What is Light Pollution, cause and effect ?

Light pollution, Luminous pollution  or photo pollution is the presence of excessive artificial light in night environment. With the invention and commercialization of  modern light emitting  devices and  technological advancement of society,  the artificial light  is increasing  and  negatively affecting the environment and ecosystem causing light pollution.
What is Light Pollution, cause and effect ?-- Light Pollution
Light Pollution

Emergences and Present Situation of Light Pollution

As it is probably a new phenomenon emerging couple of  decades ago, increasingly affecting the environment and living beings , many may be unaware about this. Light pollution has effect on every living beings. It is important to know what is Light pollution and how can we prevent it from affecting the environment  and be safe from its effect. In the early 20th century when electric lighting system developed light pollution started to become a problem.
The threat is ever increasing  as the demand for artificial lights is increasing in both the developed and developing countries. It is not regulated in any of the countries in the world as this is often not viewed as the threat and less information is available. It is mostly caused by mismanaged outdoor lights which exposes the light to sky.

Effects of Light Pollution

The light is treated as pollution when light falls in an area that is not intended or needed. The sky glow, glare and light trespass that reduces the night sky visibility. The excessive misdirected outdoor light have many negative consequences like wash out starlight in the night sky, disrupts ecosystems which have adverse health effect and it's all the waste of energy.

The light pollution affects the wildlife and plants altering the circadian rhythms, leads to energy waste, disrupts in astronomical research and moreover affecting  the humans causing several disorders  like sleep disorders, anxiety , depression, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases , obesity and so forth.

Ways to reduce Light Pollution

  • Turn off the lights when not in use. This pollution can be control when all people stops turning on unnecessary lights.
  • Using full cutoff fixture for street light so that it directed in the intended direction and reduce light wasted directing outside and upwards.


  1. It is in the news that China to launch world's first man-made moon by 2020. Is not it a Light pollution? Would it affects wildlife and plants?

    Was not aware that there is something called Light Pollution. Thank you! :)

  2. First, thank you Sagar, to make me know that China is launching man-made moon by 2020. I think the unusal activity by any artificial means alters natural cycle so, would be pollution any way. How problematic may varies with intensity and source it use to illuminate light to earth surface. It would certainl affects in this or that way if that is the case.

  3. Thank you for sharing the information... The topic was entirely new and interesting. Keep on writing

  4. Thank you Mausam for your feedback. This inspire us to prepare similar articles in coming days.