Make Money Blogging In Nepal

 Just yesterday I had posted an article on affiliate marketing. There you will get a piece of knowledge on the best affiliate marketing program in Nepal. If you missed that article then you can read here, 3 best affiliate marketing programs in Nepal. Today you will learn something about blogging and how you can make money online from blogging. Well, as the internet services of Nepal are increasing day by day, due to that many people in Nepal are now interested in online work. It is not bad to work online. However, you must have a little knowledge of how the internet world works. It is okay if you know or had completed courses on some online works, but for the newbie, it can be a headache. This is why today we are covering an article on how to make money online by blogging in Nepal.

What is Blogging?

Anything you write on the blog is known as blogging. For me, blogging is like an open diary where not only you but also other users can read your knowledge or information. It is an online open diary where you can share your knowledge or feelings with the help of the internet. You can write anything, yes you can as long as it is okay with you but it is better to share informative blog articles on your blog so that other users can learn something new from your blog.

Is it free to join?

Yes, it is 100 percent free to join. It won't cost you any amount to start your own blog. You can choose few top blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress for blogging purposes. Both of them are free to join as long as you won't delete your blog. You can also create numerous blogs on these blogging platforms. It is free. However, if you want to do it professionally then you have to spend some dollars on domain name and Webhosting. Professional domain names with the top domain extension like dot com can be used just by spending few dollars.

So, how to make money from Blogging in Nepal?

Make Money Blogging In Nepal

There are few working ways to make money from blogging in Nepal. Make sure to follow us on our social account for all the latest articles.

Google Adsense

Goggle adsense is the king of all advertising networks. It is one of the most high-paying advertising networks on the internet. You can make money from blogging with the help of Google Adsense. In past, the policies of adsense were not that strict as today. But now it has a lot of strict rules and policies. If you have a qualified website or a blog then you can still make money from the google adsense. Google loves professional and high-quality content. Make sure to write a good blog post with an average of 1000 words. Make it plagiarism-free. The design of your blog must be eye-catching. Avoid unnecessary advertising networks code on your blog. Keep your blog fresh with a new quality article every week. If you manage to do all these things on your blog then I am sure your google adsense account will get approved within a week.

Facebook instant article

Facebook the king of all social networks now allows its users to monetize their Facebook pages. Yes, you heard it correctly. Now you can monetize your Facebook pages. The Facebook instant article is known as the direct competitior of the google adsense. Both of them work on the same module CPM and CPC. For google instant articles, you have to work a lot on SEO and organic traffic. But, the Facebook instant article is different from Google adsense. To earn some google amount you don't have to work hard on SEO. The Facebook instant article is for those who have a lot of Facebook page followers. I mean active Facebook followers. Sometimes creating viral content may work the best.

That's all for today. Hope to see you in the next article. Have a good day.