World Cup Festival Month

From 14th June, 2018 21st World Cup begin in Luzhniki stadium in the Russia.
World Campion would be selected after 64 competitive matches between 21 teams in 12 Stadium all together in 11 Cities of Russia. This one month everyone would pronounce the only word "Goal". Whatever their Language be but everyone would shout at a time "Goal! Goal!" in same voice. During this time, some team may lose public support where as some other may get mad with happiness. Among 32 Countries one would get super excited. That would be the Campions.
World Cup Festival Month-- Ball and Stadium
World Cup Football & Stadium

During World War II, Hitler had to stop his victory journey in Russia. Napoleon like military leader also had not able to register his victory in Russia. But now, there are 31 teams who have chance to register their victory his Russian. This is the first time, Russia is hosting World Cup. So, it has been a concern to everybody. This time who would won the World Cup? Whether previous World Cup winner Germany would save it's position or not? And there are a lot as a subject of concern to everyone. It is challenges in front of German GoalKeeper Captain Manuel Neuer and coach Joachim Low.

But this time 4 countries teams Germany, Brazil, France and Spain are in list of possible winner team. Winner of World Cup 1998, France seems to be in balance this time. Brazil also in choose of many. Everyone attention is towards whether the skills of World Cup 2010 winner Spain would work this time or not.
Analyzing last 20 World Cup tournaments, up to now 77 countries are participating at least one time. Among them 12 teams have reached final and only 8 teams can register their victory. Brazil become champion after winning World Cup 5 times. Brazil is the team which is continuously selected team for World Cup. Italy and Germany won the World Cup for 4/4 times. Uruguay and Argentina get chance to win 2/2 times whereas England, France and Spain won 1/1 time. Germany is seeking for 5th victory whereas Brazil is seeking for 6th victory to get recognition as world best team. Germany became the first team to win World Cup in South America winning Brazil World Cup 2014. Netherland had reached three times in the World Cup final but becomes unlucky to win the trophy. Similarly, Czechoslovakia and Hungary also had reached final for two times but unable to grasp trophy. Sweden also had reached world cup final in 1958.

After World Cup 1962 no any country is winning World Cup one after another. World Cup 2014 winner Germany wants to win to became first country to win the World Cup one after another after all this period. Possible winner of World Cup - Brazil is not winning any World Cup since 2002. Brazil is not winning any tournament held in Europe since 1958. One-month long tournament is expected to have viewers of about 3 billion all around the world.

Winners of World Cup up to 2018.

1. World Cup 1934 Urugya (Ugrugya -1)
2. World Cup 1938 Italy (Italy -1)
3. World Cup 1942 France (Italy -2)
4. World Cup 1950 Brazil (Urugya -2)
5. World Cup 1954 Switzerland (Germany -1)
6. World Cup 1958 Sweden (Brazil -1)
7. World Cup 1962 Chile (Brazil -2)
8. World Cup 1966 England (England -1)
9. World Cup 1970 Mexico (Brazil -3)
10. World Cup 1974 Gemany (Germany -2)
11. World Cup 1978 Argentina (Argentina -1)
12. World Cup 1982 Spain (Italy -3)
13. World Cup 1986 Mexico (Argentina -2)
14. World Cup 1990 Italy (Germany -3)
15. World Cup 1994 United State (Brazil -4)
16. World Cup 1998 France (France -1)
17. World Cup 2002 Japan (Brazil -5)
18. World Cup 2006 Germany (Italy -4)
19. World Cup 2010 South Africa (Spain -1)
20. World Cup 2014 Brazil (Germany -4)
21. World Cup 2018 Russia (???????? -?)