Disable Service Auto Start on Windows

A service is a small program starts with Windows when it starts. Unlike Regular application which is launched by windows user, Windows service can start without user interaction and automatically when the machine booted. Here we will guide how to disable autostart of service.

Windows service handles a wide variety of functions including network connections, speaker sound, data backup, user credentials, display colors etc. There are also various services of other installed application.

What is Windows services

A service is a small program that usually starts when the Windows operating system loads. Windows Services are a core component of the Microsoft Windows operating system and enable the creation and management of long-running processes.

Service are used by windows to control a variety of task including, printing, sharing files, checking for software updates, network connections, speaker sound, data backup etc.

There are hundreds of services to manage the various task of windows. Third-party applications may also install their own services, like as a file backup tool, antivirus, disk encryption program, online backup utility, and more.

How to manage Windows services

To open Service Control Manager panel open Run(Win + R). Enter services.msc and Click Ok.
Run Open Service Manager
Windows Services are managed via the Services Control Manager panel. In this panel name, Description, Status and Startup Type are listed. Description show what the services for and what if this service is disabled. Status include running, stopped or paused.
Service Control Manager
You can Double click in the service to open the property panel. or Right click and click on properties. Here you can get the location of the executable file for this service. Here you can stop, pause, start, delay start, or resume each service as appropriate.

You can also control how the service starts, You can select Automatic (Delayed Start), which will automatically after the OS starts completely. You can select Automatic which will start the service automatically during the OS boots. Manual will start the service whenever you start or some other application starts the service.
Set Startup Type of Windows Service

Avoid setting it to “Disabled”, as doing so will result in various error messages as Windows will not be able to start it at all.


A service is a program that need no user interaction to run. It starts automatically whenever necessary. Some Third party application can also have service. You may not use them on every start, in this case, you can disable autostart of the service and start whenever necessary.