Online Driving License Registration Form in Nepal

Today, we will be applying for an online Driving License in Nepal. We can apply for a driving license online. It's much easier than the days before. Improvement in the system has made the process further easier. Some years back most people were facing problems just going through a governmental administration process for filling up the license form for the vehicles. Now, the time has been changed as well as the procedure and methods to get your license form filled. It was difficult to fill-up the form staying in a long queue of people to fill up just a page full of form that opens only a few times all over the year. In the online process as well, there was a quota system in filling up the application form for driving license registration. But now, you would have no trouble filling up the form anytime from anywhere. 

Online Driving License Registration Form in Nepal
Online License form

The online world not only changes the way of communication but also makes our day to day life easier. I am explaining here how to fill up the online license form. Online license form has really saved our valuable time that can be utilized in other more productive work. Take a look and follow the steps accordingly. The steps may slightly different than the steps you are following as it is based on the author's steps to fill up his license form. Hope the change is not that huge. 

New Driving License Online Form

First of all, for applying application for the new driving license you need to visit the official site of the Department of Transportation (DoT) i.e. where you would see the link to "apply for the new driving license application form". Or directly visit

Here are the steps to begin filling up the license form:
1. When you are starting the form you need to select your country  (obviously Nepal for Nepali citizen)
2. Select the license type you want to apply for from the dropdown arrow
  • 'New Category' for those who are going to have a license for the first time.
  • 'Add Category' for those who already have a license and want to add the license to another type.
3. Click on 'proceed'.
Online license form start up
Online license form startup

4. Then appear the main form where you have to give your details.
Online License Form Demographic Details
Online License Form Demographic Details

  • You can enter your first name, last name, and middle name (if you have) according to your citizenship card.
  • You have to fill your date of birth (DOB) first either in B.S. or A.D.  before filling up your age then drag the arrow above the Age field that would be filled automatically. DOB can be filled by clicking on the Calendar logo alongside.
  • Similarly, you have to fill up other blank spaces including gender, education, blood group, and occupation.
  • Citizenship number and citizenship issue district should be mentioned. Other boxes to fill are optional.
  • Witness people should contain the first name, middle name (optional), and last name along with relation to either father, or mother, or husband.
  • Trainer name and trainer license number is optional.
5. Your address details should be given. The permanent address should be given according to your citizenship address. During filling up your address you should select your zone first, then your district, then village (or municipality), ward number, and Tole along with your mobile number respectively. Other details are optional to fill up office contact number, contact no. and email id.
Online License Form Address details and submit
Online License form Address Details

6. If the temporary address is the same as your permanent address then you can click simply on the checkbox close to  'SAME AS PERMANENT'. If you are at a different location than that mention in your citizenship card then you have to fill up as above as you filled up in the previous step.

7. You need to select the category of license you are applying for. 'A' for 'Motorcycle', 'B' for 'Car' and 'K' for 'Scooter'.

8. You are close to the end of your form. Now, you need to select the zone to which you are applying for a new license and then select the license issue zone after filling up the previous box. Then you can submit the form.

9. You click on 'OK' on pop-ups stating 'Are you sure to continue?'

10. Then it provides your registration details. Check out whether any details provided has any error or not. Correct it out if any error found.

11. At the end of 'Registration Details' - Click on save details if you have done already. 'Edit Details' if needed.
Online License form save details
Onliine License form save dettails
12. If the Department of Transportation does not accept the form then the form would not be submitted you should understand that the online form is not active current day and you would be redirected to the initial demographic form details.

13. If this form is submitted then you would be notified that 'Your application is successfully Registered'  and also provide your details and date to visit the zonal transportation office.

14. Click on 'Print' to get a full-page that should be taken with you while you visit the zonal transportation office.

15.  For motorcycle and scooter you need not have a training certificate but others as mentioned to take with you along with you.


The quota system for the application has been removed with an improved server! Now, applicant can fill up the license form anytime they like from Anywhere.
The form has been updated, thus when the Department of Transportation does not accept the application form it displays a message informing that the "Online Application Is Closed!!!"

If you need more information or suggestion to improve this article, please comment.
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  1. im unable to fillup my form ..when i give tole name of my ward then it shows invalid why

  2. That should not be the case. But try with name of tole that cover broader area leaving behind specific or local name, that may be the name that can be recognizable by people from other area.

  3. How to know application no if you are adding another category?

  4. Kaila open hunxa license from by online

  5. Why it always shows that the quota limitation has exceeded even i try at 6am.What is the problem?

  6. how to rectify the registrration form my ad date is wrong but bs is right

  7. Page nai khuldai na k vako ho vanna mil x

  8. its shows use another machine to continue.

  9. why my form is not submitted?

  10. why does it say,'use another machine to continue?'

  11. I did a mistake in my name during filling online form ,can I re correct it and how....

  12. when I try to fill up the form it shows "PRESENT ADDRESS TOLE CONTAINS INVALID CHARACTERS" in present address tole section, even thought it is perfectly fine.

  13. mero name ma vanx ki applicant first name contains invalid character kin hola sr please


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