How To Start Facebook Instant Article In Nepal

 Facebook the king of all Social networks has billions of users. More than a million users use Facebook on a daily basis. I can see people are using Facebook as a medium for chat and entertainment purposes. I started using Facebook ages ago during my school time. at that time the Facebook was not advance and improved like today. Now, you can see Facebook are updating their terms and policies day by day. it is becoming more strict recently. During my time, Facebook can be used only for chatting and time spending purposes. However, recently a Facebook has implemented a monetization feature. With that, now users can make money along with entertainment and surfing. 

But how?

You can make money via various methods now on Facebook. Among them, the Facebook instant article is the one. Facebook is known as the direct competitor of google adsense. Google adsense is the Leader of all advertising networks. With that, google adsense offers high CPM and CPC rates for its publishers. The first-tier countries like the USA, Canada, UK, etc have the highest CPM and CPC rates in all advertising networks. Because of their lifestyle and development, many advertising companies offer high CPM and CPC rates for first-tier countries. Being the direct competitor of the google adsense, the Facebook instant article is also now offering reasonable CPM and CPC rates for its publishers. Now you can make lots of money along with chatting and entertainment purpose.

How To Start Facebook Instant Article In Nepal

Before we move ahead, let me make it clear that the Facebook instant article requires a website or a blog. You can make your own website or a blog using the top blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress. It is free to use as long as you don't need a top-level domain or web hosting. A top-level domain like dot com can be the best option for all bloggers. You can buy domain names and Webhosting through various domain and Webhosting providers in Nepal. I am using BabalHost for one of my websites and it is going well so far. 

Another thing you will require is a Facebook page. As you know, SEO is important for Google adsense. Google loves organic traffic. The more you get organic traffic, the more you will make money from the google adsense. Google adsense delivers ads according to the content nature. As a result, there will be a high chance of getting more clicks. If your CPC keywords rates are high, then you will make a lot per click. Suppose your CPC rate is $1 and you received 100 clicks in a day. As a result, you may make around $100 just from the clicks. Isn't it interesting? 

But Facebook is different.

The Facebook instant article doesn't care about the organic traffic. It is useless to work on SEO for the Facebook instant article. It is better if you have a high followers Facebook page or else try creating viral articles so that it can get a lot of shares and views. The Facebook instant article is also suitable for viral content. Before you join for the Facebook instant article, get yourself ready. Try to create more engaging content on your Facebook page. Keep it clean and copyright-free. It will be better if you at least have a minimum number of 15000 followers on your Facebook page. I mean active followers. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention.

Always focus on your niche. Suppose your Facebook page is all about football content then it will be better if you create some viral football news for your Facebook instant article. That way, there will be a high chance of getting more engagement and clicks. As a result, your earnings might grow dramatically. Now, there is a requirement before you use the Facebook monetization tool. Your Facebook page needs to be active for a month. During these one-month period, you can increase the followers of your Facebook page. Do not upload copyright videos on your Facebook page. It may create a lot of problems in the coming days.

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