How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing In Nepal

Affiliate marketing in Nepal is still the dream of many youths. As we all know, Nepal is now going higher in information and technology. Many youths have already started their own blog or website. Along with the blog and website, people in Nepal are also familiar with Youtube Monetization. Is this enough to learn and earn through the internet? Well, this is not enough. If you really want to earn decent money from the internet then you should not only focus on Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is the King of all advertising networks but the terms and conditions of Google Adsense are too strict. If you violate any one of their policies, you will lose your all hard-earned money.

I'm not saying Adsense is not good. Here I'm just making you aware of the AdSense policies.

Many popular bloggers from the world are now earning thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing. They prefer affiliate marketing over Google Adsense. The era of affiliate marketing will never end. In the context of Nepal, internet marketing will surely be the number one option to earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing In Nepal

Before we move ahead you need to have some basic knowledge about affiliate marketing. In short affiliate marketing is known as commission work. Ya, commission work. You will get a commission by selling the product or services of an organization or a company. The more you sell, the more commission amount you will get. Isn't it interesting? It's just like selling land, house, car, gadget, etc for the commission.

In this article, you will learn how to start affiliate marketing in Nepal, startup guides, promotion guides, the best marketplace, payment options, and many more.

Things you should have
Affiliate marketing is not as easy as you think nor it is too complicated. However, it may take a lot of time to master affiliate marketing. There are a few things you should have before starting. Some of the major points are highlighted in this section.

An internet

We are here talking about internet marketing so having an internet connection is most important. You need to check your report from time to time. Updating blog posts, checking comments, sharing, and promoting the content all require the internet. As well as adding a discount, coupon code, finding a suitable product, and many more things that need the internet.

In the context of Nepal Worldlink Communication, Classic Tech, Vianet are classified as the best internet services provider. You can pick any isp according to your need and location. They usually provide different packages from time to time.


It may sound funny but you should have a strong passion before joining the affiliate marketplace. It is not like the google Adsense where you will get paid for views and clicks. Affiliate marketing will only generate income when you sell something through your affiliate link. This is why a strong passion is required. I have seen many people quitting the show just because they didn't earn enough. No matter what you must stick to your plans.

There is a saying in Nepal Came late, came strong.

Instead of quitting you can take a break for a short time. During your break keep yourself busy by reading books, watching videos on youtube, or take an enemy affiliate marketing course.

Website or blog

It will be better for you if you have a website or a blog to promote your affiliate products. You can promote your products via numerous ways on the blog. Some of the methods are, using the banner on the sidebar or on the header, writing a top quality product review on the blog, collecting an email list using various newsletter plugin.

You can make your own blog on blogger or on WordPress. Both of them are free to use. However, you will need some money to buy a top-level domain name and a Webhosting for your blog. If you are familiar with this then you can make your own blog by yourself, if not you can contact us. We will make a simple blog for you at a reasonable price.

Learn More: How to start a blog in Nepal.

How to start affiliate marketing in Nepal

After learning all those basic affiliate marketing details make yourself ready to move ahead. In the next step, you have to act like a professional affiliate marketer. In this section, you will learn about what to do and what to not.

Niche selection

Niche selection is the most important thing for affiliate marketing. Picking only a few categories products will help you to manage your time as well you will have a higher chance of CTR (Click-through rate). Before selecting any niche, conform to what things you are interested in. For example, you are interested in mobile phones and laptops. Picking mobile phones and laptops as a niche can be more profitable for you.

Convert your hobby into the niche. There are many affiliate marketing niche running around the web. Some of the popular niches are Book reviews, gadgets, buying and selling a house, domain and hosting, beauty products, and many more.

Your income will be based on your performance. You will learn how to promote affiliate products in the section below. Promoting products is a second important task that you shouldn't ignore.

Checking reviews ( Affiliate marketing in Nepal)

After finalizing niche and products, you should also be careful about the user reviews. A product with a maximum of 4 or 5 stars reviews can generate more sales. Note – All reviews must be real and eye-catching. I am saying this here because I have seen plenty of fake and paid reviews of various products. Also, check how many times those products had been sold. Along with the reviews and sales counter, you should also see the detail of an organization or a company, product price, shipping time, and discounts.

Payment method

Without a valid payment method, you will face numerous problems while cashing out your hard-earned money. As you already know, Nepal doesn't have PayPal or any international payment gateway service. The only thing that we can have is Payoneer MasterCard. So before joining any affiliate marketplace make sure they have a valid payment method. Most of the marketplace offers payment via wire transfer too.

The payment threshold of a wire transfer is too high for the people from Nepal. A minimum of $100 to $500, that is too high, and it will take a lot of time to reach that threshold.

If you have a trustworthy friend or family member in a foreign land then you can ask for his or her PayPal id. I know they will surely help you coz we do not have any other option in Nepal. Let me remind you, the payment threshold for PayPal is too low in comparison to wire transfer.

How to promote affiliate marketing products in Nepal

Now we are here. After passing all those obstacles, you will have to face a promotion problem again. Promoting affiliate products is essential to generate more sales. For this, you have to adapt your own strategies. In this section, you will learn some working ideas to promote your affiliate product like a pro.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization plays an important role to drive more organic blog traffic. SEO will help you to get tons of high-quality traffic. That high-quality traffic is most suitable for niche websites or blogs. We have already talked about the niche and its importance before.

Email list building

Email marketing, another way to generate more affiliate sales. To understand more about email marketing let me give you one easy example. Have you ever got an email saying 50% discounts or some eye-catching offers? That's called email marketing. Sending all the suitable affiliate products via email is known as email marketing. Many top bloggers are now using this method to generate more sales. This is why building an email list is important. The more email list you will manage to collect, the more customers you will get to know.

Social sharing

Social sharing, another method to get more sales using social media. Share your affiliate product link on the various social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, and many more. This method is suitable for clothing, gadget, real estate business, vehicles, and daily need goods. According to my personal experience, I have seen my friend making a profit of monthly rs 50000 via Facebook.

As far I know, he had spent around $20 to promote his affiliate product (clothing and shoe) on Facebook. That $20 made him a profit of $500. This is one of the most trending business right now on Facebook. In the name of online shopping, people are doing affiliate marketing business. You can also try this method to generate some passive income from Facebook or affiliate marketing.

Final words

Affiliate marketing can be the biggest opportunity for the internet market blogger or for the youth like you and me. However, it requires a lot of information to be a professional affiliate marketer. Hope this article will help you to get some basic knowledge about affiliate marketing. If you want to know more about affiliate marketing then you can directly contact me or you can directly drop a comment in the comment section. Contact me on Facebook for affiliate marketing training.


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