3 Best Apps To Mirror Android Screen On PC

Today, Android is the widely used operating system on a mobile phone. Looking back at the history of Android, we can see it has improved a lot than in the past. Now almost every corner of the world is occupied by an Android user. I am also one of them. Many more features are being added to the latest version of Android. Not only the features, but Android developers are also trying hard to improve its security as well. Out of all those android features, today we will discuss the screen mirroring feature of an android.
3 Best Apps To Mirror Android Screen On PC
Screen Mirroring Android Screen on PC/TV

What is screen mirroring?

A screen mirroring is a feature or service where a user can mirror their android screen on PC or on their TV. With this feature, you can watch your mobile screen directly on the computer screen or on the TV. As the gaming community is increasing rapidly, many gamers from all over the world are now attached to this feature. There are many other benefits to this service like,

  • Bigger screen
  • Good gameplay
  • Best of gamers
  • Best for streamers
  • Best for video creators

3 Best Apps To Mirror Android Screen On PC

Among all these, I can bet, most of them use the mirroring feature for Gaming. Like doing live stream or recording their gameplay for Youtube. It is best for those who can't afford a Gaming pc to setup all those requirements. With the help of the mirroring feature, you can do all the setup just with your pc and an android phone. Let's discuss the list of apps. You can use any of them according to your pc requirements.


Vysor is a simple app to mirror your android screen on the PC. Vysor is useful for those who want to record their mobile gameplay, do a live stream, screenshot,s, and man more. You can find the Vysor app on Google Playstore. The pc software of Vysor is available on Google or you can visit their official website. After installing, connect your mobile phone using the USB cable. Do not forget to enable the USB debugging feature on your android phone before using this app. After all this process, the software will automatically detect your screen and starts mirroring it to the PC.


Apowermirror is another powerful top-rated mirroring app for an android. The work and functions of this app are also just like Vysor. In Apowermirror you will get many options to connect your mobile phone to the PC. Not only USB debugging, but you will also get an option to mirror your screen via code scan, wifi network too. Besides this, the purpose of this app is similar to the Vysor app. The official Apowermirror app is available on the Google Playstore and pc software is located on their official website.


Many people are facing the problem of fps drop and lagging. Along with that audio problem is also one of them. After experimenting with all these apps, I found scrcpy the best among them. Scrcpy is open-source software for pc which will mirror your android screen with the help of a USB cable. Scrcpy is software, not an android app. You can find it on Github. The mirrored video in scrcpy is so smooth than the other mirroring apps. Just download the software, run it, enable USB debugging on your phone, connect your phone with a USB cable. After that, the software will automatically detect your screen.

That's all for today, Let me know if you have any questions regarding this question. Either I or my team will try to reach you back as soon as possible.