Google Adsense In Nepal | Things You Should Remember

 Google adsense is one of the most popular advertising networks all over the world. Either it is adsense for the content or for the youtube videos, Google adsense is still at the top of all the available advertising networks. Generating billions of ads impressions monthly, Google adsense does not only serve high-quality ads, but it also provides good CPM and CPC rates for its publishers. In this article, we will talk about things you should remember while using Google adsense. Before we move ahead, make sure to follow us on our social network accounts for all the latest articles on Google adsense.

Google Adsense In Nepal | Things You Should Remember

Till now thousands of publishers in Nepal are earning decent amounts from the google adsense. Earning might be fun at some point however it can be painful if you suddenly lose your Google adsense account. Therefore you have to manage your adsense account very carefully. Also, do not forget to read their updated terms and conditions regularly. If you lose your adsense account, you will lose all your hard-earned money too. That is why today we are updating this article to prevent you from such an incident. Let's move ahead.


You may or may not know this but, Google adsense does not support the Nepali language. Therefore make sure to check your blog if it goes against Google's terms and conditions or not. Until now the Nepali language is not supported in the google adsense. If you want to use the Nepali language on your blog then you have to forget about using Google adsense. There is another advertising network that supports almost all the languages of the world. But, for the Google adsense, you can update your blog in the English language, like we are doing now. The English language is a universal language. You might get traffic from the countries outside Nepal too. It is better to target global traffic as far as possible.

Original Content

You might be fond of copying others' content but Google is just the opposite of you. I mean Google doesn't like the copied content. I haven't seen any blog with copied content using google adsense. You may pass the first steps, but later on, your adsense account will be in danger seriously. Using plagiarism content is not good for your blog health. Therefore always write your own content with your very own words and ideas. If you are not so well known for the content then you can hire a freelancer content writer as well. I won't suggest you should update your blog daily coz we all have our own lives and things to do. Updating one quality content a week will be enough to keep your blog fresh. Remember, your blog content must be plagiarism-free.

Unwanted Ads

I guess we all want to make a lot of money in our life. It is the dream of every blogger to make tons of money from their blog. There are many ways to earn money from your blog. All among them affiliate marketing is the one. If you are new to the blog then you can read detailed information on affiliate marketing here.

Let's head back to the content.

I know you also want to earn a lot of money from your blog. As a result, you might be thinking about using numerous advertising networks ads on your blog. It may look all fun and easy but, that's not how it works. I mean Google adsense does not like to be with other advertising networks. If you are using Google adsense then you should only display adsense ads on your blog. There are few advertising networks that are safe to use with the Google adsense. However, not all advertising networks are adsense friendly.

Clicking own ads

As I said above, it is the dream of every blogger to make tons of money from the blog. It doesn't mean that you should click your own ads. Clicking your own ads will lead you to the account disable or banned. As a result, you will lose each and every hard-earned penny from your adsense account. Google adsense is professional in tracking the behavior and traffic of the ad. Wait, I am not only talking about not clicking your very own ads. It also applies to your friends and relatives or whatever. Do not ask people to click on your ads. Leave your ads alone.

If you have a high-quality website and a decent number of views then you will surely manage to earn handsome revenue from your blog. Once in my life, I mistakenly had clicked on my own ads. The next day they banned my adsense account. At the time I was totally a newbie in Google adsense. I was very happy and excited to see the ads on my blog. So, I clicked few ads on the blog. It was my first and last mistake. As they said, you have to learn from your mistake. I am learning day by day slowly. And of course, I will be sharing it with you all.

That's all for today. Hope to see you in the next article. Have a good day.