Lumbini, a buddhist pilgrimage site located in Rupendehi district of Nepal, is a birth place of Lord Buddha back in 623 BC. Mayadevi Temple is an important sites in Lumbini with many historians and archaelogical importance as the place of birth of Lord Buddha. It is located 22 km west of Siddharthanagar (Bhairawa) and is the most spiritual & sacred place for Buddhist all around the world and listed on UNESCO World Heritage List. It consists of over 25 international Buddhist monasteries. This site was lost to history until it is discovered in 1896 of inscribed pillar left behind by the buddhist emperor Ashoka in 249 BC. A number of devotees as well as historically inclined tourist visit Nepal for the purpose of witnessing the bithplace of Lord Buddha. This place is blessed with various sites, instruments and shrines of various stages of Buddha's life. Due to Lumbini importance to the Hindu and Buddhist religious community as well as the history and culture of the entire world UNESCO enlisted the birthplace as world heritage site.
Lumbini -- Mayadevi Temple
Mayadevi Temple, ashoka pillar and pond

Maya Devi temple is major attraction of Lumbini, Bodhi tree, a pond where Mayadevi took a ritual dip & Buddha took his first bath, Ashoka pillar, Myanmar Goldern Temple, World Peace Pagoda, Lumbini Musuem etc. and many more monastry built by different countries. The other site linked to the life of the Buddha includes Tilaurakot where Prince Siddhartha lived luxury before taking path to enlightenment also highlighted with increase number of visitors in Lumbini. You can walk around the garden or find a peaceful meditative spot to contemplate. Pandirarama Vipassana Center can be visited for some yoda and meditation and interact with the monk. The Lumbini Gardent covers an area of about 2.56 sq km which encompasses three zones each covering with walkways and a canal.

How to get in Lumbini?
Through flight from closest (22 km away from Lumbini) airport at Bhairahawa to and from Kathmandu help to reach to destination quickly.
Using road network, anyone can directly go to Bhairahawa by Buses using national major road network from major cities. From Bhairahawa visitor can go to Lumbini using local buses ldeparting every 15 minutes. Taxis are other best options from Butwal to Lumbini or from any where else. Giving sights around the Lumbini, bicycle and cycle rickshaws offer a good way around.