How To Withdraw TikTok Earning In Nepal

 Tiktok is a video-sharing platform where people can show their talent to millions of people worldwide. This short video-sharing network has millions of active users daily. According to the report, TikTok has a billion active users per month which is extremely high for the Youtube competitor. TikTok came a very long way from its starting days. Before people used to use TikTok only for entertainment purposes but now it is becoming the income source for many tiktokers.

From only being able to upload 15 seconds of video to 20 minutes or more minutes of video, the growth of TikTok is increasing very rapidly. Nepal single handly has millions of active users in TikTok. Tiktok is very popular among teens and old age people. You can find various niches of TikTok videos on its platform.

Tiktok can be a great platform for those who want to expose their talent among the millions of active TikTok users worldwide. You can see how TikTok changed the lifestyle of many tiktokers. You can take Khaby Lame as an example. Khaby started his TikTok journey only with a few followers and TikTok video views. But, now he is the person with the highest number of followers on TikTok. Along with the name, and fame, he is also making money from TikTok.

Just like him, Ansh Verma is another popular name in Nepal. Currently, he is known as a TikToker, Live streamer, and model. He makes thousands of dollars from Tiktok in a single day. To make that much money, you need a lot of patience because it will be very difficult to make that much just in a single day for the new user. It is very difficult to get a lot of views as soon as you join TikTok. For that, you have to work hard. Not only hard, but you also have to work smart as well.

In this article, we will talk, about how you can withdraw TikTok earnings in Nepal. Therefore those who are interested to know, please follow every step as written below.

How To Withdraw TikTok Earning In Nepal

How To Withdraw TikTok Earning In Nepal

I will make this article short and sweet. Before we move ahead make sure to verify your TikTok account. I mean verify your TikTok account with your phone number because it going to play an important role in the coming step. Currently withdrawing TikTok earnings in Nepal is not available. Because of that, we have to use another way to withdraw TikTok earnings in Nepal. 

As we already know Paypal is not available in Nepal because of that many TikTok users are unable to withdraw their TikTok earnings. I have also seen many Facebook pages claiming that they will withdraw the TikTok earnings for you. But, no, never trust them. They will either scam you or run away with your TikTok account. This is why you should never give your TikTok account to unknown people. Some people charge some percentage of the earnings to help you complete the withdrawal process, which is too risky for you. What I want to say is, never follow the step of those unknown people. They might scam you and run away with your money and a TikTok account.

You can always take help from your friend who lives in Paypal available countries. Like, one of my friends lives in Australia. I ask for help from him whenever I need to withdraw my TikTok earnings. It was before when I used to use TikTok and had a lot of free time. But, now I am fully occupied and have no time for TikTok.

If you manage to get a Paypal account from your friend then let's move ahead.

Step 1 - Open TikTok and go to your profile. After that click on the menu button which is at the corner of the right side.

Step 2 - Click on settings and privacy.

Step 3 - Click on Balance.

Step 4 - In this step, click on gift revenue.

Step 5 - Here, you will see a withdraw button. By clicking it, it will lead you to the screen where you have to choose your payment method. Click on add a new payment method.

Step 6 - In this step, you can choose Paypal. After choosing Paypal you will get a verification code in your phone number.

Step 7 - Agree and continue

Step 8 - Click on connect with PayPal. After that fill in all your Paypal details and move ahead to the next step.

Step 9 - Here, you will get to choose how much you would like to withdraw. Either fully or partially. After choosing your amount click on the next step and follow the instructions.

That's all. After some minutes you will receive your payment into your Paypal account safely. This is all for today. If you need any suggestions about this article then let us know. Our team will get back to help you as soon as possible. Thank you.