Gandaki License

This article includes all the information related to Gandaki license. That includes: Result of Written Exam, Trial date and retrial date and more as per requirement.

For specific and technical problem you can directly call following numbers.
Transport Management Office, Gandaki ---------------- 061533394
Gandaki Yatayat Karyalaya Driving License Office --- 061464111
Note: Office phones works only during office time.

In my previous article I have given a full steps how to fill up online license form you can see on "Online Driving License Form in Nepal" if you are going to fill up or going to help someone filling it up.
Gandaki License -- Motorbike trial
Trail of Motorbike

Gandaki License Written Exam Result

Applicant who appears in written exam on 12th Poush, 2075 of category A, K and B their result has been published and call for trial (practical) exam.

Applicant are requested to attend trail from 10 am to 12 pm on following date accordingly.

  • For K (Scooter) category on 22th of Poush, 2075.
  • For A(Bike) category on 23th of Poush, 2075.
  • For B (Car/Jeep/D-van) category on 24th of Poush, 2075.

(* Carry your Citizenship card and Bill of Rajashwo paid with you. There would be no any excuse if you absence trial exam. It would be equivalent to trial fail.)

Name List for trial on given date.

  • For Category K on 22th of Poush, 2075 check "Name List".
  • For Category A on 23th of Poush, 2075 check "Name List"
  • For Category B on 24th of Poush, 2075 check "Name List"

(If trail fail for first time then you have to registered for retrial and pay rajashwo in Transportation office  on Thusday or Friday after 15 days of first trial.)

**Note: Those applicant who appear written exam for Heavy vehicle on 10th of Poush, 2075 and able to pass the examination and those who have registered upto 4th of Poush, 2075 for Add Category are called for Trial Examination on Saturday 21st of Poush, 2075 at Bijayapur.

How long to wait for license after passing Trial Exam

Pass is written with the signature of the officers in the bill you have taken to take trial. This bill may not be accepted as license. So, you may not able to drive in traffic police zone. It is not regarded as a legal document for license. When you pass the trail then after 15 days you have to pay rajaswo (Thusday or Friday)  for your license. You would get bill with license number then. It would work as your license unless and until your smart license get ready.

Smart License Card would not available soon because upto now (2075/08/10) just License of 27 lots are available from Kathmandu to Gandaki Transportation Office which is of those applicant who have their Biometric 10 month ago.

How to find your lot number ?

If your license no. is (for example) 01-07-00264762 then your license no. would be 26. Transportation office is said to be patient, this delay is not due to them. They would inform in  near future check according to your lot number.

Know your licence whether printed or not using sms for that you have to send message typing "LC(space)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ " (7 digits applicant id) to 31003.

IOF, Pokhara Campus

Pokhara Forestry college officially known as 'IOF, Pokhara Campus' while in Nepali it is called as "Ban bigyan aadhyan sasthan, Pokhara ban Campus". 

[Want to be part of Pokhara Campus see: IOF B.Sc. Forestry Entrance Exam Online Form]

This article include some fundamental aspects to get familiar to the college and it's condition explaining in non-technical and non-formal way. Thus, to get authentic information and about technical and formal information of the IOFPokhara Campus and IOF Hetauda Campus you can visit college's official website.
IOF, Pokhara Campus-- academic block
Academic block of IOF, Pokhara Campus

Pokhara Forestry College

Pokhara Forestry college has been the best choice since long. Students prefer to take forestry courses in Pokhara. Forestry college in Pokhara is under affiliation of Tribhuwan University. Forestry College of Pokhara is a head college of its types. It means this is main campus where various administration works related to forestry is conducted. It consists of dean office within its periphery of Institute of Forestry (IOF).
This college has been in the first choice of student because of the reasons mentions below. Some reasons behinds its popularity are;
1. Located in beautiful city of Nepal, Pokhara. It is away from city crowd which is suitable for academic environment.
2. Good facilities for hostels to both the Girls and Boys separately for students all around Nepal.
3. Cheaper canteen facilities with hygienic food.
4. Good academic environment with lecture class from highly qualified and experienced professor.
5. Supportive and co-operative behaviors among senior's students and junior's students.
6. Facilities for sports like football, volleyball, table tennis, crickets, and more in hostel common room.
7. Many green organization in forestry college help to develop personal skills to work together for environment.

There are many more others reasons beside these which attracts new students.
IOF Pokhara Campus is surrounded by green forest and many practical based knowledge is obtained from the forest nearby called as
There is a fresh environment during break for spending time talking with friends under the shadow during summer and bathing sun during winter with benches or directly lying on green grasses of ground. Everything around the college and services it provides is best comparing all over Nepal in administrative and managerial activities are carried out by a government.
In IOF, Pokhara Campus the academic programs available for study are mainly B.Sc. Forestry, M. Sc. Forestry and Phd. Level.
80 students get enrolled in B.Sc. Forestry every year. B. Sc. Forestry have 2 sections in each year. The male student and female student ratio is of about 5:3 or say approximately 50 male student and 30 female students. The classes are run on semester basis. Thus, each semester would be of 3/4-month course time about 1 month on each semester with board exam. Sometimes the semester may be of 7/8 months depending on the current circumstances and disturbing factors. The syllabus taught has been revisited and updated recently thus this has an international equivalent regard to its credit hours. It has been a best destination of the students and institution to create a manpower working in the forestry sector of Nepal. Nowadays the importance of Forestry is gradually increasing and scope is a lot thus many people are students towards forestry and for forestry Pokhara Campus is given priority up to the trend observed today.

Also See: IOF, Hetauda Campus
                 B.Sc Forestry in Nepal

World Cup Festival Month

From 14th June, 2018 21st World Cup begin in Luzhniki stadium in the Russia.
World Campion would be selected after 64 competitive matches between 21 teams in 12 Stadium all together in 11 Cities of Russia. This one month everyone would pronounce the only word "Goal". Whatever their Language be but everyone would shout at a time "Goal! Goal!" in same voice. During this time, some team may lose public support where as some other may get mad with happiness. Among 32 Countries one would get super excited. That would be the Campions.
World Cup Festival Month-- Ball and Stadium
World Cup Football & Stadium

During World War II, Hitler had to stop his victory journey in Russia. Napoleon like military leader also had not able to register his victory in Russia. But now, there are 31 teams who have chance to register their victory his Russian. This is the first time, Russia is hosting World Cup. So, it has been a concern to everybody. This time who would won the World Cup? Whether previous World Cup winner Germany would save it's position or not? And there are a lot as a subject of concern to everyone. It is challenges in front of German GoalKeeper Captain Manuel Neuer and coach Joachim Low.

But this time 4 countries teams Germany, Brazil, France and Spain are in list of possible winner team. Winner of World Cup 1998, France seems to be in balance this time. Brazil also in choose of many. Everyone attention is towards whether the skills of World Cup 2010 winner Spain would work this time or not.
Analyzing last 20 World Cup tournaments, up to now 77 countries are participating at least one time. Among them 12 teams have reached final and only 8 teams can register their victory. Brazil become champion after winning World Cup 5 times. Brazil is the team which is continuously selected team for World Cup. Italy and Germany won the World Cup for 4/4 times. Uruguay and Argentina get chance to win 2/2 times whereas England, France and Spain won 1/1 time. Germany is seeking for 5th victory whereas Brazil is seeking for 6th victory to get recognition as world best team. Germany became the first team to win World Cup in South America winning Brazil World Cup 2014. Netherland had reached three times in the World Cup final but becomes unlucky to win the trophy. Similarly, Czechoslovakia and Hungary also had reached final for two times but unable to grasp trophy. Sweden also had reached world cup final in 1958.

After World Cup 1962 no any country is winning World Cup one after another. World Cup 2014 winner Germany wants to win to became first country to win the World Cup one after another after all this period. Possible winner of World Cup - Brazil is not winning any World Cup since 2002. Brazil is not winning any tournament held in Europe since 1958. One-month long tournament is expected to have viewers of about 3 billion all around the world.

Winners of World Cup up to 2018.

1. World Cup 1934 Urugya (Ugrugya -1)
2. World Cup 1938 Italy (Italy -1)
3. World Cup 1942 France (Italy -2)
4. World Cup 1950 Brazil (Urugya -2)
5. World Cup 1954 Switzerland (Germany -1)
6. World Cup 1958 Sweden (Brazil -1)
7. World Cup 1962 Chile (Brazil -2)
8. World Cup 1966 England (England -1)
9. World Cup 1970 Mexico (Brazil -3)
10. World Cup 1974 Gemany (Germany -2)
11. World Cup 1978 Argentina (Argentina -1)
12. World Cup 1982 Spain (Italy -3)
13. World Cup 1986 Mexico (Argentina -2)
14. World Cup 1990 Italy (Germany -3)
15. World Cup 1994 United State (Brazil -4)
16. World Cup 1998 France (France -1)
17. World Cup 2002 Japan (Brazil -5)
18. World Cup 2006 Germany (Italy -4)
19. World Cup 2010 South Africa (Spain -1)
20. World Cup 2014 Brazil (Germany -4)
21. World Cup 2018 Russia (???????? -?)

Fifa World Cup 2018

Fifa World Cup 2018 is the most awaited football games. Many people around world loves football. Football is one of the popular games on the whole world. This world cup is the 21st World Cup helding in Russia. This game is played between the national team of associated members of FIFA. In a season 32 countries can participate in the world cup after over coming different selection round except one automatically selected as host team.
FIFA World Cup 2018 Trophy
World Cup 2018 would be conducted between 14th June to 15th July 2018 in Russia.

The opening ceremony of this world cup is held in Luzhniki Stadium which is the largest stadium of Russia which can hold 81000 people at a time.

History  of World Cup

The first world cup was held in 1930 then 1934 and 1938 respectively after which there are no any international matches held as World War II disturbed all the tournaments. 
It is restarted in 1950 which was held in Brazil.

Sericulture in Nepal

The study of rearing of silkworm for commercial purpose or for silk thread is known as sericulture. The physiographic and climatic condition of Nepal especially mid-hills and high hills region are highly suitable for silkworm rearing. The history of silkworm rearing was originated from China around 2500 years ago. The uses of silk threads are in textile industries and making of surgical stitch (cat gut).
Sericulture in Nepal--- Silkworm in mulberry leave
Silkworm Farming/Culture (Sericulture)

Silkworm found in Nepal

Bombax mori and Bombayx seri are two species found in Nepal.

History of Sericulture in Nepal

The rearing of silkworm started during the time of Juddha Sumsher. The official rearing of silkworm began in 2052 B.S. from Kavre district. It has extended to other mid-hills districts. The main objective was to improve the livelihood of the poor farmers. But the case is not as expected. Lack of capital, technical skills and assistance and manpower are the causes for it's restricted farming.

Process of Sericulture/ Silkworm Culture

Silkworm culture mainly involves three components viz. silkworm, mulberry and effective management technique. The general life cycle of silkworm complete in four stages. Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult. During Larva Stage (10-12 days) the larva undergoes moulting 4 times and are most active. They are allowed to feed on the leaves and twig of mulberry plant. The pupal stage is inactive and manufactures cocoon. This cocoon is then hatched and utilised for obtaining silk thread.

Present Status of Sericulture in Nepal

The status of sericulture in Nepal is fair but not satisfactory. It has been long since the start of rearing, however it hasn't been practised in large scale commercially. It may be due to  the lack of policy & willingness of farmers. Besides these, the main dependence of farmers on cash crops and other agricultural products may be the cause for non-expansion of the culture. The rearing also required fairly good capital, technical skills and timely monitoring to which the poor farmers are deprived off.

Problem of Sericulture

Disease like NPV, Pebrine, fiacherie, arasseric muscardine, etc to silkworm. Other problems includes;
  • Tedious work for the farmers as required technical skill.
  • Lack of capital for mulberry plantation, silkworm, etc.
  • Lack of proper monitoring. 

Prospects of Sericulture in Nepal

The future of sericulture is best in Nepal. Nepal has a suitable environment for sericulture. Government of Nepal is supporting in sericulture through various technical and economic support. The trend has been changed then that what used to be. The policy are being formulated and coming into implementation in favour of farmers to encourage in involving sericulture. Farmers are getting more aware about it's economic and ecological benefits.

Uses of Silk thread

It is the very fine, light and delicate natural fibre. It is very thin but every strong property and has elastic property. It it easier to sew with this thread in machine or with hand. The basic uses of this thread are:

  • Silk thread are mostly utilised for preparation of silk clothes. The cloth made up of silk thread alone is too expensive thus used with combination with synthetic fibres nowadays.
  • Silk thread are used for garments as well which is used by other industries and for military purpose.
  • Manufacturing of fishing fibre, parachute rope,cartridge bag uses silk thread.
  • Medical or surgical dresses, stitch (cat gut) are made.
  • Filter clothe used in flour mill is made up of silk.
  • Along with this the insulation coils of telephone and as well as wireless receiver uses silk.
  • Tyre of racing car is manufactured using silk.