF, Pokhara Campus-- academic block
Academic block of IOF, Pokhara Campus

Pokhara Forestry College

Pokhara Forestry college has been the best choice since long. Students prefer to take forestry courses in Pokhara. Forestry college in Pokhara is under affiliation of Tribhuwan University. Forestry College of Pokhara is a head college of its types. It means this is main campus where various administration works related to forestry is conducted. It consists of dean office within its periphery of Institute of Forestry (IOF).
This college has been in the first choice of student because of the reasons mentions below. Some reasons behinds its popularity are;
1. Located in beautiful city of Nepal, Pokhara. It is away from city crowd which is suitable for academic environment.
2. Good facilities for hostels to both the Girls and Boys separately for students all around Nepal.
3. Cheaper canteen facilities with hygienic food.
4. Good academic environment with lecture class from highly qualified and experienced professor.
5. Supportive and co-operative behaviors among senior's students and junior's students.
6. Facilities for sports like football, volleyball, table tennis, crickets, and more in hostel common room.
7. Many green organization in forestry college help to develop personal skills to work together for environment.

There are many more others reasons beside these which attracts new students.
IOF Pokhara Campus is surrounded by green forest and many practical based knowledge is obtained from the forest nearby called as
There is a fresh environment during break for spending time talking with friends under the shadow during summer and bathing sun during winter with benches or directly lying on green grasses of ground. Everything around the college and services it provides is best comparing all over Nepal in administrative and managerial activities are carried out by a government.
In IOF, Pokhara Campus the academic programs available for study are mainly B.Sc. Forestry, M. Sc. Forestry and Phd. Level.
80 students get enrolled in B.Sc. Forestry every year. B. Sc. Forestry have 2 sections in each year. The male student and female student ratio is of about 5:3 or say approximately 50 male student and 30 female students. The classes are run on semester basis. Thus, each semester would be of 3/4-month course time about 1 month on each semester with board exam. Sometimes the semester may be of 7/8 months depending on the current circumstances and disturbing factors. The syllabus taught has been revisited and updated recently thus this has an international equivalent regard to its credit hours. It has been a best destination of the students and institution to create a manpower working in the forestry sector of Nepal. Nowadays the importance of Forestry is gradually increasing and scope is a lot thus many people are students towards forestry and for forestry Pokhara Campus is given priority up to the trend observed today.

World Cup Festival Month

From 14th June, 2018 21st World Cup begin in Luzhniki stadium in the Russia.
World Campion would be selected after 64 competitive matches between 21 teams in 12 Stadium all together in 11 Cities of Russia. This one month everyone would pronounce the only word "Goal". Whatever their Language be but everyone would shout at a time "Goal! Goal!" in same voice. During this time, some team may lose public support where as some other may get mad with happiness. Among 32 Countries one would get super excited. That would be the Campions.
World Cup Festival Month-- Ball and Stadium
World Cup Football & Stadium

During World War II, Hitler had to stop his victory journey in Russia. Napoleon like military leader also had not able to register his victory in Russia. But now, there are 31 teams who have chance to register their victory his Russian. This is the first time, Russia is hosting World Cup. So, it has been a concern to everybody. This time who would won the World Cup? Whether previous World Cup winner Germany would save it's position or not? And there are a lot as a subject of concern to everyone. It is challenges in front of German GoalKeeper Captain Manuel Neuer and coach Joachim Low.

But this time 4 countries teams Germany, Brazil, France and Spain are in list of possible winner team. Winner of World Cup 1998, France seems to be in balance this time. Brazil also in choose of many. Everyone attention is towards whether the skills of World Cup 2010 winner Spain would work this time or not.
Analyzing last 20 World Cup tournaments, up to now 77 countries are participating at least one time. Among them 12 teams have reached final and only 8 teams can register their victory. Brazil become champion after winning World Cup 5 times. Brazil is the team which is continuously selected team for World Cup. Italy and Germany won the World Cup for 4/4 times. Uruguay and Argentina get chance to win 2/2 times whereas England, France and Spain won 1/1 time. Germany is seeking for 5th victory whereas Brazil is seeking for 6th victory to get recognition as world best team. Germany became the first team to win World Cup in South America winning Brazil World Cup 2014. Netherland had reached three times in the World Cup final but becomes unlucky to win the trophy. Similarly, Czechoslovakia and Hungary also had reached final for two times but unable to grasp trophy. Sweden also had reached world cup final in 1958.

After World Cup 1962 no any country is winning World Cup one after another. World Cup 2014 winner Germany wants to win to became first country to win the World Cup one after another after all this period. Possible winner of World Cup - Brazil is not winning any World Cup since 2002. Brazil is not winning any tournament held in Europe since 1958. One-month long tournament is expected to have viewers of about 3 billion all around the world.

Winners of World Cup up to 2018.

1. World Cup 1934 Urugya (Ugrugya -1)
2. World Cup 1938 Italy (Italy -1)
3. World Cup 1942 France (Italy -2)
4. World Cup 1950 Brazil (Urugya -2)
5. World Cup 1954 Switzerland (Germany -1)
6. World Cup 1958 Sweden (Brazil -1)
7. World Cup 1962 Chile (Brazil -2)
8. World Cup 1966 England (England -1)
9. World Cup 1970 Mexico (Brazil -3)
10. World Cup 1974 Gemany (Germany -2)
11. World Cup 1978 Argentina (Argentina -1)
12. World Cup 1982 Spain (Italy -3)
13. World Cup 1986 Mexico (Argentina -2)
14. World Cup 1990 Italy (Germany -3)
15. World Cup 1994 United State (Brazil -4)
16. World Cup 1998 France (France -1)
17. World Cup 2002 Japan (Brazil -5)
18. World Cup 2006 Germany (Italy -4)
19. World Cup 2010 South Africa (Spain -1)
20. World Cup 2014 Brazil (Germany -4)
21. World Cup 2018 Russia (???????? -?)