B.Sc. Forestry in Nepal

After completion of Intermediate Level or +2 Level students wanders here and there. Students can't make really a good decision on choosing their interesting subject due to limited knowledge about the importance and scope of respective subject or field they need to select for further study at University level.
Here, through this article, I am not going to force you to take Forestry as your field for further study but I would like to clarify what forestry really covers; an introduction to forestry colleges in Nepal, procedure to get admitted and many more.
Also, I like to mention that this article would be more helpful to students who have just completed +2 Science and equivalent to it. And to those who are interested on Forest and wanted to know more about the field and also information required to confirm your decision.
Let's get into the topic!

Scope of Forestry

Forestry is the science which covers the study of wild plants, vegetation, wildlife, environment, and interaction with the people for the welfare of humankind. Forestry focuses on protection, conservation as well as wise use of natural resources. Those people who are interested in natural resources management through its conservation, protection and wise use of resources can enjoy selecting this field as their career.
It would generate amazing feeling inside forester to involve in the welfare of millions of people through involving in maintaining sustainable regeneration of forest resources, reducing different environmental hazards, preserving water sources, and various activities that show respecting Mother Nature. The human resources requirement associated with the environment and forest sector is increasing in the context of Nepal as well. The forestry skilled manpower now needs to work out to minimize the impact of climate change and it influences on poor and marginal people those who directly associated with the natural resource and depends on forest resource for livelihood. You can be the best actor to fight against the 21st century great challenges 'the climate change' and 'global warming' as a skilled forester.
B.Sc. Forestry in Nepal - Forest
B.Sc. Forestry in Nepal

Forestry in Nepal

In the national scenario, it's almost half above 40% of Nepal's area is cover by the forest area. Thus, working on forestry sector with a wide range of scope is really fascinating. Since, Nepal is one of the best natural tourist destinations due to it's beautifully designed landscape as if it's a piece of Heaven on Earth it's favorable for Ecotourism enrichment. Having all these beauties Nepal has a fragile landscape which can easily be eroded either by landslide, erosion, flooding types of natural hazard which can be minimized with sound knowledge of Soil Conservation and Soil Science. Forestry includes these all Ecotourism, soil conservation and many more associated with natural environment including biodiversity conservation and wildlife conservation in protected areas, conservation areas, wildlife reserve, and national parks.
If you are fond of these it's best to be a forester in the near future. Still, it's not jabarjasti (enforced) it depends on your will.

[Admission open in IOF see: IOF B.Sc Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form]

The scope of Forestry in Nepal

Every year human resources from the forestry sector are linked with government services in different post significantly. This number is far more in comparison than from any other technical subject. Self-launched project and different green organization are working in a different green project which demands human resources from forestry sector every year in high quantity. It is wise to choose forestry as a field to educate yourself in the changing scenario of the modern world.

Forestry Science: Internationally Recognized Faculty
Now, the new syllabus published by IOF is of international standards. This Forestry Courses of Bachelor level is made equivalent to international standards by increasing credit hours of its study hours with the addition of issues currently raising around the world. It covers all associated areas and subjects to produce skillful manpower.

Forestry Colleges in Nepal

Institute of Forestry (IOF) is a leading organization on the field of Forestry. It works on preparing trained manpower for the conservation and regulation of National Forest. IOF provides different courses of Forestry for Bachelor and Master Level and Ph.D. level as well in recent years. IOF has three colleges all over Nepal. Among them, IOF, Pokhara Campus, and IOF, Hetauda Campus are run under government administration whereas Kathmandu Forestry College runs under private administration under the affiliation of IOF.  In 2010 Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) has been established which the main objective is to generate manpower associated with agriculture and forestry sector including veterinary and fisheries sector. AFU runs its forestry courses at Hetauda in the same building with TU.

IOF, Pokhara Campus

It is the main forestry college of IOF. The dean office is along with the Campus periphery and administration works are carried out from there. Since it includes the executives body and located in a peaceful environment many students prefer this college for studying forestry. It can facilitate 80 students every year for B.Sc. Forestry Program. For more detail, you can see on IOF, Pokhara Campus.

IOF, Hetauda Campus

It is another forestry college run under government administration and funding.  It has a capacity of 80 student's intake in B.Sc. Forestry Program.

Kathmandu Forestry College

It is privately owned forestry college run under the affiliation of IOF, TU. It is established to facilitated valley student and generate skilled manpower for the forestry sector through the involvement of the private sector. This college as well is ready to welcome 80 new students for the new administration in B.Sc. Forestry Program.

Hetauda Forestry College, AFU

It is the college on which TU used to provide forestry courses to its student before the establishment of AFU the campus should be handover to AFU but due to interior dispute in between AFU and TU both the university is sharing this college for providing their respective forestry courses to their students. This college also holds 80 students despite its capacity.

Admission on Forestry

The admission opens during November and December for the new session in Bachelor level. For obtaining administration on Forestry college an eligible candidate should have completed +2 Science or equivalent to it. I.Sc. Forestry pass out student are admitted along with the student from Science background before removal of I.Sc. Forestry by TU. For administration on Tribhuwan University (TU) forestry Colleges that are IOF colleges, the admission form should be filled and appear on the entrance exam. Entrance exam on both college held on same date and selection of campus based on your marks you obtained during entrance examination. You can fill up the admission form either from the campus administration or fill up online.

[Admission open in IOF see: IOF B.Sc Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form]