How to start a blog in Nepal

Here in this post I will be talking about how to start a blog in Nepal. I would primarily focus on blogger so that it would easy to the beginners. This discuss about blogger for blogging would be beneficial to beginners for learning purposes. If you are interesting to start blogging then your feet are in the right place in right time. After you get some ideas about blogging on blogger platform I would talk about wordpress later.
At first you would learn to use your own domain. I will guide you to register a domain (.np) which is free to use. Then you would use custom domain for blogger. This mean you will be displaying out contents on your own site using the blogging platform. There are a lots of benefits of using custom domain. Blogger officially supports https for custom domain as well. Also you would learn about wordpress hosting in this post. I will also guide users to earn from their blog. But remember your main intension should be Sharing ideas and valid information to the users, as yet Words are the most powerful thing in the web.

What is Blog?

Simply a blog is a website, which is regularly updated to share the information and ideas by individuals or a small group of peoples. Large corporations also do have blogs where they share the information about the products services. They update their blog whenever they have some new features or added some services. Yet Individuals can also write articles, story, poems and a lot more. Users love to read articles from peoples around the world and blog is the only powerful medium to share and bring these peoples together.
We from Nepal can somehow share articles, story, and experiences,opinion, views, etc are in few numbers and this number is going to increase day by day when we begin to familiar with the internet and outer world. Even for whole world due to advancement of Informational technology it is all possible of using blog as a sharing tools to every people around world. So, is the same with the Nepalese. As Internet is connecting whole world why not Nepalese connect with the whole world.

Actually, writing blogs will increase your writing skills too. Peoples would know you and you starts to develop your personal branding. We always know "Bloni ko Pitho Bikcha na bolni ok chamal bikdina". Blogging could be your advertisement platform.

Is it hard to start blog in Nepal?

Actually there is nothing hard or easy, whenever there is will there will be the way. Yes there is no international transaction to buy good quality hosting services or no way to buy domain from domain registrar. We need to depend upon some individuals for that. In spite of it starting blogging is really easy task. I started writing blogs during 2013 with a blogspot domain (actually subdomain). Then I learn to register domain during blogging and reading articles from other blogger out there during beginnig days.
Then, I register a domain ( and started using wordpress (Free hosting). But due to lots of traffics (actually it is not lots of traffics but 100 - 200 visitors a day could make that site down.) Then I start using This Blogger custom domain. The only thing is that I always want to share what I know. I still remember the first article I wrote was How to make your computer wifi hotsport- the working way.

So just get up and start writing blogs. You could be a good writes or an instructor too if you could teach something through your website. If you really interested to have a blog and could not get way to start with it I am here with you. Get ready to get started. You will have your very own blog in some minutes.
How to start Blog in Nepal -- laptop with cup of coffee
How to start Blog in Nepal.

Blogger for Blogging

Blogger is a blogging platform provided by Google. Here anyone with Google account can create a blog and start sharing their ideas and knowledge. If you don't have a Google account you can create Google account and  start it out. Talking about the features of blogger. It's easy to get started and best when you get to use to with it. There is no problems to set up server or hosting to start blogging with blogger and you can start sharing the articles with in some minutes. By default you will get a sub-domain. And you can set custom domain whenever you want. You can follow  this article to create yourfirst blog in blogger.

When your blogger blog is setup and ready you could start publishing your articles. All the blogging platform could work in the same mechanism. You select a title write a contents and publish them. You would select category too so that it would make visitors to navigate easily. 

Wordpress for blogging

Wordpress is the most powerful blogging platform exist today. There are two wordpress: and self-hosted ( For now I would talk about To inform about it is a Content management System that will be installed in your server and your domain will publish the contests from your own server. It need a bit of configuration and need to play with the server and command which is not what you want yet but I would write an articles on set up the too.

So would works just as blogger blog. You would get a subdomain from and here are more features then blogger so if you got your time and you should definitely test it's so testy. If you want to test for free you could use some free hosting or there is another site called altervista. I will write full article on that too. For now follow this article to create account.

How to register .np domain?

.np domain is a country wise top level domain. For our country registering .np domain is free of cost for individuals and corporations inside Nepal. So, anyone of you with Nepali citizenship could register an .np domain. Before registration you should know something about NS (Name servers and DNS (Domain Name server) and Zone records. These are the terms which make this 'World Wide Web' working and keep working. Every device connected to the Internet have its own IP address. So whenever you view a website you use the domain name but actually computers actually uses IP address to locate and web data. So, NS are used to point to the IP address. You should create an account in DNS manager account to manage your account. The most famous one is cloudflaur for DNS. I also do love Godaddy Free DNS manager. Follow this guide to create your own .np domain.

Use custom domain in blogger

Now, you have your blogger blog and your own domain now we can set up your domain with the blogger blog. Your old URL will still works and your visitors could found your site. You can simply add your custom domain in blogger using the settings in the blogger. In the address section click and add your domain. Remember you cannot use root domain in blogger i.e. ( is root domain). You can use subdomain ( You need to point your domain to Google hosting service. For that you need to create a CNAME record for domain verification and another to point your sub-domain to Google server.

Blogger supports https for custom domain

'Https' is a secure connection that means all the data transferred over https servers are end to end encrypted. That means whenever a user send a message to web server the message will be received only by the server no middle man can access. Google and other search engines announced to rank goog to those sites with https and derange sites without https. So having https is a best idea. Blogger supports the https for blogger custom domain is still in beta (test) phase. But you can Follow Blogger Officially Support HTTPS for Custom Domain guide and make your custom blog with https secure.

By now you have your blog in Blogger with custom domain with SSL. This is the stage where you could stay and make progress of your site. Remember to regularly update your blog. Share interesting and useful information. It make take too long to happen something just keep doing and keep sharing. You will be ranked one and your content will be in the positing they actually are.

Wordpress hosting

If you want to use for your site, you would need a hosting provide with PHP and MySQL support. You can pay certain price and still can get these features from too. If you want to test the for there are lots of way too. But running a blog in free hosting is a bad idea, nobody know at what time you article would hit and get lots of interaction to your site. You can create account on alterviste to test the with some limited features but yet very more than

How to earn from blog

One of the benefits from blogging is that you would gain from blogging. There is nothing to waste give your free time to write and share articles and you would get payment too. You would get more and more idea when you write about something. Remember there is something you could learn from those task you do. And you will always learn something. Learning and increasing your knowledge is also a earning.

You can publish advertisement on your blogs. And you will get paid as per the number of views. There are a lots of platform that promise you to give lots of earning but yet Google adsense is the only best way of displaying ads in the blog. You can earn from displaying ads from Local Corporation with direct contact too. You can get paid for reviewing some products too. There are lots of ways to earn if your blog actually gives some value to your visitors. Remember Words are yet the most powerful thing in the World Wide Web.

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