Top Internet Service Providers in Nepal

In this episode of arcticle I will explain about the top Internet Providers of Nepal. We may familier with some of them but it would better know about them while comparing which service is to be choosen when we have to make decision among them. There is a famous saying no one is the best and no anyone is worst while discussing about itself without comparing with others. Comparing would give many information related to each of the services of each of the internet service provider in comparision to another. It is to be sure that the so called best may not remain best when good internet service provider arrived in the market. The formal best may become worst when it couldn't compete in competitive  market.

The internet user are increasing day by day. The most user uses the services like facebook, Instragram, youtube.The most visited sites in Nepal would be discussed in another article for now lets moves towards the top internet Service Providers in Nepal.
Top Internet Servie Providers in Nepal -- logos
Internet Service providers of Nepal

Here are some of the Internet Service Providers which are regarded as top Internet Service Provider of Nepal. After going through this you would come to an end of confusion which internet service is best when you need to make a choice. Some of the top internet service providers in Nepal  are:

World Links

WorldvLinks internet service provider was established in 1995 and now it is one of the largest and quickly growing network of internet service providers in Nepal in the date today. In the 20 years of its servicing it has been reached to the high level of bussiness. Currently it cost Rs 1400/-  for 20 Mbps, Rs. 1750/- for 35 Mbps and Rs. 2600/- for 55 Mbps per 1 month charge. Along with internet service provider world link as works in the field of software development, hardware sales & maintainance, web hosting & development, etc. It's network are developing in different major cities of Nepal.


Vianet was establishe in 1999 and reached it's 18 years of services in Nepal recently. Vianet uses the optical fibre technology and services bothe limited and unlimited internet services but mainly focused on unlimited internet service. However on increasing the internet user others internet service providers arrised in market but since it's establishment it's providing high quality of internet to the users.constantaly. In the current date when taking an internet pack for year Rs. 13,000 for 20 Mbps, Rs. 14,000 for 30 Mbps and Rs. 18,000 for 60 Mbps. Among them 30 Mbps internet pack @Rs. 14,000 per year is popular.

Classic Tech

Classic tech is another rapidly expanding and most competitive internet service provider in Nepal established in 2009. It has become the choose for most of the users in its short period of establishment. It is one of the cheapest internet service provider in Nepal. It's home plan for internet services in current data is Rs. 900 for 25 Mbps, Rs. 1400 for 40 Mbps and Rs. 1825 for 60 Mbps price in per month.


Subisu was established in 1999 and working in field of trading cable TV and cable internet. It was regarded as best in the field of internet service providing sector because of it's high speed and reliable internet service and high speed however it has not that craze these days. Internet along with TV channels are provided.


It is the wireless internet services provided by Nepal Telecome. It's speed is from 256 kbps to 2 Mbps depending on range from 4 Km to 15 km. This internet service can be used in home, in office and on move. Single pack can be used in different location. It is best when other internet service provider are not in accessible location.


This is privately owned telecommuniction  operating GSM services in Nepal. It was re-branded on 12th March, 2010 from Mero-Mobile. It provides different internte service package to the customers in the lower price in package form. The internet service are provided in different package name. 

Smart Cell

Smart Cell was established in July 1, 2008 and now it is third largest mobile network service provider. Smart cell provides different data pack for internet service user customers using mobile. The price of the data packs are lower than those of other internet providers among mobile network service providers. However it is limited to main city like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, etc so difficulty in using internet services in areas it can't reached out.


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