IOF, Pokhara Campus

Pokhara Forestry college officially known as 'IOF, Pokhara Campus' while in Nepali it is called as "Ban bigyan aadhyan sasthan, Pokhara ban Campus". 

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This article include some fundamental aspects to get familiar to the college and it's condition explaining in non-technical and non-formal way. Thus, to get authentic information and about technical and formal information of the IOFPokhara Campus and IOF Hetauda Campus you can visit college's official website.
IOF, Pokhara Campus-- academic block
Academic block of IOF, Pokhara Campus

Pokhara Forestry College

Pokhara Forestry college has been the best choice since long. Students prefer to take forestry courses in Pokhara. Forestry college in Pokhara is under affiliation of Tribhuwan University. Forestry College of Pokhara is a head college of its types. It means this is main campus where various administration works related to forestry is conducted. It consists of dean office within its periphery of Institute of Forestry (IOF).
This college has been in the first choice of student because of the reasons mentions below. Some reasons behinds its popularity are;
1. Located in beautiful city of Nepal, Pokhara. It is away from city crowd which is suitable for academic environment.
2. Good facilities for hostels to both the Girls and Boys separately for students all around Nepal.
3. Cheaper canteen facilities with hygienic food.
4. Good academic environment with lecture class from highly qualified and experienced professor.
5. Supportive and co-operative behaviors among senior's students and junior's students.
6. Facilities for sports like football, volleyball, table tennis, crickets, and more in hostel common room.
7. Many green organization in forestry college help to develop personal skills to work together for environment.

There are many more others reasons beside these which attracts new students.
IOF Pokhara Campus is surrounded by green forest and many practical based knowledge is obtained from the forest nearby called as
There is a fresh environment during break for spending time talking with friends under the shadow during summer and bathing sun during winter with benches or directly lying on green grasses of ground. Everything around the college and services it provides is best comparing all over Nepal in administrative and managerial activities are carried out by a government.
In IOF, Pokhara Campus the academic programs available for study are mainly B.Sc. Forestry, M. Sc. Forestry and Phd. Level.
80 students get enrolled in B.Sc. Forestry every year. B. Sc. Forestry have 2 sections in each year. The male student and female student ratio is of about 5:3 or say approximately 50 male student and 30 female students. The classes are run on semester basis. Thus, each semester would be of 3/4-month course time about 1 month on each semester with board exam. Sometimes the semester may be of 7/8 months depending on the current circumstances and disturbing factors. The syllabus taught has been revisited and updated recently thus this has an international equivalent regard to its credit hours. It has been a best destination of the students and institution to create a manpower working in the forestry sector of Nepal. Nowadays the importance of Forestry is gradually increasing and scope is a lot thus many people are students towards forestry and for forestry Pokhara Campus is given priority up to the trend observed today.

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