Paragliding in Pokhara

Pokhara is the one of the attractive tourism destinations for the tourist in the world. Pokhara also host top paragliding locations in the world. The location for paragliding is best here because it has mid temperature neither cold nor hot climate, it has easy take-off and landing zones, the incredible view of mountains and large lake makes its more attractive destination for paragliding. In it's popularity the easily accessible transportation facilities helps people to take it's fun.
Paragliding in Pokhara
Paraglide in Pokhara

Everyone may not afford the paragliding but if someone like to have experience in his life time then, Pokhara is perfect place to do it. Nineteen paragliding companies operated commercial flight in Pokhara and they have almost had a fixed price that covers transportation as well as insurance on either of the package you select. The categories of flight or paragliding package type are:
Standard flight of 30-minute charge Rs. 7,500 (Equivalent $75)
Cross-country (40-60 minute) = Rs. 11,000 (Equivalent $110).
GoPro footage (5 minutes video, 30 stills) = Rs. 1700 ($17).

Tandem Paragliding

In Tandem paragliding one can seat in separate harness in front of the pilot and need not to care about flight but have opportunities to enjoy the surrounding views taking pictures, video, talk with pilot during flight. This is the comfortable way of flight for those who can't fly themselves. The only fear is due to vast emptiness beneath you. 

If you are an experience paraglider and want to flight yourself then you need to have follow some procedure that begin with getting a flying permit from the civil aviation office in Pokhara. It cost Rs. 4520 (Equivalent $45) for 15 days after submitting passport photocopy and visa photocopy, photo of yourself, proof of insurance and paragliding license if you are from abroad. You can renew the permission upon expiration.

Is it safe to paraglide in Pokhara?

Normally, it is safe to do paragliding in Pokhara. Since, it is an extreme adventure sport and there involves some scales of risk.  You would have a reserve chute and a large lake for safety. The risk is of sudden change in wind while take-off and landing. You must be sure to paraglide from the company which have insurance coverage. Pilots paragliding in Nepal are internationally certified from paragliding school like FAI, APPI and BHPA when they arrived in pilot training program for 15 days. They are certified to fly anywhere in the world on their own. After two years of experience of piloting they become a commercial tandem pilot. They are trained in different weather condition, different location, different instructors, different exercise using reserve parachute and have passed tandem exam with an APPI instructor.

Flight, Time and Season of Paragliding

The paragliding flight would take off from Sarangkot and land on Phewa Lake plain or in Phewa lake. One can floats above Sarangkot and heads above Pokhara before landing.
The best time to flight are 10:30 AM, 12 PM and 2 PM and each paragliding companies offer 3 flights per day. The atmosphere temperature should warm up by sun that essential for lift. The flight during morning that don't exceeds 30 minutes as the thermal haven't developed yet. But it is best time for less turbulent flight. 11:30 is the best time for paragliding as thermals become active.
Except during raining days year-round you can enjoy paragliding in Pokhara and thermals inactive days. The fall month are more preferred as thermal developed quickly and the sky is clearest. Generally, the peak season for paragliding matches with the tourist season in Nepal – September/October/November and February/March. Clear sky days during monsoon as well are also prefer during that time vegetation are abundant all around and rivers are thundering.

One should book your flight the day before you take off the flight. For confirmation you need to pay NRs 1000 to 2000. Companies like Sunrise and Blue Sky are offering an introduction course to paragliding for 15 days with NRs 16,000 per day after which you are allows to paraglide anywhere in the world on your own.