How to carryout a good questionnaire survey?

 A questionnaire is a technique of collecting information which contains a list of questions for collecting data where respondents answers the questions. It is a research instrument and for effectively developing a questionnaire one should spend significant time and make fruitful effort, so that the appropriate information can be gathered and research problem can be answered easily.
Questionnaire Survey

Things to know how to prepare a good questionnaire conduct a good questionnaire survey.

  1. First, come up with the answers of what kind of information it is that we want to collect with the questionnaire? and Is the questionnaire method the best way that helps collecting the information?
  2. After this choose the type of question that we intend to deploy to gather the required information like the dichotomous question (YES/NO), open ended questions allowing respondents to express their own words to the question, close ended questions allowing no further option than stated to the respondents and semi-structured questions having both the open and closed ended questions. 
  3. Develop the questions required for your questionnaire that are clear, direct, simple and short which can be easily understood by both the interviewer and interviewee and should avoid technical jargons. Put the important questions first and ask only one question at a time.
  4. Make your questionnaire as short as possible and include the questions that are directly useful to the interest of the research question. Don’t repeat the same question again.
  5. Determine the targeted groups of respondents for your questionnaire appropriately.
  6. Give your introduction and purpose and goal of your questionnaire survey as people hesitate to answer without knowing anything about the researcher and its purpose and reveal the confidentiality of the information which is important.
  7. Give appropriate choices relating to the expected answers. Also provide spaces for their opinion as well as an alternative option.
  8. The questionnaire is choose in the way that it satisfy both surveyor queries and respondent opinion. The questionnaire should be easy so that both interviewers and respondents would get bored to complete it.

Questionnaire is like written interview which guide to collect information with more focus in a related topic escaping unnecessary discussion. Well designed questionnaire would help to interpret and make analysis task easier, quicker and relevant.