Create your Gmail Account

Gmail account is the most for any purpose in the internet world. It is access to every aspect for the connectivity with the rest of the world of large internet world.
It is a kind of web based electronic mail service which main purpose is to spread message throughout the internet coverage possess by Google company. Google provides 15 GB to each users for the purpose of storage of message and various documents.

The advantage of having gmail is a lot. Some basic advantages are the electronic mail can be sent through out day 24 hrs and every 365 days of a year within the coverage of the internet throughout the world in the cheaper rate almost at free.
In addition to these the important features are:
1. Google provides a huge storage. Lots of data can be stored.
2. It helps to provide access to anywhere online.
3. The data would be secure.
4. Easy to manage and manipulate.

To use a lots of service under Google service we need to create a Google Account or called as Gmail Account.

Now, here I begin to start the steps to create a gmail account:

Step 1: Open your browser and go to Google Account.
             The following dialogue box will appear.
Google Sign In dialogue box.
Step 2: Since, you need to create Google Account. You either don't have google account or you want              another gmail account then, click on 'More options' in the left side at the end.
            Then you would have two option as bellow:
Create your new gmail Id.

             Select Create Account as shown.

Step 3: Now, you need to fill up the form.
Fill up google form for new google Id.

              Here is a sample form fill up.
Fill the form like this.
              You need to choose a unique username otherwise the following dialogue will appear until                   you get a unique user id.
               If you done this all click on Next step.

Step 4: Drag down a scroll bar on the dialogue box appear and click on I Agree.
Click on I Agree on the terms and condition of google.
            Then, you would have your google account or gmail account created.

You can manage your gmail account as per your requirement then after.