The Best Dating Apps In Nepal

 The world is now moving toward the online world. From working online to finding a love partner, many people now depend on online. Some years ago online stuff was less active than today. You can see that Amazon is the number one e-commerce website that makes millions of money online. Not only that, you can buy food online too. Mobile banking, ride-sharing, food ordering, and online dating are hot topics in the modern world. Just like food and water, people also need love. Because of that people are in search of love. But, where to find one? It can be a tricky question for the newbie. Of course, finding love is not easy. Finding the match of your same vibe takes a lot of work. Some people prefer blind dates. It is for those who are good at face-to-face conversation.

But, how about introverted people who seek love?

To overcome such a crisis many app developers have introduced their version of online dating apps. From the free version to the premium version, you can find thousands of dating apps on the app store online. Some years ago mig33 used to be a popular social networking app and a dating app for teenagers. It was so popular that almost every Nepali youth was familiar with it. I won't hide, I was also one of them. After mig33, Facebook took the place of the first spot.

Facebook is still a strong candidate and there is no chance it will go down so soon. A few years ago Facebook introduced a dating feature where people were able to pick the partner they want. It was in a testing version and it is still not available for Nepali users. Because of that, we will not be talking about it in this article. But, of course, I will let you know which dating app is popular in Nepal. Whether it is paid version or a free version, you will get to use the app without any problem. So, let's move ahead.

The Best Dating Apps In Nepal

The Best Dating Apps In Nepal

Here are some of the best dating apps in Nepal. Please note that this article is not a paid article and it is based on personal experience. As I already said, there are thousands of dating apps in the app store. But, here we picked only some of them after testing them for some weeks. We all know Nepal is a cultural country and it doesn't believe in dating apps. But, Nepal is going into the modern era and many teenagers are simply looking for alternatives to an arranged marriage or the way of seeking love. Because of that the number of users of dating apps in Nepal is also slowly increasing in comparison to the past years.

People don't use dating apps only to find love but, also to find friends. Like me, I have made hundreds of friends through a dating apps. Yes, hundred and the number is increasing. People come and go in your life but only true friends remain. You can also find a true friend through a dating app. Just like how dating app is useful, they also have some drawback. You should always be careful while using the dating app. The online world is not as safe as you think. Below you will learn how to be safe in dating apps.

How to be safe in a dating app?

There are various ways to be safe in a dating app. You may not be able to completely be safe but you can at least try to do better. An online world is never safe. I repeat never. Meeting your unknown online friend may sometime lead you to a serious problem. However, not all are the same nor all are safe either. The first step to being safe in a dating app is, never to use your real details in a dating app so that people will not able to find you easily. Your important details like your Instagram id, Facebook account and other social accounts, phone number, address and so on must always be safe.

Along with the social accounts and a phone number, be careful while uploading your pictures. Do not use that pictures which can create controversy shortly. Make your dating app profile clean and healthy.

Always talk with verified users in dating apps. Since dating apps is full of fake profile and scammers, you have to be careful yourself. Make a habit of choosing the real profile, and reading their bio and picture. If you find anything fishy then the left swipe is always there for you.


Tantan is one of the most used dating apps in Nepal. The production of Tantan Hongkong limited has already reached 50 million installs on an android device. The app has a rating of 3.8 stars among 1.29 million reviews. This is enough to show you how much users love this dating app. You can find many Nepali profiles in tantan who are seeking friendship or love who knows. Tantan is available in both free and paid versions. It is limited to free users. However, you can get many features in the premium version of this app. What I love about this app is Tantan has many Nepali users and the premium version is cheap in comparison to the other apps.


Tinder is another best dating app for Nepali users. With a rating of 3.1 stars and reviews of 5.15 million, tinder stands in the second position on the list. Though it has more installs than the tantan. With a total install of 100 million in the app store tinder is a bit more expensive than the tantan. Tinder is also available in both free and paid versions. For the best experience, users can buy the premium version of this dating app. What I like about tinder is that you will get a match from your nearest locality. Isn't it an interesting thing to do?


The product of AD(x)PLUS Inc, stands in the third position on the list. Though this app is advertised as a place to get a Korean friend. However, you can also find some Nepali people on the app. Till now the app has 5 million installs. With a rating of 3.4 stars and a review of 91.7k, this app has many pros and cons. The good thing about this app is that you can roam freely. You do not require to buy the premium version of this app to change the location in the app. It is completely free to do. But, the thing I hate about this app is that it has a lot of ads and a fake profile. Therefore, always be serious while using this app.

That's all for today. Hope to see you in our next article. Have a good day.