How to Create a Brand Account in Google

How to Create a Brand Account in Google Hello all ! Google brand account is that account same as facebook page for your business. Today, we will create brand account for our Business or Products like blog or website. This is the way we create sub account under a account in google. How to Create a Brand Account in Google.

Why to Create brand account

This is the only way to create a sub account under your own profile in google. You can create youtube channel for your brand account and access many other services by google. You can share your business page with other. This would help out under one main account you can create other so, alot easier to manage them. First you need to have your one Gmail account
For more see: Create your Gmail Account.

How to Create Brand Account in Google

So, lets create a brand account.
To do this First Visit This link:
Then, enter your Name.
Then, your Brand name website and thats all. Check the video here: Google had Updated the new process for Brand account please check the updated Video blow.

By now your google brand account is created.

Create Youtube Channel using Brand Account

Now, we will create youtube Channel.

  1. To create youtube channel for this brand account visit
  2. Click in  the your Profile at top Right site.
  3. Click in The Youtube Setting (Gear signal). 
  4. Click in the Create a new Channel as shown in above image. 
  5. You will see your new channel under brand account in (your email). 

Now, you had create a new youtube channel and from google brand account. Make use of it. How to Create a Brand Account in Google.

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