Affiliate Marketing In Nepal Or Google Adsense

 Many of you may have a question, Affiliate marketing in Nepal or the Google adsense, which one is good for Nepal. I have seen this confusing over the past years among many Nepali publishers. Today we will clear all these doubts on Affiliate marketing and Google adsense. Before we move ahead, make sure to follow us on our social networks for all the latest articles. Let's move ahead.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where you will get commission or rewards by selling or promoting affiliate products online. In simple, you can take affiliate marketing as a commission work like in real life. Affiliate marketing is done with the help of the internet, I mean it is done online.

How does it work

It is simple. Affiliate marketing works in three steps. Join, Promote and Earn. In the first step, you need to join a suitable marketplace. We will talk about it later. There are many trusted marketplaces like Amazon, Clickbank, and so on. You can choose any of them but remember you are in Nepal. Not all the services are available for Nepali affiliate marketers. In the next step, you have to promote your affiliate products. Either it is by spending some money or using the help of social networks or SEO. Make sure you promote it in the correct way. And in the final step, you will get a commission for each and every affiliate product sale.

Besides that affiliate marketing is also working on CPM (Cost Per Milestone), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action), and CPS (Cost Per Sales) modules.

How much can you make from Affiliate marketing

You may be curious about how much can you make from affiliate marketing right? Some big bloggers like Shoutmeloud, Neil Patel make thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing. To be honest many big bloggers these days mainly focus on affiliate marketing. The days of Google adsense are going down slowly. As you can see Shoutmeloud is not monetized from the Google adsense but also it still makes thousands of dollars from the blog. The main source of income of Shoutmeloud is affiliate marketing.

That example is enough for you to guess how much affiliate marketing can make in a month. Let's say in an Amazon marketplace you receive $10 for the product sale. If you manage to sell 10 products in a day then you will make $100 just in a day. Likewise, you will make around $3000 in a month. Isn't it crazy? The commission for the product sale might be different from product to product. You will get a high commission for the high-priced products. Similarly, the commission might be low for low-priced products.

What is Google adsense

Google adsense is an advertising network powered by Google. In another word, Google adsense is known as the King of all advertising networks. Google adsense is serving the high-quality ads in more than a million of the blog. Google adsense doesn't work only on the blog or the website. You can also monetize your youtube videos through Google adsense.

How does Google adsense work

Google adsense also works on the three steps. Apply, Monetize and Earn. Let me remind you, Google adsense has a very strict policy. It is becoming difficult to join this platform day by day. Google adsense now only accepts the well quality website. If your website qualifies all the basic requirements then you can apply for the Google adsense. It might take up to 7 business days for the approval process. If you got accepted then you can qualify for the second step or else, try again by improving your mistakes. In the second step, you have to display Google adsense ads on your blog. If you are unaware about the ads code then you can simply use auto ads on your blog. Auto ads will automatically display ads according to the useable ads space. And, finally, you can earn revenue from your blog.

Besides that Google, adsense works on CPM and CPC modules. CPM means Cost Per milestone, which means you will generate revenue according to the 1000 ads views. Ads view is also known as an impression. Like that CPC stands for Cost Per Click which means you will earn according to the number of clicks. For example, you have a CPC rate of 0.10$ and you got 100 clicks then you will make 10$ from the clicks. The CPC and CPC rates might differ from the Niche and the location. The top-tier countries have the highest CPM rates. Top tier countries include the USA, Canada, UK, Australia. The CPC rates of Finance and Insurance are higher than the other niches. Therefore, be sure to work more on niche and keywords.

How much can you make from Google Adsense?

You can earn a decent amount from the Google adsense as long as you do not go against the Google adsense policies. Affiliate marketing and Google adsense are two different things. In Google adsense, you will make money only when your visitor sees or click the ads from your blog. Otherwise, the revenue won't be generated. Many people are now using ads blocker on their browsers, as a result, the revenue might be low. A minimum of 1000 blog views a day is enough to generate $100 a month. However, you will require a lot of views to earn enough money from the google adsense. Besides that, you have to work hard on SEO. No traffic, no revenue.

Affiliate Marketing In Nepal Or Google Adsense

In final words, Looking at the current situation, Google adsense is best for the Nepali publishers. There are many reasons why I picked Google adsense. Among them, payment is the one. The payment from Google is simpler than the affiliate networks. You can earn money as long as you generate views and follow Google policies. But, in affiliate marketing, you won't get revenue from the views. There are few affiliate marketplaces where they pay per view too. But it is not available in the Nepali affiliate marketplace. Affiliate marketing is not for the small publishers. Most of the clients go for well-named bloggers or popular websites. But, in Google adsense, it doesn't matter. You will still generate income from the ads view.

For the small publishers, focus on SEO and on growing your social media account. You can use google adsense in the starting phase. After you manage to get some thousands of views daily, you can finally migrate to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing needs a lot of exposure and hard work. Therefore try building your fanbase before joining affiliate marketing.

That's all of today. Let me know if you want to learn more.