Get Started with Google AdSense in Nepal

Google AdSense is one of the most popular platform for publishers to publish ads in their site and start earning from their passion. There are lot of rummer all around about AdSense not being approved for peoples from Nepal or its harder to get approved than blogger form other countries. Today we will guide you through creating getting approved in Google AdSense with in Nepal. Lets get started with Google AdSense in Nepal.

Google AdSense in Nepal

Google AdSense is a product of Google as name implies. Which was established in March 2003 named as content targeting advertising. Bloggers from Nepal are using Google AdSense since the beginning?. It is the most popular and high paying among its type. The reason most publisher are interested in Google AdSense is because its pays high, have high number of ads with the wider range of contents and available worldwide.

Google Adsense

Payments and earning from Google AdSense are all transparent to you. you get all the information about page views, ads clicked, how much you earn, on which page the ads was clicked. You can optimize to make much from AdSense, as this article is about how to get started with Google AdSense not to optimize and increase earning we will be focusing on what to be done before applying to Google AdSense


Contents are the most important aspects while applying for Google AdSense. Adsense is content-based advertisements which can be target users with certain interest or contexts with in the content. You contents should be well written. You should not have lots of videos within your contents. A page should content more that 500 words. Your website should have lot of contents
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Your content should give some value to your users. Please be sure you have more than 50 posts in your blog before applying. Also Contents matter most in the long run.


You should have About, Contact, Privacy Policy and Term and Condition pages. Your blog/website should have these pages in every post, ie. you should include these pages in either footer or nav of your website. Your website should be easy navigate around different parts of the pages. In about page provide something about the blog and yourself. You should have Contact page, which include all the information to contact you. You can also add contact form. Include Privacy Policy and Term and Condition to use your blog or website

Domain Name

Having a Domain name matching your content have great advantage on Google AdSeans approval. I used to believe that you need to have a top level domain (not CCTLD), some months back one of my friend get AdSeans approved on If you had gone through some contents you may have been told that domain age matters. But it does not for Nepal. We get our AdSeans approved the next months we register the domain.
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Other Advertising

Google AdSeans is okay with use of other advertisement with in your website. But if you want to run Google AdSeans in your website. you need to wait till Google AdSeans is approved to try other advertising platform. Point is if your domain is capable of having AdSeans there will be no problem on getting approved for other Advertising platform.
At lease remove the adcode from other platform during the period of applying to AdSeans. If you are just starting and have low traffic, it would takes years to make minimum withdraw limit


Here we talk about how to get started with Google AdSense in Nepal. Some of the key takeaway are you need contents before applying. Make a clear and easy navigation around different pages in your website. You should have pages like About, Contact, Privacy Policy and Term and Condition, you should. So register a domain, write contents that your are interested in apply and get approved.