Facebook with New Design, new Facebook

Facebook beta released a new design for desktop users. Facebook called it new Facebook and the previous one as classic Facebook. With new Facebook its easy to navigate around the Facebook. This new design is tested among some of the users, the selected users get the message as "You're invited to see the new Facebook experience." And you have options See it. Not now
Facebook New Design for Desktop/web, new Facebook
Some users are invited to look the beta design, The users who has access to new Facebook can give Feedback to the new design. and You can switch to classic Facebook at any time.

New Facebook Beta Design

The new design is the overall new structure of Facebook. According to facebook, the new design is made so users can easily navigate around to get what they want.
Welcome to a Fresh, Simpler Facebook, We've made it easier for your you to do what you want.
Facebook New Design, new Facebook -- Beta release
Talking about the homepage, It has three columns, Left one for Pages (if you have), Settings and other facebook features including memories, Crisis Response, Weather, Games and more.

The center column is for the main contents, The news-feed. It have different tabs to navigate around Home, Friends, Videos and Group.

Chat float, With latest active friends

The Right columns is for friends, the activation status, and Gives some preview when pointed by mouse. Birthday and other events are shown on the top of this column.

Chat is floating in the bottom right corner, Active chats are stacked one after another.

Another interesting part is there is Light mode and Dark mode. You can toggle between these mode whenever you want. Here is dark mode view of the news feed as in featured Image.
Facebook new Design, Dark Mode
Most of the design are complete, well most of user engaging pages are complete which includes, the friends, Video, Group and other more.

Facebook Page

Facebook page design are changed, for both visitors and Page admin, Page admin have access to all the options related to that page in the Left column, including the option to directly select other pages of yours.
Facebook Page for Admin
Another Interesting part is you can select different font, to post on facebook page and personal profile, They may looks same in the classic view. Some of the options for the font are Clean, Simple, Headline, Fancy, Casual, and Default. The Testing new Facebook in the above image is casual font.
Select font to Post - new facebook

No New Design Yet

As already mentioned, Most of the user engaging pages are completed, but some of the pages are still under design which include, settings, page creation.
The pages which are not yet designed for facebook beta, it will show the old design. Also you will get a notification (toast like in Android) informing that the page is not yet designed.
This page hasn't been designed for Facebook Beta yet.

If something is not functioning well you can switch to classic Facebook at any time.

New Designs I like

The new design looks good. Among them, The dark mode, Posting with different fonts, The page admin panel. The memory page and its settings, groups feed, the popup chat and all other.
Events page,  event based on the the category.

How to get facebook new Design?

Once you switch back to classic Facebook and want to visit the new Facebook? You can change it through the drop down option in the top right of the screen and select See Facebook Beta. It may not be available to every users.

As this design is on Beta, it is available to some users only. How can you know if it is available to you? You will get some message on fFacebook. "You're invited to see the new Facebook experience."
You're invited to see the new Facebook experience.
Once you click See it. You can get the new Facebook Design. But if you click Not Now, you can still get to see Facebook Beta from the option mentioned above. And here is the image too. If you did not get that message, you cannot find this option. But no worry, the design is almost ready it will be released soon.


You can send feedback to facebook designer, You can select Give Feedback and choose the area you what to improve or suggest some change or if something is wrong. You can upload screenshot or video in the feedback form.
Help Us Improve the New Facebook
Facebook release a new beta design for desktop / web users. According to facebook the new design will make easy for user to get what they want. Some users are invited to view the beta pages and can select any of the views they want.


  1. The new design looks good. Is there a way to get invited to check the beta design?

  2. Well that’s a lot better on the eyes than the abhorrent mess it is now

  3. Can you switch timelines from top stories to most current in the new facebook?

  4. I cannot switch to classic Facebook.
    It doesn't show "switch to classic Facebook" in my menu
    Do you know how to switch back?

    1. Anzai - same issue here :-( And I am not a fan!!

    2. I don't mind the new look but I can't seem to find how to add stories to the page. Also I cannot find how to switch back to classic mode. Facebook should ask users before forcing this beta version on us.

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  6. Is there anyway to contact Facebook and ask for the new facebook. i had the option used it once turned it off now i don't have the option anymore. Please help. TYIA

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