Rani Mahal - The Taj Mahal of Nepal

Rani Mahal literally meaning Queen's Palace. It lies in the bank of Kaligandaki River, between Syangja and Palpa. It is the palace made by General Khadga Shumsher in memory of his beloved wife Tej Kumari Devi who died in the same year he built a palace that later named after his wife as "Rani Mahal". The nearby forest is named as "Rani Ban" literary means Queen forest and nearby Kali Gandaki river beaches as "Rani Ghat". This palace is also known as the Taj Mahal of Nepal as the building is the symbol of love to his beloved wife. The palace lies on the massive rock in a quite secluded place. After the loss of his wife this palace was build by the architects from abroad to make a piece of art in the name of his wife. After five years of detailed architecture on every piece with dozens of rooms, beautiful pond, guest room, kitchen, etc. the palace took a final look. The river nearby has religious significant importance and believed even touching the water of the river provide redemption to any sinners.  After building of the palace, the family of Khadga Samsher Rana fled to India in 1902 and there are no one to take after the palace so, the palace eventually begins to crumbling and it remain deterioting in the lack of proper care taker.
Rani Mahal of Palpa
Rani Mahal

Repair, Restoration and Present Status 

Many years later the palace come into concern for both the government and locals in Nepal. It was totally turning into the rubble around the end of 20th century and only very few visitors used to visit the palace specially those who are interested in the history of Nepal. At present, the government in trying to rebuild and restore the ruined palace to its original state. This action would not only preserve the national historical properties but also open the possibilities of tourism in the area as a result that would provide the economic support for developing around. Now, the palace remain away from the hustle and bustle of the Tansen Bazaar in the riverbank with most elegant color, neo-classic art and architecture lies eye catching palace where every detail provides reflects tons of love. The location of palace with river banks, forest around, built point and stair cases everythings symbolize affection of Khadga Shumsher towards his late wife.

How to reach Rani Mahal?

These days, the Rani Mahal has become the charming, and becoming a wealth for Palpa district and this is turning into a perfect example of love.  The Rani Mahal has become the attractive tourism destination in Palpa. It is easily accessible, the availability of motorable roadway help to reach the Rani Mahal more quickly in around one hour from city center of Palpa. Next time when you visit Palpa don't forget to hike down from Tansen towards the bank of Kaligandaki to witness the beauty resting peacefully on the lap of forest symbolizing love and devotion.  If you like to walk to Rani Mahal from Tansen then the foot trial is available form Kailashnagar near the Batasedanda. The distance from Tansen to the Rani Mahal is about 13 km. The time takes about 3-4 hours to reach Rani Mahal from Batasedanda.



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