eSewa Nepal Online Payment Gateway

The technology is rapidly developed and have brought a lot changes in the livelihood of the people. The progression of the technology is observed in our day to day life from the mobile we carry, laptop we use, television we watch, vehicle we travel, instrument we use, etc. and many more. Similar type of progression have been observed in socio-economic lifestyle, seller, buyer relationship with the development of more rapid and reliable paying system that works online and can be pay or receive in instant of time. eSewa is the most used mobile wallet and most used online payment system. You can get more detail about eSewa on Creating an eSewa account.
eSewa Nepal Online Payment Gateway-- eSewa
Logo and web portal of eSewa

Other alternatives of eSewa are availble but their uses is minimum in comparision to eSewa. Khalti and iPay Nepal are other similar kind of online payment system but with a narrow working area in comparision with eSewa.

eSewa Nepal

eSewa Nepal is the first online payment system in Nepal. eSewa Nepal helps in paying bills for many merchant of many online stores like,,,Yeti airliness , Buddha air, movie tickets of QFX cinemas and many more. eSewa is mostly used by people for Nepal Telecom bill payment, lineline and ADSL bill payment, mobile phone recharge services, transfer money from bank to bank, etc lots of works can be performed by just few clicks staying on home. 

eSewa Login

eSewa can be log in by visiting eSewa web portal: and log in with either your email or number and password you have set during creating your account on eSewa. 

eSewa Nepal app

eSewa can also be used by using it's app which is supported on iOS and Android smart phones. eSewa Nepal app is available in the Play Store. You can download app and use your digital wallet more easily.

eSewa Nepal electricity bill payment

eSewa Nepal provides customers with service of billing their utility among that the billing of electricity is mostly used.

eSewa online payment

Online payment through eSewa account is easier, faster and reliable. Along with this all characteristics it is regarded as best online payment system due to it's huge network of partners banks through which it can make customers easier to load their eSewa account from the bank account and from bank directly to eSewa.  This makes customers easier to spent their money through eSewa on different online shopping and to any organisation who have eSewa account.

eSewa Contact Information

Any information you are willing to get about eSewa are obtained either by visiting to it's central office or branch office if you are at the place close to the office or otherwise you can contact and report the problems or any query  in customer support number- Toll free no.: 1660-01-02121.

How to recharge eSewa account

We can recharge eSewa from any partner banks that is around 45 different banks running in the country. You can directly transfer your bank account into the eSewa this is how you recharge eSewa account.


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