Recover Your Facebook Account

Hello there, In this article we will be talking about how to recover your Facebook account. Facebook is one of the most popular social media. Here user have their account and share contents. Contents of the users are the core part of the Facebook. If you cannot access your facebook account that is when you lost access to your facebook account mostly which is because you forget your password. There is simple option to reset your facebook account, using the forget password option. For that you need to have access to the email address or the phone no. your facebook account is assiocated with. Here we will be talking about this method to but also how to get back your account event you have no access to that account.

How to reset password

If your forget your password of your facebook account you can always reset the password, using the simple forget password option int the facebook.

Reset Facebook Password

Simply click in the forget password option. Now you will be asked to select either your mobile no or email adders, whose certain portion are visible. Select the email and click send code. You will get a code in your mail. Enter your code in the facebook than you are good to go. Now, enter new password

Select email or phone

If you did not get the code there is option called didn't get code. Click there facebook will send you the Code again. You will get one. If not try after few minutes.

Recover Facebook no access to email or Phone

If you forget your password and have no access to your account you can still get access to that account. Some of the requirement to follow this process are:-
  • Remember old password (Any old password).
  • Have access to Regular Device.
Remembering old password mean any password you may had used in facebook, It need not to be the latest or second last.
What regular device means the Mobile or the PC or Laptop you used to login your account.
There are More that one Option. We will go from simple to ID-Verification Process.
First go to Facebook and select forget password option. Select Forget password option. Then you are asked to enter your email id / mobile number or username. Enter the necessary detail and click Search.
At this point you will get all the mail id and mobile number, that you can use to reset your account but You have no access to them. So select have no access. Now here you may be asked to enter old password you remember. Even if it matches some string part it would work. You will be asked to enter new Email.
Remember: You should have used the Regular Device.

Enter new email
Now you will get some information on your new mail. You may be asked to provide ID documents through that mail. We will talk about it later in this article. If you get error "No Email Access We're sorry you're having trouble recovering your email address. Unfortunately, this means we can't verify who you are ..." Follow this Hacked section process.


Using the Hacked Section to recover your Facebook

This section works just same as the previous. For this process first visit

Enter new email
Then, Click in My Account is compromised. Then, you need to search your account using email or phone or username. Select have no access. You can enter new email as before or provide ID document in this page. More specific mail is forwarded to your account.


Submitting Id to Facebook

When you are asked to provide Id. You can provide One of these ID Birth certificate, Driver's license, Passport, Voter ID card and a lot more.
Or you can provided any Two from Library Card, Student Card, Employment verification, School record.
You are informed a lot through the email. Please, read the mail before you processed. The mail contents - Up to date and official steps than us. Link to submit id Send Id to Facebook We had not tested this Direct process.
Some months ago, one of my friend asked me if I could recover his account. The password was changed by her ex. His mobile no was removed and her number was added. I tried using the forget password and no access approach. He had no email in his account. It did not work. Then I try hacked option. enter the id. (while visiting your profile the string after is your id. for, bloggernepal is username). I need to use his username as the old number was removed. Then Facebook ask to use the regural browser. He was 200 Km away. I ask him to give me access to his screen via AnyDesk. And guide guide him to the follow the same process and submit the ID and in 3 Day It was Okay.


1. Have no mobile and email. Can it help?
Yes it will work.

2. My phone was stole and I my password was changed how can I reset my password
If you used to use your laptop for facebook you can use it. Also you can still get the same mobile number from telecoms.

3. And if that phone has been reset it still works on that?
Yes It will as facebook store your location, mobile id, ISP IP to remember your login.


Even if you forget your facebook password and have no access to any of your email and phone no, you can still recover your facebook account. For that simply follow forget password, then select have no access and you will be asked to enter old password, if the can verify you its okay and you are done. They may ask you to provide Id verification. Provide the necessary docs. It will be verified in 2 - 3 day. You will get your account back.

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  1. My I'd has been hacked bi Niraj DaDa

    1. If your Id logined by other and changed the password you can simply recover your password going through forget password and receiving password reset link in email or code in phone number if you already included in the account and still there as recovery mail and number.

      There is higher chance of recovering the password from the same device you used to login in the past.

  2. Sir mero Facebook account rocover garnu hunxa

  3. Please mero fb I'd hack bhayo please help garnu na pleaseπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

    1. I am not aware of the actual issue you are facing with the account and can't give particular solution without knowing what you have access and what you don't.

  4. Plz help me to recover my account was hacked

  5. Mero account ko password maile birisye . Tesma maile trusted contacts set gareko thiye but one of them can't help me . Every time recover process Garda trusted contacts ko ko page open . ABA kunai upaya xa sir . Please help me

    1. If you have kept your phone number or email for recovery it would better and easier to recover the account resetting password. Try choosing other trusted contacts if possible. Also, there may be security questions-answer for recovery purpose that can be used if available.

  6. Mero account ko password maile birisye . Tesma maile trusted contacts set gareko thiye but one of them can't help me . Every time recover process Garda trusted contacts ko ko page open . ABA kunai upaya xa sir . Please help me

  7. Hello sir maily mero fack password changed Gareko 1 week Huna vayo password incorrect dekhaux ani mero I'd ma number pani email pani xaina vanx sharech garda maily mero number Rachel thiya Afnoo account ma mildaina code pani aaudaina aab k garni hola please sir and mam help me my Facebook account ko password mildaina aab k garm help me please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. Go to forget password--> mention not access to any device --> enter your last password you remember. Try to reset using same device you used to login in the past. Facebook may asked for verification documents and takes 2-3 days for the process be calm and do the process.

  8. Kasari login garni please πŸ™ help me

    1. Recover the account following forget password and follow the steps mentioned above.

  9. Sir Mero Facebook account hack vayo plz help me

  10. Please Malai Mero I'd recover gari dinu na sir πŸ₯Ί