Google Adsense PIN Verification in Nepal [Updated]

 Yesterday we talked about google adsense identity verification in Nepal. Google adsense identity verification is one of the most important steps for google adsense publishers. Along with google adsense identity verification, PIN verification is also one of them. Without these two steps, you will not be able to use your google adsense further. Therefore, do not mess with these two steps if you want to continue generating income from your blog or a youtube channel. In this article, we will discuss, what is google adsense pin verification and how you can verify it without any obstacles. So, let's move ahead without any delay.

What is Google adsense pin verification?

Just like Google adsense identity verification, pin verification is made for the real google adsense publishers. The number of duplicate google adsense publishers was increasing rapidly because of that this step was born. In this google adsense pin verification, you have to verify your address. I mean Google will send you a letter with a pin code at your nearest post box office. It might be easy in a foreign country because of good post box services but in Nepal, post box service is not that good in comparison to the foreign countries.

Due to this many people are facing the problem of not receiving google adsense pin codes in time. But now the problem can be solved. We will let you know how you can unlock this obstacle with a little effort.

Not so long ago when I visited my nearest Post Box office I found many Google adsense pin code letters there. Most of them were damaged and undelivered. After seeing that, I guessed Nepali google adsense publishers are not that active in the post box office. They are seeking alternatives to complete the google adsense pin verification process. Yes, there is an alternative to complete this step. We will talk about this later in the article below.

Google Adsense PIN Verification in Nepal

Google Adsense PIN Verification in Nepal

Just like Google adsense identity verification, pin verification also works on the same basis. I mean after you reach $10 in your google adsense account the following steps will be unlocked. Not only that, but you will also get three chances in the pin verification process. After the three chances, your blog or a youtube video will stop showing google ads which means you will not generate earnings anymore. therefore, to protect your adsense account from being disabled you have to complete this step too.

Now you know why it is important right?

From joining the adsense publisher program to earning $10 in your adsense account it might be easy. But, verifying your identity and pin might take you some time. After you are done with these two steps, you will be finally able to use your adsense account without any obstacles. Now, let's move ahead. Below, you will learn how you can do google adsense pin verification in Nepal without any problem.

Nearest Post Box Office

As I already said the post box office of Nepal is not that good in comparison to the foreign countries. But, it is also not as worse as you imagined. Like I said above, I found many undelivered google adsense pin letter in my nearest post box office which means the post box office really do receive google adsense letter from google. To receive your letter at the nearest post box branch, you have to give all your details correctly on the google adsense website.

Do not forget to use the correct zip code and address along with your name. Otherwise, your pin letter will be transferred to a different location which may create many problems for you. For example, I live in Butwal, Nepal. It means I must keep my details in my google adsense account exactly the same along with the zip code 32907. 32907 is the zip code of Butwal, Nepal.

Friends For Life

This method is for those who have a family member or a friend in a foreign country. Everything is the same in this method. Keep your name but use the post box address of your friend or a family member instead of yours. Since foreign countries have a good post box system. It may take up to one month to reach your google adsense pin in the target destination. This will also work in the major city of Nepal where the post box is active and fine. You can use the post box of your friend or a family member who lives in a city area of Nepal as well.

Governmental Document

At last but not least, Governmental documents will may help you to pass the google adsense pin verification process. Google also knows that not every country is as developed as foreign countries. Therefore they brought this step to help needy publishers. After three tries, you will get the chance to verify the google adsense pin via Governmental document. A governmental document like a PAN card, passport, and a notary of your citizenship or a driving license may come in handy.

In this method, you have to be sure that the details in your Adsense account and in a governmental document are the same. If they do not match, there is a high chance of disapproval. All the details including your name, address, and zip code must be exactly the same.

That's all for today. If you need any help with google adsense pin verification in Nepal then you can comment on your problem below. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Have a good day.


  1. Hamro adsense pin hamro ghr matlv hamile deko location ma aauxa koile liyayer aauxa ki hami post office gayer lyauna parxa #urgentlyneeded

  2. We have to go to nearest post office or someone from there bring that adsense pin to our address?