3 Best Affiliate Marketing Program In Nepal

 Do you want to earn some pocket money by doing work online or do you want to make it a regular job? If so then you are in a right place. Today we will talk about the 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Program In Nepal. If you are regular on the blog then you may have encountered numerous articles on Affiliate marketing. Well, to be honest, I like to post about blogging and affiliate marketing in Nepal. That is why I am posting all the knowledge which I gained from various courses here on this blog. Oh! Don't know I won't leave any information behind. Let's head back to the topic. In this article, I will quote out the 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Nepali publishers or a user.

Before we move ahead you should have a little knowledge of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where you will get paid by selling or promoting other's products online or offline. Well, it is just like commission work. Sell my product and I will reward you with some commission. The commission you get by selling the product may differ from one product to another product and from one marketplace to another marketplace. Some products may pay you high and some may not. This is why you should have a piece of good knowledge on Affiliate marketing and how it works.

3 Best Affiliate Marketing Program In Nepal

Here I will be suggesting some good marketplaces for you. Make sure to follow us on our social accounts for all the latest articles on Affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketplace is a place or a platform where you can find your desired affiliate products. Always keep in mind that one affiliate marketplace may differ from another. It's like Facebook and Twitter. Both of them are social networks but they have their own features and policies.

Daraz affiliate marketplace

Daraz affiliate marketplace is one of the most suitable marketplaces for Nepali affiliate marketers. Daraz, the leading shopping website of Nepal has started its own affiliate marketing in Nepal. Due to that many youth or interested marketers are now showing interest in daraz affiliate marketing. In the daraz marketplace, you can promote or sell various products online according to your niche choices. I mean you can sell clothes, mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and many more products from its website.

Daraz affiliate marketing is a free-to-join program but it has some requirements. You will need a total of 10000 social account followers. Either it is a Facebook or an Instagram. For the bloggers, you will need a qualified website. Other than that, having a PAN card is a must. You can get your PAN card number from the Nagrik app or by visiting the nearest Government office.
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AGM Webhosting Affiliate Program

AGM Webhosting is a domain and hosting provider in Nepal. In AGM Webhosting you can not only buy the domain or hosting services, but also you can sell the domain and Webhosting. You can learn all the details about AGM hosting affiliate program here. AGM Webhosting provides up to 25% commission per sale. You will get NPR 160 by joining this program too.

Babalhost Affiliate Program

Babalhost affiliate program is also like an AGM Webhosting affiliate program. Both of them work on the same module. Sell their webhosting. Though they haven't mentioned the commission rate on their website, it is still better to give it a try. Babalhost is one of the most popular domain names and Webhosting providers in Nepal which makes it legit. In the past, I had also tried it once but, due to the lack of time and management, I am now only on blogging. In the babalhost affiliate program, you will get paid for each and every sale you make. Isn't it interesting?

That's all for today. Hope to see you in the next article. Have a good day.