.np Domain Registration in Nepal

Registration of .np domain is free in Nepal .np domain is a ccTLD (country-code Top Level Domain). We can make variation of domain extension with .np domain as .com.np, .net.np, .org.np, .edu.np and a lot more. Any citizen are eligibility to register for .np domain, however there required special eligibility process in registration of some domain. As to register .edu.np one should be a verified academic institution. Today we would be talking about How to register .np domain in Nepal as a process of .np domain registration in Nepal.

What is domain name?

Domain name is a unique identity in the World Wide Web. Once a domain name is registered by a user s/he have full control over that domain until it expires. Well there is no expiry date for .np domain yet. Every domain name should be associated with an IP to locate the resource that is to be displayed in web page. A domain can point to different resources with their different subdomain, thus we need DNS manager to manage all this pointing to IP. Domain name is not just a URL, we could use our domain name as email service, as [email protected] for me. We will be writing article about this too.
.np Domain Registration in Nepal-- Nepal flag and .np domain
.np domain registration 

How to register .np domain?

We can register .np domain from Mercantile Communications. They provide well facility and good user interface for the registration of the .np domain. It would take some days for your domain to be approved. In the mercantile we can enter the Name Server of the hosting. Mercantile doesn't provides DNS management as of all other domain registration sites. So we need some DNS management tool. If you are learning to play with your domain and hosting you should use DNS management as it would take another day(s) too for your DNS change to be approved and it can take up to another 24 hours to resolve DNS. So, we would talk about DNS management tool first.

DNS management via Godaddy

Godaddy free DNS management  is one of the popular free DNS management tool. So, we would be talking about godaddy DNS tool here. Godaddy could be used for other purposed too but here we would use it only for DNS management. What we do is we point our domain to godaddy from Mercantile and we could point any sub-domain to any server form there. We could use a lot of zone records found there to make use of our domain. First visit godaddy and create your account here.  After your account is set up and verified, you could add your domain here. Now let's go back to .np Domain registration in Nepal.

.np domain registration 

Now, we had set up our DNS management tool. We can process to .np domain registration. First as we already mention a domain name should be unique. So, we should check whether the domain we want is available or not. You can check domain availability without login too but as we are going to register a domain, so first let's create a user account on Mercantile registration site. First visit to https://register.com.np/login and Click in the Create Account. Then, enter your Name, Email, and Password and conform the new Password. Click in Create account to create your account. Follow the process if any action required. Login to your account and verify your email.

Now, we will be registering our .np domain click to https://register.com.np/userdomain in the Apply New domain section enter your desired domain name and select the appropriate domain extension. Then click in Search. If you get Sorry! Domain name is already taken. Please choose another domain. Select other matching domain and search again. If your domain is available you will get some message as Congratulations! Domain name is available. Click "Register now" for further process. Click Register Now for further process.

Now, go to godaddy and add that domain to the godaddy. They will provide you NS so, that you can point your domain to godaddy and use it from there. Copy the provided two NS and enter them in Name Server Section in .np domain registration site. Fill the Administrative contact and Technical contact, you can simply check mark to copy all administrative details. Enter the Organization Name if the domain is to be registered for some organization. Click Save and Continue

For Personal 

Now in the Attach required documents section select Registration/Citizenship document and click in Choose file select your scan copy of citizenship click open and Click Save Image. Now, your Domain is requested for registration. You can view your status in user-domain section.

For Business or Organization

Now, in the Attach required documents select Cover Letter. Enter The Scan copy of your cover letter with the application to register the domain name. You need to provide Company Registration Certificate from the Registration/Citizenship document. So from Additional required document select Registration/Citizenship and click in the choose file and select the scan copy of the registration and click open. Then click Save Image. Now your domain is send for registration.

It would take some days to get your domain registered just wait and Register your domain. Whenever your domain is registered you can use it for any purpose through cloudflare or Godaddy (whatever DNS management system you used).

Free domain Registration in Nepal

If you are looking for other free domains in Nepal you can check our post [Free Domain registration in Nepal Blogger Nepal]. Here are list of some free domain registration. You can register and get started with other domain, Domain here are easy for use and registration process is easy and fast. So you could learn domain hosting learning easily.

Further Process.

If you want to start a blog on your domain. You can follow article Set up .np domain for blogger. You need is to add some zone records in the DNS management tool and everything would work fine. If you got any error or any support we could reply you ASAP just comment below.