Nepal Telecom Telecommunications company in Nepal

Nepal Telecom is the first telecommunication provider in Nepal. It was established as a fully government owned corporation. On February 2004 it was transformed to general public. This company was an only Telecommunication corporation till 2003, when United Telecom Limited starts providing basic service of telephony as a private sector company. Nepal Telecom is one of the largest corporation of Nepal.
Nepal Telecom Telecommunications company in Nepal-- logo Nepal Telecom
Nepal Telecom- Telecommunication company of Nepal

In this post we would discuss about some Nepal Telecom tips and tricks. Here we would learn about Nepal telecom Recharge service web based and internet. Data packages, internet, 4G service, ADSL services and many more by Nepal Telecom. As being the public corporation and most of the share is owned by government, they have variety of services on reasonable price. 

Nepal Telecom Recharge

Nepal Telecom provide online recharge facility. We can recharge most of all the service provided by Nepal Telecom via Web Recharge. Using one Recharge card we can recharge any service provided by Nepal telecom. To access online recharge visit:
Nepal Telecom provide Recharge cards of Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. We can recharge Nepal Telecom by calling 1415 or 1412 from the mobile phone. Here we would be asked to select services to which we want to recharge. We can just press the buttons on the mobile to select from various services. For GSM users can simply dial *412*<Pin Code>#
Nepal Telecom GSM and other services could be recharged from various platform like eSewa, ipay, khalti and many more. We can simply provide mobile numbers and Balance to recharge our mobile then the balance will be decoded from the account and will be recharged to the service we select. 

Nepal Telecom Mobile

Nepal telecom provides GSM and CDMS for mobile phones. GSM Post-paid is operated as NTC Mobile. GSM Pre-Paid is operated as Namaste and CDMA as Sky Phone. They provide EVDO service via CDMS for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals, typically for broadband Internet access and can be used in various devices like USB EVDO modem, PCMCIA EVDO modem, EVDO mobile, etc.

Nepal Telecom Data Package

Nepal Telecom provides Data Package service for both GSM and CDMA mobiles. For GSM Data package starts from 10 MB of Rs. 8 which will be valid for 2 Days. Whereas for CDMA 40 MB of data of Rs. 15 valid for 3 days is the starting Data volume.

Data Package for GSM
sn. Data Price Validation Period
1 10 MB RS. 8 2 day
2 50 MB RS. 35 10 days
3 200 MB RS. 130 1 month
4 500 MB RS. 300 1 month
5 1 GB RS. 500 1 month
6 3 GB RS. 1,290 2 months
7 5 GB RS. 1,800 3 months
8 10 GB RS. 2,800 6 months

Data Package for CDMA
S.No. Data Price Validation Period
1 40 MB RS. 15 3 day
2 200 MB RS. 75 1 month
3 500 MB RS. 175 1 month
4 1 GB RS. 325 1 month
5 3 GB RS. 850 2 months
6 5 GB RS. 1,180 3 months
7 10 GB RS. 1,800 6 months

To subscribe 200 MB data package: Type "DATA200MB" and send to 1415 for both GSM and CDMA.

Nepal Telecom internet

Nepal Telecom provides internet facility via GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+, LTE, broadband, satellite phone, WiFi Hotspot. Nepal Telecom Provide ADSL, Fiber Connection and Leaser Connection as a wired connection for internet. As a wireless service 4G internet, GPRS, 3G, WiMax, EDVO service and NT Bus Service.

Nepal Telecom Customer Care

Nepal Telecom does not have a good costomer care service. We can call at 1498 for Customer care. Call at 1498 for Customer Care for GSM mobile. Call at 191 for Customer Care for CDMA. Call 1698 for Customer Help Desk.

Nepal Telecom Phone Bill

You can check NTC PSTN Bill through this link: You can also get the information of GSM Post_paid billing information from this website: you need to provide PUK code. You can get PUK code by sending "PUK" to 1415. 

Nepal Telecom 4G

Nepal Telecom is the first Telecommincation in Nepal to Lunch 4G LTE Service as on 1st January of 2017 on technology neutral frequency band of 1800 MHz as standard for 4G in Nepal. NTC Provided 4 GB of free data for four days. 1 GB per day when it launched its 4G connection. The network initially covers most parts of Kathmandu and Pokhara. To use 4G/LTE service, your mobile device needs to support 4G/LTE and in case you have older version of SIM card, you will need to replace it with newer 4G enabled SIM(Universal SIM i.e. U-SIM). Just dial *444# and check whether your SIM card supports 4G/LTE.  

Nepal Telecom ADSL

Nepal telecom provide ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) for Internet connection via wired connection. To use ADSL service you need PSTN line from Nepal Telecom.