Best Live Streaming Apps For Android

 Are you looking for the best live streaming apps for android devices? If so then you are in the right place. Today we will discuss the best live streaming apps for android. All the mentioned apps are tested personally. I don't know what you might think, but the following apps are ranking on my personal experience. 

Best Live Streaming Apps For Android

As the gaming community is increasing rapidly, the number of gamers is also growing day by day. Now you can play any games on your phone according to your taste. From soccer to the battle royale, MOBA games, you can find any type of game in the Google play store. With the increasing numbers of gamers, the numbers of game streamers are also growing rapidly. To be honest, I also used to stream some games on Youtube and Facebook. I did it for some months. However, due to the lack of time now I am only into blogging. Live streaming the gameplay will take a lot of time. That is not only the thing, you should also need to have a decent skill of the required game. Without skill, it will be difficult for you to improve your gameplay. As a result, you may get fewer viewers.

For the streamers, viewers are like the god. Without viewers, you might lose interest in streaming. I once had 29 viewers in one of my live streams. Which is the highest record of my life. After that, I never got the chance to do a live stream again. Normally I do play some games in my free time. But I quit streaming. During my time, I had tried numerous live streaming app for my gameplay. Some of them worked perfectly, however some apps totally disappointed me. In this article, I will suggest to you some of the names of my best live stream apps for android devices.

Turnip: Livestream, voice chat, gaming communities

Turnip currently has a total number of 1 million + installations on the Google play store. I had tried this app just a few months ago. However, after that Turnip became the number one live streaming android app on my list. Turnip has various features added to its apps. You can do multiple live streams with the help of turnip. It supports various live stream platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and so on. There are numerous features that I loved about the turnip. Among them changing the thumbnail is the one. Yes, you can change the thumbnail of your live stream even before you start your live stream. I found this feature interesting. You don't have to close the app and again edit the thumbnail in the live stream platform. You can do all this work just inside the turnip app. Another feature that I loved about turnip is Overlay. You can customize your very own overlay and put it below or top of your live stream screen. Isn't it interesting? Besides that turnip covers various famous games like PUBG, Free fire, mobile legend, pes mobile, clash of clan and so on. Turnip supports HD live stream according to the speed of your internet. You should give it a try for the smooth live stream gameplay.

Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is another good live stream app on the list. Just like the turnip, omlet Arcade also has various features in its app. Besides all those features, omlet Arcade got the new feature of video editing in its app. Though it is only in the beta phase for now. However, you still can do editing things on the app. What I don't like about the turnip is, you can't edit the thumbnail of your live stream. To edit the thumbnail, you have to open your laptop and go to the youtube creator or facebook creator site and edit the thumbnail from there. It is a lot of work. Leaving that behind, Omlet also supports various numbers of games like PUBG, mobile legend, free fire, clash royale, and so on. Omlet Arcade is best for those who want a smooth high-quality live stream. I had used this app for around six months. In these months, I never faced any lag or issue. Omlet arcade also provides various overlays for its users. However, you won't get much control. I mean you can't edit the overlay as you like it in turnip. 

Besides these two live stream apps, Facebook gaming is also good for the live stream on Facebook. That's all for today. Hope to see you in the next article. Have a good day.