Gandaki License

This article includes all the information related to Gandaki license. That includes: Result of Written Exam, Trial date and retrial date and more as per requirement.

For specific and technical problem you can directly call following numbers.
Transport Management Office, Gandaki ---------------- 061533394
Gandaki Yatayat Karyalaya Driving License Office --- 061464111
Note: Office phones works only during office time.

In my previous article I have given a full steps how to fill up online license form you can see on "Online Driving License Form in Nepal" if you are going to fill up or going to help someone filling it up.
Gandaki License -- Motorbike trial
Trail of Motorbike

Gandaki License Written Exam Result

Applicant who appears in written exam on 12th Poush, 2075 of category A, K and B their result has been published and call for trial (practical) exam.

Applicant are requested to attend trail from 10 am to 12 pm on following date accordingly.

  • For K (Scooter) category on 22th of Poush, 2075.
  • For A(Bike) category on 23th of Poush, 2075.
  • For B (Car/Jeep/D-van) category on 24th of Poush, 2075.

(* Carry your Citizenship card and Bill of Rajashwo paid with you. There would be no any excuse if you absence trial exam. It would be equivalent to trial fail.)

Name List for trial on given date.

  • For Category K on 22th of Poush, 2075 check "Name List".
  • For Category A on 23th of Poush, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category B on 24th of Poush, 2075 check "Name List"

(If trail fail for first time then you have to registered for retrial and pay rajashwo in Transportation office  on Thusday or Friday after 15 days of first trial.)

**Note: Those applicant who appear written exam for Heavy vehicle on 10th of Poush, 2075 and able to pass the examination and those who have registered upto 4th of Poush, 2075 for Add Category are called for Trial Examination on Saturday 21st of Poush, 2075 at Bijayapur.

How long to wait for license after passing Trial Exam

Pass is written with the signature of the officers in the bill you have taken to take trial. This bill may not be accepted as license. So, you may not able to drive in traffic police zone. It is not regarded as a legal document for license. When you pass the trail then after 15 days you have to pay rajaswo (Thusday or Friday)  for your license. You would get bill with license number then. It would work as your license unless and until your smart license get ready.

Smart License Card would not available soon because upto now (2075/08/10) just License of 27 lots are available from Kathmandu to Gandaki Transportation Office which is of those applicant who have their Biometric 10 month ago.

How to find your lot number ?

If your license no. is (for example) 01-07-00264762 then your license no. would be 26. Transportation office is said to be patient, this delay is not due to them. They would inform in  near future check according to your lot number.

Know your licence whether printed or not using sms for that you have to send message typing "LC(space)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ " (7 digits applicant id) to 31003.


  1. Dear Amrit,
    By any chance do you have information regarding current driving licence?
    I passed my trail in August and my licence lot no is 50. Do you have any idea till how many lot the licence have already been printed.
    I live oversease and having a Nepalese licence is really important for me to make oversease licence.

    Your help would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.