How To Make Money From Facebook Reels in Nepal

 Hello and welcome to the blog. Today we will cover the article, How To Make Money From Facebook Reels in Nepal. There are many ways to make money from Facebook in Nepal. However, the newly added Facebook reels are something new that you should take advantage of. You can make a decent amount of money if you give some amount of time to your Facebook work. This article will cover How To Make Money From Facebook Reels in Nepal. So, make sure to complete the article.

Facebook has a lot of tools for its creators to make money online. From an Instant article to Facebook gaming, it has come a long way. Recently Facebook has introduced Facebook reels. That's not only the things you will get while using the facebook reels. You will also get a chance to monetize your Facebook profile and earn the money from your Facebook videos or Facebook reels.

We all are well-known about the craze of TikTok. As far as I know, Facebook introduced Facebook's professional account to compete against TikTok. To engage more people on its platform, Facebook not only introduced the Facebook professional account but, also brought monetization tools to make money for the creators. Just like Tiktok, Facebook professional accounts also have various monetization tools.

Facebook's professional account was in a testing phase beforehand in some countries. But, now it is available for Nepal too. Now people from Nepal also can earn money from Facebook reels and videos. To start earning from Facebook reels and videos, you should convert your personal Facebook into a facebook professional account.

To convert your personal Facebook account into a facebook professional account, head over to your Facebook profile and click the three dots which you will see on the right side of your profile. After that, you will find an option to convert your personal account to a professional account. The whole process will not take more than 10 seconds. It is simple and easy to understand.

How To Make Money From Facebook Reels in Nepal

How To Make Money From Facebook Reels in Nepal

There are many ways to make money from Facebook reels or videos in Nepal. It all depends on the quality of your content and engagement. If you manage to get high views and some starts then of course you will generate income from your Facebook reels or videos. Otherwise, you might not make much from your content. Therefore, reach is important in each and every aspect to make money from Facebook reels and videos in Nepal. Below you will find some of the best video or reel monetization tools that you can use.

Facebook Stars

Those who are familiar with Facebook gaming may already have some knowledge of Facebook stars. It is just like a gift sent by your viewers while you were streaming the game on Facebook gaming. Removing all those boundaries, now people can receive stars through Facebook reels and videos too. Facebook will pay $0.01 per star which means to earn $1, you have to receive 100 stars from your viewers. The more stars you will receive, the more you will make from your Facebook reels or videos.

Currently, the Facebook star feature is not available in every country of the world. Therefore check your eligibility before you join the Facebook star feature. To be eligible for this monetization tool, one should have 1000 followers for 60 consecutive days. After that this monetization tool will automatically turn on in your account. If not you will always find the option to turn it on manually.

In-stream ads

In-stream ads are another monetization tool for Facebook creators. You may have a high chance of earning big from this monetization tool but the requirements are too high for normal users. Some requirements might take more than a year if you don't have any viral content on Facebook. Therefore always focus on creating viral content to be part of this monetization tool.

The requirements to be eligible to use monetization tools are -:
At least 5 videos on your Facebook account
At least 10,000 FB followers
At least 600,000 minutes of video views including replays minutes

You can find all the eligibility here. 600,000 minutes of video views in just 60 days might be impossible for the small creator. And you know what? It does not include the paid promotion video views. Facebook is talking about organic video views. So, do some homework on how you can boost your video views within 60 days. If you manage to get 600,000 minutes video videos, I am sure you will get 10,000 followers in time as well.


Subscription is just like amazon prime or Netflix where your viewers will pay some amount of money for the premium content. You can decide what amount you want to charge per month for your premium content. Along with the premium content, it will be better if you also provide some other feature in the subscription pack so that many people will be interested in your package. It might not work properly for the small creator because the small creator does not have such viewers who will invest in your content. Therefore, work hard to build your content. You can activate this monetization tool some other time when you get famous or when you get a lot of followers on your Facebook account.

That's the available monetization tools for the professional Facebook account. Sometime Facebook will give you some bonuses. Be in touch and check your professional account dashboard regularly. Also, make your Facebook account powerful. It will be a lot better if you activate two steps verification in your Facebook account. That's all for today. We will talk about how to withdraw payment from your Facebook professional account some other day. 

If you are an original creator then you can create your own content for your Facebook reel. Otherwise, you can download videos from TikTok and make them look like reaction videos. Remove the background music and replace the music with the music from the Facebook music library. It is necessary to stay away from the copyright strike.

That's all for today. Hope to see you in the next article. Have a good day.


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