How to make money online from Nepal

There are ways to make money online, whether it is some fast cash or a long-term passive income. Truth is that it is not that hard to make money online. But from Nepal it is limited to some very few resources we can depend on.
How many articles are out there about making money? 100s? 1000s or maybe more. How can you be sure that this article would help? It won't unless you act upon it. If you want to earn, you need to work, work real hard. But wait, we mentioned that it is easy.
First thing first, how does anyone earn? Because some other one spent. So its a cycle, someone out there is spending his/her money online. And their spending is your earning (could be your earning). Would you spent your money if you won't get any return? You provide what they need, they will give you what you need. It's just a Trade.


Learning is the key. Probably this point was never included in any one of the articles you found about earning. Because Knowledge is the one that matters most in the long run. You need not to learn "How to Earn", just learn the thing you wanted the most.

What I wanted you to do is not to make the same mistakes we made. Running after money online and nothing else. Work on yourself and develop your skills first. If you are interested in working online you can pick any of these to learn:
  • Web Development
  • Learn Programming
  • Learn Graphic Designing
  • Improve you writing skills
  • Apps and Game Development
  • Learn Marketing skills
  • Video editing and Animations
Once you have this knowledge, there are 1000s of works you can do. You can start blog, teaching the stuff you learn. Start creating videos, sharing the ideas. Making websites for local business. Starts marking online to make money. Earning from Apps and games.
It may take some months. Think about you now and that potential future you. Decide
Knowledge is the power. Once you have some knowledge on certain topics. It wont take much to reach the goal of your life and along side you could make money. If you already have skills in any of these, you probably already making some money for yourself. Don't stop there, there are plenty of other fields to go:
  • Progressive Web Application
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Leaning
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptography
  • Quantum Computing
My point is just to make money never involve in Ads Viewing, Captcha Solving, Filling out forms, Visiting different websites, Completing surveys, Playing video, Clicking ads. You could end-up without reaching the payment threshold. It is a complete waste of Time, Has no profit in long run.
This is what I really want you to share with the catchy title. If you got the point you need to stop roaming around and start Learning. To be sure I did not trick you Here are some ways you can make money online in Nepal


A freelancer or freelance worker, is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Working whenever you want and whatever you want.
If you have something to do, either you need to do it yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you. You cannot hire an employer just for a short task. It would be helpful if you get someone that can do your job and you pay and everything is done.

There are some sites out there which helps Company and individual to find a work to do, or to find a worker for a certain task. Work to be done are listed, users who can work bid the price. The project provider will decide and gives the task. Some of these are:


There is probably no article on the web about earning online and not mentioning Blogging. It is because bloggers enjoy writing and sharing. If you love writing and love what peoples say about it. You can start blogging.
To making money from blogging it needs patience, actually a lot of it. It could take months to get some regular visitors. Another couple of months to see a few Rupees and some more couple of months to see some $. It takes a lot of time for building your blog, your brand and your authority.
Learn More: How to start a blog in Nepal
Some of the ways you can make money are through, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, paid membership, Products, and services


Youtube, the most popular website. You can create videos and you start to get visitors just away. The more views the more earning. You need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months to start displaying ads.
The best thing about Youtube is that there are millions of customers out there in the world, waiting for your contents. You can reach the global market, no advertising, no paying and there they are to watch your videos.

Online Courses

You can create online courses and get paid from your students. There are hundreds of students out there looking to learn online. With one effort you can teach 100 of students. There is no Limit on the students' numbers you can teach.
You can start your own online teaching website, where you get 100% of what student pays to you. Also, there are websites which allow teachers to add courser in the online network with millions of students come to looks for courses. One of the most popular platform is Udemy.


Here we talk about how we can make money online in Nepal. You need to build your skill before you can earn. Working on something that pays less and teaches you more is far better than earning more and learning nothing.
A final takeaway from this article is that you need to learn to develop your knowledge and skills.