Mero Share Password Reset Request - Application

Sample of the Application to request for Mero share password reset

This is the sample application to request for a Mero share password reset. You can copy this to make your request to your respective bank where you have to open your Demat account. The bank has a separate section to look over such Demat-related issues under Capital. Here, I am writing to the Manager of NIC Asia Capital Limited requesting to reset my Mero Share password. I think this would be helpful to make such a request. These ways of application might not helpful to other Bank you can make a try. 
Application to request to reset Mero share password


Amrit Devkota

Pokhara – --,



Date: 8th July, 2021



The Manager, 

NIC Asia Capital Limited

Babarmahal, Hanumansthan

Siddhartha Insurance Complex- Third Floor



Subject: To reset the password of Mero Share


Dear Sir,


I have been using Mero share services with your company. I have forgotten my login password to access the Mero Share account. So, I would like to request you to regenerate my Password for the service.


Note: I have used this mail while creating the account.


Required details are as follows:

Name: Amrit Devkota

Address: Pokhara- --, ------

Login Id: (Username of Mero share usually 7 digits number (Mine: last 7 numbers of Demat account))*

BOID No.: (Demat number: likely 16 digits)*


Thank you.



 (Scanned signature)

Amrit Devkota


Mero Share Password Reset Request - Application
Sample Application

Steps in requesting to reset Mero Share password

  1. Make the application as shown in Word "Times New Roman" with font size "12". 
  2. Keep your signature photo with a white background or if possible removing the background with a background remover. Resize the photo into a suitable size.
  3. When you have done all editing and keeping the signature you can again do 'Save as' and save under "pdf" format. Ex. Meroshare_password_reset_request.pdf. Document converting to pdf is for ensuring the format doesn't change with change in the device and looks exactly the same you have submitted.
  4. Write an email to the bank's capital that is handling your Demat account with a similar request and attached the file you prepared.


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