How to carry out data analysis?

Data analysis is one of the major parts of research. However, sometimes it cannot run smoothly if we don’t look at the some of the basic aspects. There are some tips that can help making analysis easy to understand and run smoothly as per the requirement of the research. Let's have a look upon them.
How to carry out data analysis?--Data analysis diagram
Data Analysis process

The effective ways to carry out Data Analysis

  1. The descriptive statistics should be taken into consideration rather than going for complex statistical analysis as it can be   easily interpretable and easy to understand and give more insights to our research in easy way.
  2. The data you collected from different primary and secondary sources using different data collection techniques should be summarized or cut-off to make it meaningful or keep only useful data for addressing research objectives.
  3. While performing analysis always keep the back up of your data to avoid loss.
  4. Before performing the data analysis always look up for the best method by consulting with research advisor, seniors or friends or any other consultant to save time and unproductive effort.
  5. Don’t try to support the result that doesn’t align to the research hypothesis or objectives of the research as it is of no use.
  6. Use the syntax of different data analysis software to detect the repetitive analysis to decrease the amount of errors.
  7. Form the clear and specific understanding about your research objectives so that the analysis goes as intended.
  8. The research questions should be made measurable, clear and concise so that the data analysis part goes easily and effectively. You should focus your data analysis on how to better answer the research question.
  9. Setting up clear measurement priorities by deciding what type of data to measure? how to measure it?  can also help the data analysis process.
  10. Data analysis tools and software on the other hand are very useful and utilizing it to the fullest extent possible requires the deeper knowledge of using appropriate tools and techniques.

If we can follow the above-mentioned tips then we can easily handle the data analysis part of the research and complete it easily!