How to earn with blogging in Nepal

There are 100 of articles out there about earning with blogging. What make this unique? non. Here in this article we will include how to earn with blogging in Nepal. How Blogger can earn through Blogging.
Your blog is out there and your blog is getting 1000+ of visit a day its time to get return from your hard work. Let's start earning from the blog.
It is hard to start a blog to make money. But you can easily get started with earning from already established blog. Have no blog? Start a blog in Nepal.

Earning with ads in Blog

One of the most common methods to earn through blog is displaying ads in your blog. There are multiple option of advertising platform to select for your blog. Some of these options include Google AdSeanse, Infolinks, Get Started with Google AdSense in Nepal.
You need to follow some of the terms form those advertising partner, to get started with displaying ads in your blog. You need to get get approved in displaying ads. If you have 500+ visit.

Earning with Affiliation Marketing

Affiliate promotions in one of the common methods of making money with a blog. Most of the popular blogs out there include affiliation links.
You will include a link to a product from other site. When your reader follow the link and ended up buying the product you will get commission on that sell.
Affiliation marketing is easy to get start with. You can sign up to the site providing affiliation marketing. Select a product related to your contents and add the link to that product in required line.

Earning with Membership Programs

You can start Membership program in your blog, where readers will pay you for premium contents, some services or tool. You can charge your users monthly or annually.
There are lots of websites which provide some free contents and need to pay to read all of the contents in that site.

Product and Service

You can earn through offering services to you readers. Services could be writing for them, creating reports of their products and more.
You can sell lots of products on your site. Some of the products could be ebooks, online courses, softwares etc.

Multiple Earning sources

With your blog you can earn through multiple sources. You can display ads, promote contents and earn through affiliation marketing

Each topic have its own multiple sub topics and sources. You can display local ads promoting their business.


Once the blog is established and have some regular views you can make start earning. First Start a blog, write contents that provide some value to users, promote your blog and get some visitors. Start earning, Thank you!