How To Get 10,000 Facebook Followers In 60 Days

 How To Get 10,000 Facebook Followers In 60 Days is the most asked question in a Google search. Getting a full 10,000 Facebook followers is not a simple task that anyone can handle. It needs a lot of hard work, ideas, and patience. If you don't have patience then this thing is not for you. You need a lot of patience in these things so that you can actually see the beautiful progress of your work. In this article, today we are covering How To Get 10,000 Facebook Followers In 60 Days. Make sure to read it until the very end.

Just yesterday we talked about how to boost your Facebook video views within 60 days. If you are new to the blog then you can read the article here. 

Facebook video views play an essential role for the Facebook video creator. Without decent video views, it is useless to gain fame and a lot of engagement. Therefore people are going so hard to boost their Facebook video views. Like Facebook video views, Facebook followers are also important for Facebook video creators. The more Facebook followers you will have, the more famous you will get. Facebook video creators need to increase their Facebook followers as well.

That's not only where it ends. Facebook launched video monetization tools not so long ago for Facebook video creators. It means that now Facebook video creators can monetize their video content and earn some money. It is still in the testing phase and some countries might still need to be able to use these features. But, those Facebook creators who live in an eligibility area can make a lot of money from their Facebook videos.

But, every good thing has a bad side. We all are aware of it, right?

To be eligible to make money from Facebook monetization tools, Facebook has set its own criteria. You will need a minimum of 600,000 minutes of video views as well as a 10,000 Facebook followers. For big named Facebook creators it is just a piece of cake. But, for the small creator, it can be a headache. Yesterday we already discussed how you can boost the views of your Facebook videos. Today you will learn how you can increase the followers of your Facebook profile within a short period.

How To Get 10,000 Facebook Followers In 60 Days

How To Get 10,000 Facebook Followers In 60 Days

So, you are ready to learn. All the following tricks are performed by me, myself. It worked perfectly for me, and it will work for you too. Just follow the given steps and you will see the result in a short period.


It was when we just started our blog. We created our Facebook page Blogger Nepal and spent $1 to boost the page to see the result. At that time Facebook boost was not as expensive as today. With just $1, we managed to get around 150 followers within 24 hours. You can also spend some money if you want to increase your Facebook followers within a short period. There is no doubt that you will get organic real followers. You just need to check the setting before promoting your Facebook page. It will be much better if you do homework about your Facebook niche. It will help you to connect with Facebook users who are interested in the same niche.


This tip is for those who can't spend money to promote their Facebook page. It also works like a champ if you know how to do it properly. You can get thousands of followers with this idea if your Facebook video goes viral. In this trick, first, invite all your Facebook friends to follow your page. You can invite them with a single click these days. After that upload videos to your Facebook page and wait for some time to get some like and reactions in that Facebook video. When you get like and react, check the list of your reactors. On the right side of the name, you will see the invite button. Click that button to invite the user to follow your page. It is simple and you can repeat the process again and again to invite each and every user who reacts to your Facebook video.


I tried this trick just yesterday and I gained 150,000+ video views and around 50 followers from only one video. From this data, you can guess how much effective this trick is. In this trick first, you need to join around 10 to 15 public Facebook group which does not have a post-approval system. This is an important part so do it carefully. If you join a Facebook group which have a post-approval system then your content will never get approved.

After joining Facebook public group now you can start uploading videos to your Facebook page or profile. Wait some minutes and share that video with those public Facebook groups. You will get a result after some hours. When you check back your Facebook video insight, you will see a lot of differences. You will start getting views and followers. Make sure to use a catchy caption and learn the best time to upload the video.

Update Daily

And at last, update your Facebook content regularly. It will be better if you post at least one video a day. It will help your Facebook page or profile to keep active. You should be aware of the right time to post on Facebook. Like most people use Facebook at night. You can upload some quality content at night. It will help you to gain a lot of exposure. If you don't have better knowledge of the right timing then you should better learn it beforehand. While uploading videos on Facebook make sure that the video is copyright-free and also watermark free. There is a lot of music on Facebook music library. You can use that music to replace the copyrighted music from your video.

That's all for today. Hope to see you in the next article. Have a good day.