Free .np Domain Registration, Hosting and Mail Server

Hello there, Today we will be registering .np domain for free. We will be Hosting the registered domain. We will create a mail server for our domain too. .np domain is country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) which is free to register. Domain registration of np domain is handled by Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.

.np domain registration

Domain registration is the process of acquiring a domain name from a domain name registrar. Domain Name are never owned, we just take them of some period of time. But for np domain once it is registered there is option as Expiration of the domain.

First we need to register the np domain, you can register the np domain for free with your citizenship and a cover letter. Cover letter is now considered as compulsory so your need to provide cover letter too. You can check our article to Register .np Domain.
You can follow the video below for domain registration.

.np domain hosting

Domain hosting is the process of storing your website file in a server which will be available / online 24 hrs a every day. Once you enter your domain name in browser. Browser look for DNS server for your domain, Now the browser send request to the IP address of your domain (which is of your hosting service), The domain will send the appropriate file or response.

Here we will be using Google Firebase, GitHub Page, and Blogger. Firebase and GitHub Support only static sites, where as Blogger can be used as a blog.
I suggest to setup your domain root domain in GitHub page and some sub-domain in Blogger.

Domain Hosting with Google Firebase

Google Firebase is a tool for developers, generally used for app development. Here we can add our own domain and add SSL certificate for that website. It is used for App landing page. Here we will be using it to host our website. They have very good documentation for serving domain with them. You need some command tool skill. You can have at most 5 websites with this.

Domain Hosting with GitHub Page

GitHub is a online platform for development and distribute version control. You can have your project on GitHub repository then you can server that web-page. It is really easy option to host your static website with. GitHub start allowing ssl for the custom domains too.

Domain Hosting Blogger

You can server your sub-domain with Blogger. Blogger is online platform for bloggers to share their written contents. You can add custom domain with blogger blog. Blogger provide ssl for custom domains too.

Mail server

Mail server for your domain will allow you to receive emails in your own email. As we use mail server for google as on gmail dot com. We can have mail server on our own domain. For me you can send mail at [email protected]. We will be using Yandex mail for this service.


Finally we register .np domain and host that domain and make it online. You can choose any of the domain options form the given above process. you can create your own mail server with your own domain. 


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