How To Monetize Your Facebook Profile In Nepal

 How To Monetize Your Facebook Profile In Nepal. Recently, Facebook launched a feature to monetize your Facebook profile in Nepal. A few months back it was only available in the selected countries excluding Nepal. Now, people from Nepal can also utilize those features to make pocket money from their Facebook profiles. Monetizing your Facebook profile is not that hard. All you need is quality content and some followers. After that, you will start to earn money from Facebook. In this article, you will learn How To Monetize Your Facebook Profile In Nepal. So, be sure to read the article until the very end.

To monetize your Facebook profile in Nepal first you should have a professional Facebook account. It will take less than ten seconds to convert your Facebook account into a professional one. Along with that, your Facebook profile needs to be clean. I mean your Facebook account should not have any violations.

You can't monetize your Facebook profile as soon as you convert your regular Facebook account into a professional account. To access the monetization features, one should meet the required criteria from the Facebook team. The monetization requirement varies from the monetization tools. Let's talk about the monetization tool which you will get after you monetize your professional Facebook account.

3 Types of Monetization tools for the Facebook professional account

There are three ways you can monetize your Facebook professional account excluding bonuses. Sometimes Facebook will grant you some bonus for your hard work. These three ways of monetization can be useful tools for you to generate some income from your Facebook content.


Before gamers who stream games on Facebook gaming used to have this monetization tool. But, now all kinds of videos on Facebook will be able to use this tool as a part of monetization. You will earn $0.01 per star. It means, to earn $1, you have to collect 100 Facebook stars. It might be possible for the big named Facebook creators but, the creator who has just started using this monetization tool may struggle in their starting phase.

Facebook star monetization tool is not available in each and every countries of country. Although Facebook is trying hard to expand its territories, it will be better if you check the availability countries list from time to time. To access this monetization tool, one should have at least 1000 Facebook followers and a minimum of 5 active Facebook videos in 60 consecutive days.

In-stream Ads

In-stream ads is another monetization tool for Facebook users in Nepal. With this tool, you can maximize your earning rates in a full speed but the requirement to use this tool is too high. It will take a month or maybe a year to reach the threshold. Large Facebook creators with a lot of connections can easily achieve this goal within some weeks. But the small creators will face a lot of problems just to reach the milestone.

The requirements to use this monetization tool are as follows -:
At least 5 videos on your Facebook account
At least 10,000 FB followers
At least 600,000 minutes of video views including replays minutes

The 10,000 Facebook followers are already a big headache for the small creator. 600,000 minutes of video views in 60 days will add more headaches for them. Therefore, focus on creating quality content. If it goes viral then it will help you to solve half of your problem. Uploading 3-4 videos in a day will be enough to make your Facebook profile active.


The subscription tool works just like a premium subscription plan for Netflix and amazon prime. With this tool, you can get some premium supporters for your content. You can decide how much your subscribers should pay every month. Along with the quality content you can provide other benefits to your premium supporters. This tool is for those who are good at creating quality content. You know, people are always ready to pay for quality content.

How To Monetize Your Facebook Profile In Nepal

How To Monetize Your Facebook Profile In Nepal

To monetize your Facebook profile, first, you need to have a professional Facebook account. To convert your personal Facebook account to a professional Facebook account follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Head over to your Facebook profile

Step 2 - Click on the three dots, which you will see on the right side of your profile

Step 3 - There you will see various settings. Click on the turn on professional mode

Step 4 - That's all. After that, your personal account will convert into a professional account.

After completing all these steps you will be able to access your professional dashboard where you can find all the detailed information about the videos. The monetization tools will automatically turn on after you reach the required threshold or else you can always turn it on manually. That's all for today. Hope to see you in the next article. Have a good day.