How To Increase Facebook Video Views Within 60 Days

 Hello, and welcome to the blog. Recently we updated an article on how to monetize your Facebook video and Facebook profile. But, to monetize your Facebook content you need to meet the minimum criteria. Among them, video views are the one. It can be a headache to gather a lot of Facebook video views if you are a small creator or a new creator. There to overcome this problem today we are here with an article on How To Increase Facebook Video Views. Make sure to read it until the very end.

To monetize your Facebook videos you will need 600,000 minutes of video views within 60 days. Looking at all those possibilities it will be difficult to gain that amount of video views within 60 days. The funny part is that Facebook does not count the promoted video views. It means only organic video views are allowed for video monetization.

But how? How to get an organic video view on Facebook? The process might be difficult to understand however, the result will always be satisfying. To get organic Facebook video views, you have to work on various aspects which we will discuss later in this article.

How To Increase Facebook Video Views

How To Increase Facebook Video Views Within 60 Days

You know everything is possible if you do things correctly with the help of a better guide. 60 days is nothing if you know the secret to boost video views on Facebook. But, only a few people know the secret to success and the remaining are at loss. This is the reason why only a few people are enjoying the success and majority are facing loss each and every day.

In this article, you will learn the better ways to utilize Facebook to boost your video views. In 60 days you will see the difference between the past and the present. Some working ways can help you to gain some organic Facebook video views.


The invitation is the first step to your success. The more followers you will have, the more organic video views you will gain on Facebook. Now, you can invite the person to follow your Facebook page or a profile when they like or react to posts in your Facebook profile. It will automatically send a follow request to the reactors. If they follow your page or profile, the number of followers will increase in your Facebook page or a profile.

With this tool, you can gain a lot of active organic followers. You should know that active organic followers will always play an important role in your Facebook page or profile. It will help you to gain organic Facebook video views from your followers. Therefore, do not forget to invite the person who reacts to your Facebook post to follow your Facebook page or Facebook profile.


Facebook group is another working way to boost your Facebook video views. You can join as many public Facebook group which does not have a post-approval system. Take your time with this. You can join at least 15 to 20 Facebook groups. It will be enough to boost your Facebook video views. After joining the public Facebook group, now you can start uploading videos to your Facebook profile or a Facebook page. Wait some minutes or an hour. After that share your videos in those public Facebook groups one by one.

It will help you to gain a lot of Facebook organic video views and it's working well. I am also one of the fans of this trick. I do like 3 or 4 times a day and it shows great results. It is best for those who cannot afford paid promotion. Doing this will help you to promote your Facebook page or a Facebook profile free of cost. Just what I want to say is, don't over-share the video in the public Facebook group. Sometimes Facebook will ban your account if it finds something fishy. So, be careful.


No matter what, always make use of hashtags. There are millions of hashtags already on Facebook. You can also create your own hashtag if you don't find any interesting hashtags. Before using any hashtag, make sure about the video niche. It will be better if you use hashtags according to the video niche. If the video is about a funny moment then you can use hashtags like #funny #comedy and so on. If the video is about magic then it will be better if you use a hashtag like #magic #tricks.

The hashtag will help your content to be categorized into different niches. If someone clicks on the #funny hashtag, they will see all the videos posted under the #funny hashtag. There will be a high chance for your videos to get a lot of views from the hashtag. So, do not forget to use hashtags in your Facebook videos. It will be a great help in the coming days.

Post Regularly

And last, keep posting regularly. It will help your Facebook page or profile to keep fresh. You can at least post one video a day. Whether you create your own content or copy the video from another platform, make it copyright strike-free. There is a lot of music on Facebook music library. You can use any music from the Facebook music library. It won't cost you any copyright strike. Also, while editing the video, make sure you change the colour or any other things to make it look like a fresh video. Don't upload the video if it has a watermark on it.

That's all for today. Hope to see you in the next article. Have a good day.