How To Make Money From Facebook In Nepal

Facebook is now a major destination for many people to earn money online. As you can see, numerous people already got paid millions of dollars from Facebook. Yes, it is not a dream, but a reality. Earning money from Facebook is not that hard as you think. All you need is time and energy.

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How To Start Facebook Page

Starting a Facebook page is super easy. All you need is a name and a category. After that add all those required information like an address, phone number, emails, a profile picture, cover picture, and everything. All this process won't take more than 10 minutes, maximum. Before choosing a Facebook name, make sure it is unique and short so that people can remember it easily.

Build your own brand, not just a Facebook page

How to Monetize your Facebook page

Now monetizing a Facebook page is easier than in the past. Just like in Google Adsense, here you will also get some requirements to be done before joining the Facebook monetization program. For now, the requirements are not much difficult. All you need is a Facebook page, likes, and videos. It sounds easy, right? but no. All the content on your Facebook page must be yours. A single copied content on your Facebook page may ruin all the process.

Ad Break

Ad break is the most trending monetization tool of Facebook. With this, you can monetize your Facebook video and earn some profile from it. Many big video creators are already moving towards Facebook. The payout of Facebook is also as competitive as Google Adsense Youtube. You will get paid by ad views, just like in Google Adsense. Everything depends on the CPM model i.e Cost Per Milestone.

After having all those things in the Facebook ad break, it is not easy to join this program for a small creator like you and me. The requirements to be a part of this program is somehow difficult for the small creator. It is possible for those who have money. Let's talk about that.

  • 10000 Facebook Page likes
  • Must be one-month-old page
  • With a unique content
  • Stay away from copyright
  • 30000 one minutes of video views
  • It will be better if you upload a video over 3 minutes length

Facebook Level Up Program

The new Gaming platform where Gamers can earn some penny by streaming their best Games on Facebook Gaming. I had already talked about this in my previous article. If you are new to this blog, you can just re-read my old article. In the Facebook level up the program, you will get paid when your viewers sent you some stars. A star is like a donation on Facebook Gaming.

Brand Collab

Brand collab is like finding a sponsor. Facebook brand collab manager made it Facebook creators easy to find a suitable sponsor for their Facebook page. In brand collab, all you need is followers and a lot of Facebook post engagement. If those advertisers find your Facebook page good enough to invest in, they will contact you. After that, you can make a deal with them. Just be sure to stay away from fake advertisers.

There are many other options as well. But in the context of Nepal, I didn't found it much helpful. That's all for today. let me know if you want any help regarding this article. Our team will try to contact you as soon as possible.

By Sachin Gurung.