How To Activate Facebook Level Up Program In An Ineligible Countries

Hey, what's up? Are you looking for working ideas to activate the Facebook level up the program on your Facebook page? It may sound funny, but once I was also one of you. I live in Nepal and you know it is not eligible yet to taste that feature here. After long research and hard work, now I have got my Level up the badge on my Facebook page. Before we move ahead let's discuss, What is a Facebook level up program?

What is a Facebook Level Up Program

Facebook level up program is the new hot feature of Facebook, specially made for Facebook gamers, where they can earn money by streaming games on Facebook. I know what you are thinking right now. They won't give you money just by streaming games. It is like Twitch, where you get paid only when someone donates you. In Twitch you get donated money but on Facebook, it is categorized as Facebook stars.

Let's calculate,
On Facebook, 100 stars are equal to $1. Isn't it too bad? For a small streamer like you and me, it is like impossible work. I do streaming almost every day. Although spending that many hours on streaming, until now I haven't got a single star. Instead of quitting, just have hope. Those big Facebook streamers were once a small streamer like us.

So, now you are familiar with the Facebook level up program right? If so then let's talk about the requirements to join the Facebook level-up program. The requirements are not that bad. You can reach this requirement just in a few days. Just like me, and like some of my close friends.

Facebook Level Up Program Requirements

Here we are now. You should know that not only on Facebook but certain criteria must also be fulfilled before joining any program on the Internet. You can get Google Adsense as an example. Either it is AdSense for content or AdSense for YouTube, They have their own requirements. Similarly, the Facebook level up program also has a few of the requirements. Let's talk about it.

Gaming Video Creator Page

Before joining the Facebook level-up program, you must have a Gaming video creator page. If you don't have one then create one. You can edit your existing Facebook page category to Gaming video creator as well. All this process won't take more than 5 minutes.

Stream Games 

To be a part of the Facebook level-up program you have to stream games for 4 hours. Not in a day but in 14 days. If you are free, you can reach these 4 hours of streaming requirements just in a day. Isn't it? Note - While streaming games, do not forget to tag the name of the game you are playing. For example, I do the streaming of a mobile legend bang bang. Go to feeling /Activity and choose Playing. After that search for the game name, you are looking for.

Streaming days

According to the Facebook rule, you have to stream games for 2 days within 14 days or 2 weeks. For example, today and tomorrow. You have got full 14 days to complete this task. Take your time and complete this slowly.

Have 100 followers

This is for the new pages. It is very difficult to get 100 followers in a short time. As I already said, everything is possible if you have faith in your work. Invite your friends to like or follow the page. Keep updating and make your page active. If you have money then you can promote your page too. It won't cost for than $2 I guess.

Active for 14 days

You have to wait for 14 days before applying for the Facebook level-up program. In these 14 days learn how to grow big. How to do perfect streaming and many more. I will cover those things in my next article. Keep updating.

Admin of the page

This is not much important. If you have created your Facebook page then of course you are the admin of your page. Even though make sure to check it once before applying for the level-up program.

Eligible countries

This is where many of us got problems. Currently, the Facebook level-up program is not available in all countries. There are many countries that are not on the list. Due to these ineligible countries, people like you and I are facing huge problems. But this is not our problem anymore. In the next step, you will learn how to fix it.

Benefits of a Facebook level-up program

  • Unlock Facebook stars
  • Access to fan subscription
  • Customized support on Facebook
  • High-quality streaming
  • Limited access to beta products or features
  • Community group

How to activate Facebook level up in an ineligible country

After completing all those requirements, you can now finally apply for this program. But what I saw is many people are stuck on the eligible country step. I was too. To complete this step, find someone trustworthy who lives in those eligible countries. For me, I had a very close friend from Philipines. She helped me to complete this task. What I did is, I made her admin of the page. After that, I requested her to do a live stream on my Facebook page for some minutes.

After doing all those, it was showing ineligible here on my side. But there, she was able to enable a level-up program. To complete this step, all you need is a trustworthy friend from those eligible countries. After clicking on the apply button, you can fill in your own details now. Your name, your address, your bank swift code, bank number, your tax id number, and almost all. The Facebook level-up program will go live as soon as you complete this task.

That's all for today. Let me know if you have any confusion regarding this article. I will always be here to help you. You can directly contact us or comment on your issue below in the comment section. Our team or I will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a good day.

Post by Sachin Gurung.


  1. BROTHER MAILE CANADA ko saathi lai admin banauda pani bhayana k tapaile 14 days lai admin banaunu bhako ho ki saathi lai k ho mero samasaya bhayo stream kati samayalai garaunu bhayo sathi lai

    1. plz help bro mero saathi le 10 min stream gardiyo tei pani vayana k garne hola k 14 days lai canada ko saathi admin huna parney ho ki k ho

    2. Level up program ta nepal mai xha nii

  2. I'm finished and I'm at the star set up part but I don't have a tax ID do I put that I'm from my own country or the USA as if I do that it's asking for a SSN

  3. Hii. I applied with my non ineligible country details. now how can i change the details such as to change the country to an ineligible country? will be a great help for instant reply. thank you.

  4. Bro maile mero india dekhi sathi lai admin banayera stream hanna lagako levelup program apply vathyo tarw maile stream garda you cant get stars vanyo ani levelup ko tag ni aaxaina

  5. How can I contact you sir

  6. im in philippines which is included on the eligible country but its not showing the check mark. what to do

  7. Level Up Ineligibility
    Due to concerns over your recent content, you're currently ineligible for the Level Up program and some features may be unavailable