How To Start Esport Team In Nepal

 Just a few weeks ago a Nepali esport team made history by securing the second position in the World Cup of the very popular battle royale game PUBG mobile. The Nepali pubg esport team DRS (Da Real Soldier) not only secured the second position, but they also won the prize money of around three crores Nepalese rupee which is the highest prize money in the history of Nepal. Similarly, another esport team T2K secured the 13th position and won the total prize money of around two crores Nepali rupee. This is just an example. Many Nepali esport teams have won many prizes in the international esport competition.

There was a time when people used to play mobile games only for entertainment purposes. But the time has changed recently. Now many youths are attracted towards the future of esport. They are seeking career opportunities in the esport world. And you know what? This esport has changed the lifestyle of many people around the world. They not only earned fame. Along with fame, they are making a lot of money just by playing games whether it is a mobile game or a PC. The future of esport is unbelievable.

What is Esport?

Esport is known as an electronic sport in short. It is just like a physical sport but in esport, people use their mobile or PC instead of their physical body. In esport one should have a fast hand, a good gadget, and a quick-thinking capacity. If you don't have those qualities then it will be hard for you to be a professional esport player.

What are some of the popular esport games in Nepal?

There are a lot of esport games which are played globally. In Nepal, the days of esport have just begun. You can find many esport games in the global market. But, in Nepal, the number of esport games is not that high. We do not have many esport players in Nepal. The main reason behind it might be due to the poor internet connection, and lack of players, who knows?


PUBG is one of the most played battle royale games in Nepal. As I already mentioned about the story of pubg esport teams like DRS and T2k, the fan following of PUBG is too high in Nepal. Though this game requires a high-range phone to be able to play smoothly. Therefore it might be a little costly if you want to start your PUBG career. Every year you will get to participate in the various pubg esport tournament in Nepal. If you are good at PUBG then you can apply for the tournament. Who knows, it might lead your team to the international level.

Mobile Legend

Mobile Legend Bang Bang is a Moba game that is equally famous as PUBG in Nepal. In short, MLBB is famous among anime lovers. This multiplayer MOBA game is best for those who want to work in a team. Yearly numerous MLBB esport tournament happens in Nepal. Codashop Nepal and Mobile Legend Nepal alone organize various esport tournaments for its gamer. Therefore do not miss the chance to be the MPV.


FreeFire is another royal battleground game like PUBG mobile. The craze of FreeFire is equally high. FreeFire does not require a good gadget if you want to play the game only for fun. However, if you want to run an esport team then you should consider buying a good mobile phone to stay away from lagging. Just like every other esport game, FreeFire also does have various esport tournaments every year in Nepal.

Along with PUBG, Mobile Legend, and FreeFire, some other esport games like clash of Clans, clash royale, valorant, cod mobile, FIFA, pes, hearthstone, and many more games are available under the esport games in Nepal.

How To Start Esport Team In Nepal

esport in nepal

It may sound easy to start an esport team in Nepal. But, in reality, it cost a lot at the starting phase. There are some things which you should consider beforehand. On top of that, money is always required if you are a new team with no sponsor. Some of the useful tips are mentioned below. Hope it will help you.


Choosing a game is the first step of your esport phase. We already mentioned some of the popular esport games of Nepal. You can pick any one of them and start learning the game tips and tricks. Learn how to perform excellently and get win. Always remember, you must choose a game according to your own heart. Do not listen to other people's advice. It may create a lot of problems to understand the game's functions and features. Therefore pick a game that you find easy to learn and adapt.


If you have to be a part of a single-player esport game then its okay, you can do it alone. Otherwise, most of the esport games are multiplayer games that require teammates as well. In the multiplayer game each and every performance of the team members counts. If any one of you performs bad then you might face a very bad result. Therefore, if you are serious about starting your own esport team then find a quality of players for your team. You can hire them after an interview or you can hire them according to their experience.


The gadget is also an important factor to remember while starting your own esport team in Nepal. We live in a developing country. Not everybody can afford an iPhone just to play the game. If you are a start-up company then you should at least go with mid-range phones or PC. I have seen many professional esport teams in Nepal using an iPhone and a high-end PC to take part in an esport tournament. Take everything slowly and start with the basic. After you start earning from your team or starts getting sponsor then you can upgrade your gadget according to your budget.


And, lastly, always be updated about the tournament on your esport game. Recently there was an update on PUBG mobile esport tournament in Nepal. Some time ago moontoon also organized a mobile legend esport tournament in Nepal. The prize money of the tournament in Nepal may not be as high as that of a global tournament but a local tournament will open the path to the international platform for you. therefore, keep in touch and enter the tournament as soon as possible.

That's all for today. Hope to see you in the next article. Have a good day.


  1. Did you even do proper research prior to writing this BS of an article? Before mobile stormed the nepalese gaming scene, there was plenty of PC games that were played by some really good players here in Nepal. Games like CS 1.6, CS GO, Dota 2, FIFA had an avid numbers of following all over the country, even though they didn't get any support by the government, they were very passionate. Teams like mYktm, sAw, Mystique, Merceneries, VG, Xzone, 3c4sr, Desperados, etc were performing in a very competitive level. Please do your research dude!