Share on this day memories on Facebook

What if you can experience the past moments? Well for that you need to time travel to past. But what if you can make your past experiences fresh again? It would be great. Facebook have a feature called memories, formally "On this day". This feature allows you to find the past memories. On this day last year. or On this day some years back. The past happy moments can bring smile to your face. Let's learn how to share On this Day Memories on Facebook.
Facebook Memories with Friends Made On This Day


Facebook was lunched on February 4, 2004. It starts as a college network and now its a world wide social network. Facebook had tried may features and lunched them whenever it looks good to the users.

On March 24, 2015 Facebook announce the On This Day. With this tool you can look back at things you have shared and posts you’ve been tagged in on Facebook. Only you can see your On This Day page. Facebook mentions that People often look back at old photos and other memories they’ve shared on Facebook, and many have told us that they enjoy products and features that make this easier.
A shared On This Day memory
On This day will show all the contents from that day in the past years. The contents include status, photo, tagged photos and friends. You can share those memories on Facebook and it will be visible only to till its not shared.

On August 25, 2017 Facebook Update more on the On this day tool. Adding the chance to view the most liked photos and Facebook friendship which they call Friendversary.

Facebook Memories

On June 11, 2018 Facebook Launched memories, Which is not a tool in itself but collection of all the memories feature in Facebook. All those memories include On this day memory, memory, Faceversary, Celebrating Years of Friendship, Winter Memories, and all other months end memory.
We know that memories are deeply personal. We try to listen to feedback and design these features so that they’re thoughtful and offer people the right controls that are easy to access.
Facebook is making this feature more accessible to the users as research on this Facebook feature suggests memories reflection can have a positive impact on people’s mood.

How to share Memories on Facebook?

As already mentioned, once Facebook lunched the memories, you can find all the memories on You can find all the memories in this page. All the memories including the year review video 2019 are available here.

On this Day

The content that you know and love will still be available within this section, showing your past posts and major life events from this date. If you have memory for today you will get a notification or it will be show in your news feed as Your Facebook Memories We care about you and your Facebook memories. We thought you'de like to look back from 4 years ago.
On This Day memories on News feed

Friends Made On This Day

This section will include a list of friends you made on this date in the past, including special videos or collages that celebrate your friendversaries. You will get notified whenever there is Friendiversary with some friend or any memory of the day.

Facebook Memories on New Design

Facebook new Design is available for some users to test. Most of the pages are Improved. If you are aware of Dark Mode in web-page, ya Facebook add Dark mode in New design. The new design is the overall new structure of Facebook. According to Facebook, the new design is made so users can easily navigate around to get what they want.

Talking about the homepage, It has three columns:- 1. Navigation to Different pages, 2. News Feed and Main contents, 3. Friends and Events notifications.
Facebook new design is available for beta test Facebook with New Design, new Facebook. Facebook memories is also greatly improved on the new Design.
Facebook Memories in Facebook new Beta Design
As you can see you have full The settings are available just below the memories home url. From there you can select when to get notification about your memories. You can exclude some people from Hide People section.

Turn on Notifications

There are different options whether you wanted to get notified about some kind of memories or not. You can select notifications for All memories, Highlights or None.

If you had not changed any settings yet, you will get notification whenever there any memory for you on that day. If did not get the notification you may had turned it off.

To turn on notifications visit the memories page and click in notifications. Also you can filter some Facebook friends so that you won’t see anything from theirs memory. To set these Filters click in the Preferences and follow along.

Facebook memories is one of the best feature on Facebook, that allows you to find the past events that happened on Facebook. As from Facebook research, People often look back at old photos and other memories they’ve shared on Facebook. Enjoy the Facebook Memories.


  1. All I want is my old Facebook memories back on a daily basis. Maybe I would like to try a black background. You are not making it easier. I was happy the way it was. You are making it too complicated.

  2. All I want is my old Facebook memories back on a daily basis. Maybe I would like to try a black background. You are not making it easier. I was happy the way it was. You are making it too complicated

    1. I ageee why can’t they just show up like they usually do

  3. I can not find ANY of this on my screen . I can not find it for my personal FB and I can not find it for Pages I manage?>..

  4. It wasn't broke! So why tamper with it! I'm not thick but I don't have a clue how to access old memories.You seem to employ IT nerds whose job it is to daze and confuse everyday users on Facebook.