How to Create eSewa Account

Introduction to eSewa

eSewa is the main leading online payment gateway of Nepal since 2009 January. It has been recently licensed by Central Bank of Nepal - Nepal Rastra Bank as Payment Service Provider. It is a digital wallet through which customers can pay, receive and send money using their mobile or in an internet instantly. Customers can register and get mobile account instantly, loading cash from an agent or partner banks and begins to make payment.
Customers can pay bills of their utility, recharge their mobiles, pay internet bills, EMI-Equated Monthly Installment, buy air tickets, school fees, credit cards bills, and many more from their mobile. In the same way, the merchant, service provider and retail outlet receive payment within instance. Thus, the transaction made using eSewa enables secure, immediate and ease the payment system. As it is the first of it's kind, it is popular among users frequently using online payment system.
eSewa has it's App that can operated in both iOS and Android device and it's web portal is

Although some other alternatives online payment gateways are established and appeared to be in existence in recent years eSewa is still maintain it's popularity among the users. Other online payment gateways of Nepal are Khalti and iPay Nepal. You can also learn: how to create account on Khalti and creating an iPay Nepal account.

eSewa is still a leading online payment system as:

  • It is linked up with 45 banks. These banks provides exchange of money to eSewa users for free.
  • Easy to access and exchange money.
  • Provides services to many payment system through online.

eSewa is used in Nepal and even in India. Anyone from Nepal and India can create and verify their account.
With some updates in the design of eSewa it have been a little difficulties to get started with eSewa.
Here! are some steps how to create an eSewa Account in a simple way.

How to Create eSewa Account
Create eSewa Account

Create eSewa account

eSewa can be register from mobile typing "REG" on SMS box and sent it to 32121 with free charge from Nepal Telecom while cost Rs. 0.50 per SMS.

While Creating eSewa from website in an updated design of eSewa we should visti official site of eSewa and click on 'Register' on the top right side.
Click on register.

You would see the following dialogue box fill it up as it asked.
How to Create eSewa Account-- registration form
Fill up the registration form for eSewa.
Then, click on 'REGISTER' button. Next, to this appear a dialogue box.  
How to Create eSewa Account-- close registration form of eSewa
Close up dialogue of registration form for eSewa.
The box appear tells that 'verification link' has been sent to your email. So,you need to check out the mail.You can click on 'CLOSE' after then.

Open your mail sent by eSewa you would see:
How to Create eSewa Account-- confirm mail
Confirm your registration of eSewa with the link.

You can either click on Confirm to open the link on next tab or you can copy and paste the link given on your browser.

When you visited the link given eSewa would sent you mobile token no. You should enter the token no. given on  the blank filled.
The token valid for 5 min so you need to set password using that token within 5 min otherwise all the registration process should be repeated.
How to Create eSewa Account-- Set password
Set your password for eSewa account using Mobile Token
With this you have come on end of the creating account on eSewa. Your can login with either your mail id or by your phone no. and password you set. 

When you login for the first time. You would see:
Personal detail for eSewa account.

Your balance is shown in top tight corner. 
Reward point increases based on numbers of transaction you make through eSewa.

The step ahead to this is filling up of your personal detail to verify your eSewa account. 
Only verified account can transect  Rs. 10000 or above it.  

You can enjoy online payment system when you have your own eSewa account for small transactions.

Hope! this article is helpful for you to create eSewa account. Give your opinion on comment section down below. Suggestion and comments would be appreciated.

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